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Jan. 6th, 2014


Everywhere || Open to everyone

[So, today is just another simple, pleasant day in Miracle Country, right? Everyone'll go on and do the usual routines, head to work, go to school...

But during the day, something might start bothering your characters. Something they're hiding from others. At first it might just seem like a simple annoyance, an unpleasant tingling, an uncomfortable feeling. If they just ignore it, though, it will grow. Bother them more and more, take over their thoughts, make their heart ache, make it difficult for them to move easily, even to breathe without feeling uncomfortable and achey.

Their deepest and/or darkest secrets are weighing them down, becoming a very tangible burden on them. And how do you get rid of a secret? You have to confess, of course. Telling someone what they're hiding will be the only way to rid themselves of it.]

Dec. 21st, 2013


Everywhere | | Open to all

[Happy First Day of Winter, Kiseki! To celebrate the winter solstice, Miracle Country has, of course, decided to let it snow all over the island(s), a fluffy white snow. It'll be snowing lightly throughout the day, but be careful of the ice on the walkways or the icicles hanging off the over-hangings. It's been snowing a bit lately, but now it's in full-force, and there's a few cute snowmen hanging around already, just to help get you all in the mood for playing in the snow.

The light snow will stop about mid-way through the afternoon and it'll clear up, sunny but plenty cold - the perfect way to motivate you to get out and play to warm up, right? And don't worry about running out of snow - if it gets too packed-down, the snow will seem to magically fluff back up again!

Afraid of being cold in the snowy weather, though? No worries, as Miracle Country has graciously provided each room in the hotel with a pile of warm coats, mittens/gloves, scarves, hats, and winter boots, with a cheerful little note that says simply "Let it snow!"; there's also some sleds just outside the entrance to the park, in case anyone wants to take advantage of a small hill.]

Dec. 12th, 2013


Everywhere || Open to anyone

[The Mistletoe event is back! The older residents might remember our magical, moving pesky little plants which forced people to do certain actions in order to become unstuck from under them.

If your character gets stuck under them with someone else, here's the new list of possible options to become unstuck. They might have to:

1. - Kiss the other person
2. - Tickle them
3.- Give them a compliment
4. - Punch them
5. - Confess a secret to them
6. - Hug them
7. - Dance with them
8. - Sing to them
9. - Make a promise to them
10. - Make them blush
11. - Make them laugh
12. - Make them cry

How your character decides to fulfill the condition is up to them, although the mistletoes can be picky! So no back-handed compliments or anything like that.

The mistletoe will show up randomly starting today and until the 21st.]

Dec. 3rd, 2013


[ action || video ]

[He's understandably confused when he wakes up near the fountain in the shopping district, the style of the buildings (and the fountain itself) revealing quickly that he's definitely not back in the Enchanted Forest, as he expected to be. Even more puzzling is that the bullet wound on his chest seems to have healed, although his shirt is still bloody and he can feel a faint scar there.]

[As he's trying (unsuccessfully) to get a sense of what the hell happened, the usual hoard of Welcome Ladies approach him, startling him. It helps that he's actually familiar with odd magic shenanigans, but as he gets a vague idea of where he is, he's starting to worry more and more]

Hey, I get this isn't the Enchanted Forest, alright, I just need to know if there's some way to return to where I was, or-- or to talk to the people I was with-- [He cuts off as the girls ignore him and simply wish him good luck and say goodbye, starting to leave. It's about that time that his journal starts to record a video]

Wait, wait! I need to know, I have to help Emma! She's in danger, I have to make sure she and Henry are...! [He soon realizes it's pointless as the girls keep dismissing him and chatting nonsensically over him, and he runs a hand through his hair, frustrated and looking around helplessly. The video cuts off for a while, as he goes around the shops and tries to find any clues. The Kisekians are as helpful as ever, being vacant or away, dismissing his questions unless it's to point him to the journal]

[He ends up giving in, as it's the only means of communication they gave him. Although the people he wants to meet wouldn't be there. Or so he thinks.]

Alright. ... Alright. [He'll try to trust the (supposedly) magic journal. And so he starts writing on it:]

I don't really know who can see this, but I really could use some help. Or some directions, at least. I don't belong here, I need to know what kind of world this is and if there's any way out of it. And I need to find a way to do it fast.

Dec. 2nd, 2013


○ 001

All right.


I'm going to go ahead and assume someone or something is about to show up now to tell me that we went through all of this trouble for the compass, for everything... for nothing. So much for getting home this time. [She grips the compass all the tighter, tense. Could her mother (god, her mother, that's still a whole other issue she can't yet deal with) have ended up somewhere different?] Whatever it is that happened, I'm not about to sit back and do nothing. Magic enchanted things or not.

I have to find her. [Did she inadvertedly say the thing? No, shut up.]

[We were supposed to do this together, a voice in her head reminds her, and she's not sure if it's malicious or too emotional but, either way, Emma doesn't let herself linger on it long. There's a frustrated sigh, a grumble on her end before the recording turns into video and shows her running a hand through her hair and mumbling about talking to herself while the Welcome Center ladies make their approach. Which is really about to push her further on edge. A welcome?] Who-?

Look, I'm sorry, I really don't have time for this. A journal? Isn't going to help me right now, thanks. Keep it.

How about telling me where I am instead? How did I get here, when we were finally just going back to Storybrooke?

[No luck though. Despite her attempts, she's left in the middle of the city with the journal recording in her hands soon after, Emma frowning down at it without realizing what it's doing. How does magic stuff. Eventually she takes up the pen and writes in it with little faith but not much other choice:]

Just help me find where Mary Margaret is. I'll figure the rest out for myself so long as she's all right.


Dec. 1st, 2013


001 ☠ Action / Video

[Well, it’s not that he’s unused to showing up in different worlds – but usually when that happens, it’s not without his ship which he was just standing on and certainly not to arrive very abruptly in a tavern.]

[Then again, it is a tavern, and while Hook looks around with a raised eyebrow, surveying his surroundings, he taps his hook on the bar counter and orders some rum. Because why not, right? He glances around, figuring that a bar’s the best place to start – get some information, figure out just why the hell he’s here. Of course, no one is around just yet and he shrugs – the drunks haven’t woken up from their stupor yet, then. He drinks his rum and gets off the bar stool, wandering around and poking his head outside the bar.]

[… Far too cutesy looking.]

… There is a distinct lack of rum for this to be acceptable by any means. [And he smiles to himself, clearly far too amused at his own thoughts]

[He goes back inside, downs his rum, and goes get some more. And downs that, too, only managing to almost knock the glass off the counter as he does so. And then steps outside again, looking around. If they somehow messed up on the whole portal thing, presumably Emma would be around – and the others, too, he supposes, but whatever search out Emma first.]

[And then he is accosted by Welcome Center ladies and has those various shenanigans before he has his journal ceremoniously shoved into his hand]

Yes, alright, very good. Cheers. [Now get the hell away from him.] Speak with friends in a magic book in a magic world I’ve never seen before, sounds splendid. Just how I was hoping to spend my afternoon. I have my hands full already as it is.

[lol get it? Cause he has a hook for a hand. Anyway…]

[……………………] [He cracks it open curiously, flipping each page with his hook with some difficulty, and after a few torn pages and glancing down at what’s written there, he decides it is not worthwhile and he slams it shut.]

This is certainly not Neverland.

Right then. I haven’t time for magical books, entertaining as I’m sure it is. Not that I’m not all for surprises, but quite frankly, I’d much rather I be the surprise. Not exactly the best idea I’ve ever seen for a good time, but then again, Neverland certainly isn’t a romp, either.

[This is around the time he realizes he is either A) talking to himself or B) talking to a book. Neither is entirely sound and he has more important things to do. He sighs and shrugs.]

[He then drops it into a puddle and continues walking, resuming his previous search for Emma]

Nov. 27th, 2013


098 ❀ Action/Video

[It's later in the afternoon of Himawari's birthday, and she and Tanpopo are hanging out in the candy shop. Not that it's super noticeable that it is her birthday, since she isn't the type to make a big deal out of it. Instead, she's feeding little bits of fruit to Tanpopo, who is chirping happily each time, fluffing up on her shoulder.]

Thank you for being with me today. [She laughs -- because it isn't as if he's away on other days, really. Even so...]

I'd say make a wish, but, I guess that's what the stars were for the other night...

[She holds up a bit of strawberry to Tanpopo, who eats it and then hops onto her oustretched finger. She smiles at him, fond.]

I have what I need, hm? [Pi!, says Tanpopo]

Nov. 12th, 2013


[ 001 ]

Hahaha! Actually, I didn’t really understand any of what you just said. Except… this isn’t Namimori? It doesn’t really look like it…

[At first, there is nothing but this audio of a boy’s voice, cheerful despite everything. But soon after this a video follows, of a dark-haired boy standing in the Welcome Center, turning the journal in his hands.]

Ohhh? I’ll write in this and others will see that? [He beams at the ladies] Wow, that’s pretty amazing! It’s like a mini-computer. Is that some kind of new technology thing, too? I guess things are developing pretty fast, now that the box technology is out…

[He laughs, as though all of this is somehow entirely normal to him.] Alright! I’ll try it!

[He does as he says, writing:]

Yo! I don’t really know what this place is, and I didn’t get what those women said, but this seems interesting! It’s a bit like time travel, isn’t it? [But he wasn’t hit with the Ten Year Bazooka, so it can’t be that. So it’s not going to be as simple as waiting five minutes…]

Anyway, I’m sure this is a great place… but I can’t really stay. My friends need me back home. They’re in a tough situation, I can’t just abandon them, no matter what. So I really need to find a way back! So, I guess if you know of one, I’d be really grateful if you could tell me!