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Aug. 12th, 2016


action || open

[This bright summer day in Miracle Country will find your characters over at the sports island. There on their own, encouraged by the ever-present floating bunnies that love pestering people to do things, or inexplicably arriving at the same place despite having headed somewhere else, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that the pool area is ready for use, and... bigger? It certainly seems that way.

People will find that the place looks revamped, with many more dangerous-looking trampolins, long slides leading into the pools, and all sorts of floating toys, beach balls, and other things to play with. You'll even be provided with proper swimwear, should you need it. What a better way to end the week than swimming and playing with others for a while?

If you end up needing to restore some energy, or simply don't feel like joining in on the pool fun, there's plenty of room to hang out. Even a mini-drinks stand! Nothing as fancy as the one at the beach, but good enough for the day. Careful you don't get hit in the face with a flying beachball, and have fun!]


Aug. 4th, 2016


011 ♔ Action | open

[Anyone who knows Arthur knows that he tends to get a little... upset at this time of year. Withdrawn, sad, the usual. Well, that's because it's his birthday - a date he'd rather forget about, in the end. Which is why he's rather determined to treat it like it's Just Another Day. Maybe if he ignores it, nobody will bring it up.

Which is why he's working at the flower shop like usual. You're free to visit him there, if you'd like. He'll either be working at the front or fussing over Guinevere's gillyflower (which are, thanks to Sakura's help, growing back just fine).

However, it seems that someone wants Arthur - and everyone else - to celebrate a little. In fact, it might be something your character recognizes when they find it raining flowers.

Depending on the color that falls into your hair, you'll influenced by the color. It's subtle and the effects are light, but undoubtedly there. The effect is very light, so it shouldn’t make your characters behave too much out of the ordinary – just influences general mood. It will last only for a short time before the flower will fall from their hair to the ground, perfectly harmless.

Red will make your character feel flirty & romantic.
Pink will make your character feel timid & shy.
Purple will make your character feel cranky & irritable.
Yellow will make your character feel silly & playful.
Blue will make your character feel gloomy & sad.
White will make your character feel relaxed & dreamy.

Are these some sort of flower-special from the Flower Shop? Is Merlin screwing around with magic again? Or is it just one of those random occurrences on someone's birthday? Hard to say. But the flowers will appear all day around the main island, especially close to the flower shop.]

[General mingle for Arthur's birthday. Arthur's thread is here but otherwise feel free to use this post as you'd like.]

Aug. 2nd, 2016


open action, video | garden island

[It’s bright and early in the morning today at the garden island, where a recording from the journal resting shows Yona and Lili clearly up to shenanigans. Yona’s clothes are folded up and tied off appropriately for the work in front of them, the plot of land some might remember from her gardening efforts. Several of the crops she planted months back have become ready to harvest now in the summer months, an exciting time for her seeing the literal fruits of her labor. It’s certainly not the most professionally grown crop of vegetables, but a formidable effort all the same. Most of all – that means it’s time to prepare crops for the fall season.]

[Yona sets down a basket of the harvested crops aside with an off, and grins at Lili as she wipes her brow.]

Okay! We’re making good progress.

Right now, we can start planting these... [Lettuce, Peas, Radishes and the like.] But - let me know if it feels like too much work.

[Lili’s covered in more dirt than Yona but her basket isn’t nearly as full. And she’s gripping her trowel like a lifeline and staring tentatively at the things they’re meant to be planting]

[Say something nice, she tells herself. So of course she says:] This better all be worth it.

[Ehe... Feel free to come on by and see what the girls are up to. Yona is here and Lili is here!]

Jun. 21st, 2016


action || open

[Things have been pretty calm recently, with time to relax at new places and everything... Which means that when you get ready to sleep tonight, and find yourselves completely unable to, it might feel strange to many who don't currently feel stressed out or worried about anything in particular. As the minutes turn into hours, it's clear any attempts to relax and get some sleep are pointless - no warm beverages or sheep counting will do the trick.

So perhaps you'll opt for embracing the sleeplessness and staying up in your rooms, alone or with whomever shares it. Perhaps you feel like heading down to the common rooms under the hotels and watch a movie, or hang out with others who might've had the same idea. Perhaps you feel like going outside for a walk - it's a good night to do that, with a bright full moon to light your way.

In any case, the following day will be declared a holiday, to account for those who might be exhausted after staying up all night. Never say Miracle Country isn't fair.]

May. 21st, 2016


action || open

[The first, most obviously noticeable thing: all the lights have gone out. Not only are the buildings and other spaces not illuminated any longer, but the sky is completely dark as well, no sun, moon or stars to light up anything. No matter the hour, the whole of Miracle Country looks this way, swallowed up in darkness that doesn't change.

The second thing to notice: it's not easy to create new sources of light. Are you grabbing some candles? Perhaps want to attempt building a bonfire of sorts? Using your own magic? All new sources of light created, even large ones, will glow very faintly, dimly, in a blueish light. Like they're struggling to stay there at all. So while they might be better than sitting around in full darkness, they won't fix the issue that much.

The third thing to... possibly be alarmed by: there are certain sources of light. Unpredictable, creepy and changing around, there're phrases and words written in different ways across walls, on tree trunks, on the surface of the caves, anywhere you look at. They glow brighter than fire or magic lights, shining for a while before it stops, and another phrase somewhere else lights up. Not only that, but the words they show might appear... relevant? Accusing? Sad, even? Confessions, bold statements, secrets, it'll be soon noticeable that these aren't random phrasings, but things that those here might think, even if they might not ever wish to say them out loud. Once that much is clear, it's likely easy to have misunderstandings. What if you think a certain phrase is something you believe your friend thinks, deep down? How can you know for sure? Nothing in the words shows who they truly belongs to. Perhaps it's a relief, if your own secrets are something you cannot afford to have out in the open...

In any case, it'll all be over after the weekend. Try to manage in the dark until then.]


[[Secrets in the dark~ event! Secrets list is here, remember you can ask here about anything concerning the event.]]

May. 17th, 2016


Video / Action

[Mickey gives a friendly wave to the camera.]

Hiya, everybody! A little while ago, I used an old spell to educate some of you folks about my magic. But my good pal Sebastian made me realize my spells could be a little more useful than I remembered!

[As he talks, he sets up a small pile of brooms on a table.]

See, I'm sure we all have our troubles... Worryin' about home, or when this place decides to act all strange on us... I bet all of you would like one less thing to fuss about. That's where I come in!

[He steps back, and begins making silly, odd movements with his hands and arms. Suddenly, the broom at the top of the pile actually hops off, standing on its bristles, and pops out two wooden arms! Mickey turns back to the camera, a smidgen smug.]

These little guys will take care of all the cleaning in your household! They dust, they wash, they will do anythin' you tell 'em to! There are just three big rules if you want 'em.

[He counts on his big gloved hand.]

One. You need to tell them to stop. It can be "You can stop when this is done", or "Stop now", but unless you tell them to stop, they're gunna keep going, and going, and going, and... uh, well, you get the idea.

Two. Don't break 'em. Problem is that when they break, they multiply. If you break one broom in half, it turns into two brooms. Break those two into two, you get four... hope you got the idea there too.

Three. Be nice to 'em. This is more on my account. I ain't gunna give these guys out if you want to hurt them or call them names or anythin' like that. If I find out, I'll pull the spell back out right away.

Let's see... I think that's everythin'! You can have as many as you'd like. Just stop my place and I'll give 'em over. See ya real soon!

[It ends with a goodbye wave. As for Action, Mickey can be found outside his little home, with about four or five brooms already 'up'. Since these are technically gifts, he's having them wrap themselves in blue and pink ribbons.]

May. 12th, 2016


action || open

[Another peaceful day in Miracle Country! The sky is clear, the birds are singing, the monkeys are chattering... Wait, why is there a monkey? Is that a gazelle? And what looks like a pink and yellow ostrich?

If you're walking around doing your usual thing and end up coming across some rather unusual animal, in all senses of the word, well... The Miracle Country Zoo might have to issue an apology to some people. That panda blocking your door, those iguanas chilling near your window, that seal trying to get into the lake, and the others, they've broken free from the zoo. Or maybe Kiseki set them free to have some fun, who knows. It's a fushigi mystery. Initially, most of them will be found, well, near the zoo, and the garden islands themselves. Of course, if anyone's been paying attention, they'd know those gardens have some crops belonging to one of our residents. You might want to help out before some clueless creature decides to have a snack, or stomps all of them.

The good news is that most of the animals scattered are pretty chill ones - no need to be considering your last words as you come face-to-face with a fluorescent hippo (*). The bad news is no one seems to be doing anything about them, so it'll be up to you to take some action, if you care to. Perhaps after a few days, they'll retire back to their island on their own, or choose to settle at the forests.

If your characters do cooperate and help keep things in check, however, Miracle Country will reward them - courtesy of the Usyagi, they'll receive free tickets to visit the zoo later, and meet up with their new buddy animals, or they will be given free crop and flower seeds to use in the gardens, forests or wherever they'd like.]

[[(*) If it is your life-long dream to play out your character being mauled by a neon-colored hippo, exceptions will be allowed.]]

May. 8th, 2016


action || open

[Were the recent outfits fluffy enough? If your answer is a resounding yes, clearly you don't know this world well. Today it looks like Miracle Country is feeling like adding to the general cuddliness again... Or maybe there're other reasons? In any case, the result is the same. Teddy bears.

Lots of them, all over the place. In your rooms, on the hallways, at school (with proper little toy glasses, of course), laying around on the park, the bridges, even on the train seats... You get the idea. Some big, some small, there's even a really big blue penguin toy somewhere. What can you do with them? You could keep some, if you'd like. Or make a teddy bear fort. Or use them for shooting target practice. Make a teddy bear bonfire. Have a tea party. No one's judging. The bears that don't get claimed will simply disappear eventually.

Of course, if you're paying attention to the ridiculous bears scattered around, you might notice that the path leading to the Cherry Blossom Café & Candy Shop combo seems to have a whole lot more of them than any other place. If you get closer to them, it's easy to see the CBC in particular has so many of them that several are sitting on the café's available chairs, a few even on the counter. Maybe there's a point to that?]

[[Tiniest dumb mingle for Sakura & Syaoran's intro! Sakura be here, Syaoran be here]]

May. 7th, 2016


video || action

[If anyone checks the video that's now on the journals, it's pretty plain at first - just some seconds-long recordings of Aramis going through the city, buying some fruits. A bunch of apples, some grapefruits, some peaches. Unremarkable enough.

Except if anyone knows Aramis, as many here do, they'd know how fruits tend to end up being used by him. Sure enough, a while later he'll be heading to the beach, where he keeps his usual practice targets. He's added a few hay dummies this time, as well, and will leave the fruits there in a neat little pile for later use.

A new short video shows him as he finishes loading his pistol, stepping a good distance away from one of the targets he uses, and casually shooting over his shoulder to it, without looking. When he does turn around to see the result, he's grinning at the fresh mark on the target's center.]

Not too bad for a monk. [Heh.]

Apr. 24th, 2016


forests || action || open

[So. What do you do when you're tricked into believing you should hide your powers again, and pretend the idea of having magic is laughable? You say 'fuck it' and make a bit of a statement as to how much of a sorcerer you really are.

And this is precisely what Merlin is doing. He's taken over one of the huts deeper into the forest, set out a couple of tables outside of it, and carried about every book of magic he owns over there, along with notebooks and other things. Under the curious gaze of some of the dragons that lurk in the forests, the point is to gather there and talk about magic with others. Or practice it, given it's safer to dick around with it further from where they all usually live. Or argue endlessly about magic versus bending. He's not picky.

Merlin'll have let people know of it, so you'll know in advance if you're interested in coming over to this magical meeting of sorts. There's no need to have magic skills of your own to attend, either - maybe you're just curious about the subject, or you want to watch what they'll all get up to.]

[Or maybe you still have vivid memories of Merlin setting fire to the forests out of anger before, and you want to make sure he won't be getting new ideas. Either way.]

[[Magic club/society/pick a name for it meeting! Merlin is here, otherwise mingle as you'd like.]]

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