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Jun. 11th, 2016


all weekend || action

[Summer's around the corner, and Miracle Country has decided to celebrate it by making a few changes. The Usyagi will inform everyone via cute invitation notes, that they should head down to the beach these days.

There, they'll find the previously mostly empty beach is looking quite lively! There's a large, colorful ice-cream shop & drinks bar on the side opposite to the lighthouse, currently attended by Usyagi but open to hiring anyone who might be looking for a new job. The bar don't make the joke has special places set out for people to sit and enjoy some drinks or snacks. You can even bring your own food! But know that now and then an Usyagi might stare at you judgingly for it.

The new bar is not the only addition to the beach. In fact, there're a lot others: all across the beach, there're other tables and places ready for anyone to use them. More important than that, there are new huts, much like the ones found in the first areas of the forest, which people can rent for the day, or even permanently stay at - some of them are larger and have more facilities in them. There are lanterns spread out, outside the bar, huts and other spots, which will magically light up during the night. The one area that remains mostly untouched is that near the lighthouse. And while these sort of things have shown up temporarily before, this time they're staying, a fixed addition to the beach even once the cold seasons begin later in the year.

To celebrate the summer's beginning, during the next couple of days, heading to the beach will mean likely ending up in appropriate clothes, courtesy of Miracle Country. Should you lack your own, the Usyagi will hand you beach towels, or other assorted relevant items. You could end up with an armful of sunblocker, a large parasol, or even a cute bucket set to play in the sand.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore the new places, play games on the sand, or simply take a break and sunbathe for a while.]

May. 31st, 2016


at the garden island || action

[After the recent stress, and feeling rather sad himself because of everything that's happened (nevermind his closest parental figure leaving for a while) Steven wanted to cheer everyone up. And what better way to do that than music? So, with some help, he's set up the usual ballroom to work as a concert stage, and handed out (handmade!) invitations to everyone.

During the evening of the concert, he'll be singing several songs he's made up himself: one about Camelot and knights, one about mini-brooms which help you clean, one about Candy Week, even one about the Usyagi (which he'll refer to as 'beeple' for half the song). They're all mostly happy and cheerful songs, because that's how Steven rolls. He'll play his ukulele, too, and even dress up at points.

He'll make sure there's some candy available to everyone who attends (he is the Candy Ambassador, afterall), and maybe even ask people to join him in singing or dancing! He can be very convincing.]

[[Steven concert day! Steven can be found here, so feel free to mingle among yourselves or abuse the log for anything else going on elsewhere in the islands.]]

May. 21st, 2016


action || open

[The first, most obviously noticeable thing: all the lights have gone out. Not only are the buildings and other spaces not illuminated any longer, but the sky is completely dark as well, no sun, moon or stars to light up anything. No matter the hour, the whole of Miracle Country looks this way, swallowed up in darkness that doesn't change.

The second thing to notice: it's not easy to create new sources of light. Are you grabbing some candles? Perhaps want to attempt building a bonfire of sorts? Using your own magic? All new sources of light created, even large ones, will glow very faintly, dimly, in a blueish light. Like they're struggling to stay there at all. So while they might be better than sitting around in full darkness, they won't fix the issue that much.

The third thing to... possibly be alarmed by: there are certain sources of light. Unpredictable, creepy and changing around, there're phrases and words written in different ways across walls, on tree trunks, on the surface of the caves, anywhere you look at. They glow brighter than fire or magic lights, shining for a while before it stops, and another phrase somewhere else lights up. Not only that, but the words they show might appear... relevant? Accusing? Sad, even? Confessions, bold statements, secrets, it'll be soon noticeable that these aren't random phrasings, but things that those here might think, even if they might not ever wish to say them out loud. Once that much is clear, it's likely easy to have misunderstandings. What if you think a certain phrase is something you believe your friend thinks, deep down? How can you know for sure? Nothing in the words shows who they truly belongs to. Perhaps it's a relief, if your own secrets are something you cannot afford to have out in the open...

In any case, it'll all be over after the weekend. Try to manage in the dark until then.]


[[Secrets in the dark~ event! Secrets list is here, remember you can ask here about anything concerning the event.]]

May. 12th, 2016


action || open

[Another peaceful day in Miracle Country! The sky is clear, the birds are singing, the monkeys are chattering... Wait, why is there a monkey? Is that a gazelle? And what looks like a pink and yellow ostrich?

If you're walking around doing your usual thing and end up coming across some rather unusual animal, in all senses of the word, well... The Miracle Country Zoo might have to issue an apology to some people. That panda blocking your door, those iguanas chilling near your window, that seal trying to get into the lake, and the others, they've broken free from the zoo. Or maybe Kiseki set them free to have some fun, who knows. It's a fushigi mystery. Initially, most of them will be found, well, near the zoo, and the garden islands themselves. Of course, if anyone's been paying attention, they'd know those gardens have some crops belonging to one of our residents. You might want to help out before some clueless creature decides to have a snack, or stomps all of them.

The good news is that most of the animals scattered are pretty chill ones - no need to be considering your last words as you come face-to-face with a fluorescent hippo (*). The bad news is no one seems to be doing anything about them, so it'll be up to you to take some action, if you care to. Perhaps after a few days, they'll retire back to their island on their own, or choose to settle at the forests.

If your characters do cooperate and help keep things in check, however, Miracle Country will reward them - courtesy of the Usyagi, they'll receive free tickets to visit the zoo later, and meet up with their new buddy animals, or they will be given free crop and flower seeds to use in the gardens, forests or wherever they'd like.]

[[(*) If it is your life-long dream to play out your character being mauled by a neon-colored hippo, exceptions will be allowed.]]

May. 8th, 2016


action || open

[Were the recent outfits fluffy enough? If your answer is a resounding yes, clearly you don't know this world well. Today it looks like Miracle Country is feeling like adding to the general cuddliness again... Or maybe there're other reasons? In any case, the result is the same. Teddy bears.

Lots of them, all over the place. In your rooms, on the hallways, at school (with proper little toy glasses, of course), laying around on the park, the bridges, even on the train seats... You get the idea. Some big, some small, there's even a really big blue penguin toy somewhere. What can you do with them? You could keep some, if you'd like. Or make a teddy bear fort. Or use them for shooting target practice. Make a teddy bear bonfire. Have a tea party. No one's judging. The bears that don't get claimed will simply disappear eventually.

Of course, if you're paying attention to the ridiculous bears scattered around, you might notice that the path leading to the Cherry Blossom Café & Candy Shop combo seems to have a whole lot more of them than any other place. If you get closer to them, it's easy to see the CBC in particular has so many of them that several are sitting on the café's available chairs, a few even on the counter. Maybe there's a point to that?]

[[Tiniest dumb mingle for Sakura & Syaoran's intro! Sakura be here, Syaoran be here]]

Apr. 30th, 2016


at the candy shop || action || open

[The Candy Shop (as it is best known) has grown by one employee today. Anyone passing by or on their way to visiting the café next door may see Lancelot welcoming Connie to the shop, both aproned and her ready in the designated employee uniform. The tour doesn’t take long and the two will be soon seen working together or taking up separate jobs that morning.]

[Connie is tasked with the broom and in the front, Lancelot handles register as usual – or well, at least as he is usually used to doing so. It’s really more of a bag of money than a register. While sorting out and making sure it’s all there, he walks to the back and hears some... training drills?]

Connie? Is everything all right in here?

Ah, yes! [she hurriedly stops the drills she's running... with the broom itself. She swears she's actually working, welp.] It's just... it was already clean, so...

[... He can't help a smile and comment.] Good form. That's fine, I'm only getting to the back here. [Meanwhile the money kind of jingles in the bag.]

Alright, then -- [here she stops abruptly, seeing the bag for the first time. Uh.] ... Sir Lancelot? Is that the store's bank?

Ah. That's right.

But... [......................................... b- but.] That's not -- Shouldn't you use the register?

Well- [Aha, see about this.] I'm afraid I was not able to learn how to use it.

... [suddenly she has the most srs!!1 face] That won't do at all! [and she marches behind the counter and studies the register for half a minute before she hits the proper buttons to get it to open with a little ding. ta da!]

[He looks impressed and surprised at once. Then- rather sheepishly, he asks:] ... Perhaps it might be best if we trade, my lady.

Ah... [she hesitates for a moment, looking at the broom, but then holds it out to him and gently takes the bag of money from him. cause honestly.] That might be a good idea for now...

[Chuckles a little, accepting the broom with a small bow to her.] Agreed.

[And so, Lancelot is left to the sweeping, diligent as ever. Connie handles the (actual) register without trouble. They’re working things out.

What better way to welcome another pair of hands on board? That’s right, it’s time for a candy sale! There will even be a sign hanging up outside as a display to alert others, simple but cute and the window as ever shows several different candies and chocolates for extra appeal. Come on by.]

Apr. 19th, 2016


action || open

[With people's memories (hopefully) back to normal, it's time for something different. This time, it's no blood ritual nor messing up with your heads that Kiseki has planned for everyone, no. Instead, it's something more relaxing this time. Fluffy, you could call it...

Everyone will be temporarily getting kigurumi, or animal-themed onesies for the non-weeaboo. That's right, you can fulfill your life-long dream of running around dressed as a kitty, or a mouse, or whatever else. Embrace Miracle Country and be an Usyagi, even!

What is the idea behind these cuddly shenanigans? Well, nothing too terrible. Hopefully you'll have fun with it. Or you'll loathe it and end up hiding in your room for the rest of the day. Perhaps you'll simply continue your usual routine while ignoring the change. Of course, should you want to get rid of them, you'll be able to, but any normal clothes will be temporarily gone from the world. But no worries! It'll all be replaced by... other kigurumis. You really can choose to be an Usyagi, if you'd like. You're welcome.]

Apr. 1st, 2016


action || open

[This new world is holding up. With the warriors fighting the monsters attacking, and the priests and priestesses giving their own power to heal the sakura, the crumbling world recovered enough so that it would not collapse entirely. The sky cleared up a bit, the buildings are now staying in place... It's tiring, though. Battle after battle, the loss of energy, people's blood being spilt. You should be able to tell by now, you won't manage to hold on forever. Something has to change. Something has to give in.

When the ground shakes, and the largest creatures so far make their appearance, it feels like the answer - they're heading straight to the biggest tree in the middle of it all. Grab your weapons, or be ready to give up your life energy, and meet them there, hopefully for the last time. It won't be the only thing to change. In the middle of the battle, and with the help of those able to aid it, the central tree's power will grow stronger, and stronger, until it overflows, its magic too large for it to contain. The tree will break, releasing a darkness that will trap everyone, swallow them into the tree itself...

... And then you'll wake up. The fighting is over, things are silent now, and you'll find yourselves in beds scattered across the usual Miracle Country, covered in sakura petals. For those who were injured, fighting or protecting the trees, they'll find that they've been bandaged up, the energy given up by others having acted as a price for the cure. Were you asleep for a while? You'll feel fine now, aside from the lingering injuries that will already start to heal faster than should be possible. You may get up, leave the beds, and look around. Everything looks normal - the tree is back at its usual place, strong and unmarked, in full bloom as always. The other trees are blooming just as pink for the day.

Don't think your efforts went unnoticed. The general peaceful atmosphere appears to make it easier to rest comfortably and heal, for those who need it. The clothes and weapons you used are now yours to keep, fixed up and good as new. The rooms at the hotel are all freshened up and sparkly clean, ready to receive their usual guests - you'll find fresh flowers set up near windows, nicer bedsheets and towels, and so on. There are picnic clothes and baskets set out around the islands, near the beds or the temporarily all-pink trees, where you can enjoy a meal with others, if you'd like. Even the Usyagi, usually distant and strange, seem cheerful today, floating around and giving away colorful balloons to people (and look around - if you get one that looks like it shines, you'll have a good dream that night).

Of course, it's April 1st! A day for celebration in this world. Welcome back.]

[[Our Sacred Sakura event ends! Happy CLAMP day!!]]

Mar. 27th, 2016


action || open

[Things seem more settled now – the last few days peaceful enough, save for the monsters on the other side of the barrier. It’s a peaceful enough night now, the stars out, the moon shining low over the sakura.

Except, something feels off. Maybe you’ve felt it the last few days: the monsters are stronger. Or, the barrier is weaker. Or maybe it’s a mixture of both. Those monsters that have broken past the barrier don’t seem to be aiming for you – but then what are they aiming for?

In the meantime, the sakuras are fading away. Perhaps it’s subtle enough to miss at first, but some of the smaller ones nearer the barrier are fading out, the petals turning bone-white. The largest sakura at the center of the city is still pink, but it’s clearly fading in color.

And all around you, things are crumbling. The river is flowing a little sluggishly, with less fish than before. The crops in the field are starting to rot from the roots outward. The buildings around you are starting to crumble.

It’s not an entire disaster, though. Those basic weapons you had at the start? They’re evolving, too – and at least they aren’t crumbling around you like everything else. No, the more monsters you destroy, the sturdier your weapons are.

But what about those who weren’t given a weapon? Now that the monster attacks are growing stronger, the barrier growing weaker, it might become clear to you that your skills are – not helpful against fighting the monsters. In fact, anything you try to do is just useless against them.

But those without weapons – perhaps you’re starting to feel what your place in all this is. As a priest or priestess to the sakura, you’re responsible for protecting them – so even if you don’t have the sword, you can always be the shield: protect the trees, at all costs, or else all is lost. The sakura need to be protected.

The monster attacks are increasing, the sakura are losing their color, the world around you is crumbling, and the clear, calm nights are slowly slipping away – are those thunderclouds in the distance? Whatever’s happening, might be best to figure it out quickly.]

Mar. 14th, 2016


All day || Action || Open

[Lately it’s been a couple of days to get closer to each other, to get to know others, make friends. Whether it’s by sitting in a pool of soup together or cooking chocolate for Valentine’s Day, Kiseki loves to have its residents bonding with each other. And with White Day starting… well, it’s not like there had to be a reason to make something happen, but it’s always nicer when that’s the case, isn’t it?

So today, everyone will wake up with white strings around their fingers. They are long, long enough that following them might take some time. Each string represents a bond, a friendship, and to people that have a lot of friends they might soon notice that having so many strings is… quite bothersome, to say the least. They might get tangled or stuck on something and of course it’s not possible to just cut them and be done with it: they are a physical representation of a bond, after all. But luckily, the Usyagi have a solution to your problem! Soon they’ll appear everywhere with little signs, telling people that the strings will go away if they find the person it connects to and proves their friendship. So gifts, a hug, nice words, hanging out, anything is fair game.]

[Replay of the white string of fate event in honor of white day. Haha, get it? Either way, have a mingle!]

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