August 2017




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Nov. 15th, 2013


[ tonight - open to everyone ]

[Tonight, all artificial lights in Kiseki will go out, to allow for better viewing of the shooting starts that will fall during the entire night! The park(s) will have blankets and some cushion set out, and everyone is welcome to go outside and watch them.

And it's not just the pretty lights, no. If your character makes a wish, there's a chance it will become true. Even if they wish for impossibles perhaps it'll be granted even in a small way.

Say someone wishes to meet a friend who's back in their world, for example. They wouldn't get to meet that person, but they might receive a small token of them - maybe a picture, or a personal item of them! You can wish for other things, of course, food or clothes or whatever. Get creative, and if you're unsure it's always fine to simply check with the mods.]

Oct. 30th, 2013


Halloween event || Open to everyone

[As previously announced, Kiseki will be undergoing some changes for this year's Halloween!

Enjoy the pumpkins, the misty forests, the ghosts, the abandoned castle and the killer bunnies, because Miracle Country clearly will.]

Oct. 27th, 2013



[There's a young girl walking around and taking pictures with her cellphone of everything--and possibly everyone--that crosses her path. She doesn't look scared or confused at all.]

There. Don't move.

[She takes a moment to look at the photos she's already taken.]

It's not as hardcore as usual, but it can make a pretty neat album, I think.

[She frowns.]

It's not an insult or anything. It's just that it's hard to be as hardcore as my other photos from the last year, promise. Details are on a need-to-know basis, so that's all I can say about it.

Oct. 24th, 2013


[video | writing]

[The journal records to show a young boy in monk clothes hanging upside down from the bars on one of the cages in the zoo. He's staring very seriously at a large hippo with pink stripes on it.]

... Like I said, Mister Striped Hippo, it's very important that I find my friend! We went through all that trouble to find that civilization, and we were finally getting along! We even danced together! And now I've gone and lost sight of him again... [He sighs, letting go of the bars and landing very easily on the ground, his fall slowed down by his airbending]

So please, remember, if you happen to meet a boy who's always looking a little grumpy and who's carrying swords on his back, let me know, alright?

[The hippo yawns widely, and Aang grins at it happily, waving at it] Thank you, Mister Striped Hippo! And good luck with that bird problem you mentioned, I'm sure they'll start picking at you more nicely if you just let them know you're sensitive!

[The video cuts off about then, because Aang is picking up the journal to test it]

Well, I should try this too, right? They told me it should work... [So he starts writing down]

Hi! I'm-- [Wait, can he even say who he is so easily] ... Lost! I'm lost, I don't really know the way home. Would anyone know exactly which nation we're in? I met some... [Weird ladies] Well, they were very friendly! But I don't think I quite understood what they said, so I'd appreciate any directions I can get. Thank you!

Oct. 20th, 2013


[ video ]

[Nighttime brings back with it a certain dark-haired girl dressed in a long and heavy coat, a covered up sword slung across on her back, who is currently staring down at the journal from somewhere in the city. Her eyes seem more distant than anyone in Kiseki will remember them, perhaps colder but at the same time worn deeply by something like sorrow--something she could not or would not begin to explain aloud.]

[Her lips part, slowly.]

This place is...

[She remembers now. Part of her questions it almost as a gut reaction, but the memories are there, in full whether she accepts them or not. Whether she forgot all of it outside of Miracle Country. The memories of the people here especially, both those she knew "outside" and the "friends" made... It's a strange feeling as it all streams back in.]

That all that time could pass and I would still be brought here again. Am I to believe it is truly real?

[You always can't hear what she adds, to herself.] Could I?

[......................][More importantly, the two people on her mind the most, could they still be--] How long...?

Oct. 18th, 2013



Who: Everyone \o/
Where: Everywhere.
When: Today and during this week, mostly.
Rating: Who knows.
Warnings: All the warnings.


Kiseki has undergone a lot of changes, and with it comes new housing, new islands, and more importantly, new characters!

Play out anything you'd like regarding these changes here.