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Nov. 4th, 2014


100 ❀ Video/Action

[Anyone passing by the candy shop today or glancing at their journal will see Himawari outside the candy shop's front door, holding a little tray of little baskets, all full of little candy-coated chocolates, and sparkling at anyone who may be passing by]

Free samples! Today only - try our new recipes and flavors!

[Over the past seven years, this day has usually been one for melancholy or thoughtfulness, considering it marks another year in Kiseki, but this year, Himawari is determined to face it with more cheerfulness and happiness than previous years. Dare she even think maybe with a kind of hopefulness? Regardless, her good mood doesn't seem faked for once.]

Free samples for everyone today to mark the candy shop's anniversary! [It's not the exact day for the shop, of course, but she's long since forgotten the day she got the job here - or the day she inherited the shop from Kakei and Saiga. So today works as well as any]

The candy shop has been around for almost seven years now, so I just wanted to do my part to thank everyone for your continued support and business over the years - to both old and new customers. Thank you very much! Shizuka-kun, Lancelot-san, and I are all incredibly thankful!

And if you like the candies, please consider returning and buying all our different lines of candy!

[Of course, anyone who actually does take the candy samples from her will find themselves, a short time later, undergoing some strange side-effects, ones that no one might necessarily expect, least of all Himawari. Suddenly, her good mood (and lack of good luck) seems to be spreading to others around - and everyone's suddenly just a little bit lovestruck.]

[The effects of the candy will last for as long as half of an hour, or shorter. Your character will eat the candy and then fall in "love" with whoever they happen to see first upon eating that candy. For more information about the original event, go here. The candies being offered will be listed in the cut below.]

ooc: candy colors & their type of love )

Oct. 27th, 2014


001 » accidental video | open to action

[It had been a few minutes since Beat had arrived in the wonderful world of Kiseki and already he's started to create a ruckus. He'd just been escorted out of the Welcome Center but even then he puts up a fight, waving his fist in the air, his feet dragging against the ground. At some point, his journal had fallen out of his hands, opening and recording the following]

Yo! I didn't ask for this, aight? I'm done with all that crap 'bout UG. This place don't even look like UG, man! What gives? [Clearly he wasn't listening at all when he was being briefed about Kiseki.] You think I'm aight with you bastards pullin' me outta RG jus' when I got back? Hell naw!

'Sides, I gotta... [He quiets down for a moment, almost looking pensive. But even that doesn't last for long.] I gotta go back, aight? Don't matter what the reason is. I jus' want outta your stupid game. If I gotta bust some heads or rip someone a new one to get outta this, then bring it, yo! I ain't scared a' any of you.

[And then he proceeds punching at the air again. Looks like he's more bark than actual bite... But he pauses when the Welcome Center ladies start talking again. All at once. ]

...The hell you talkin' 'bout? I ain't pickin' up nothin' you sayin' if you keep talkin' like that. I said slow down, yo!

[There is one thing he hears clearly though. But his brows knit together upon hearing it.]

I don't care 'bout no Chad or his shiverin' pussies none, either! [Yeeeeep.]

Oct. 22nd, 2014


action || open to everyone

[With the last shreds of cake dissolving and leaving the usual sakura tree back in place, things seem to slowly be going back to normal again. Or as normal as it can be in Miracle Country, anyway. The monsters are finally gone, allowing those who are still searching for their lost things to get them back in peace.

While the decorations, confetti and such are gone, there might be something else people will notice. Hair, lots of thin white strands of fur falling from seeming everywhere... Aang is flying around on Appa, who seems to be in need of a good brushing. So when he notices Appa is shedding all over the place, he'll take a detour towards one end of the park so he can take care of his bison properly.]

[[ooc: open mingle! if you want aang, comment to his tag here, otherwise abuse the post as you'd like.]]

Oct. 20th, 2014


006 ❄ Video

[Someone is looking incredibly disappointed in all of you, Kiseki. Beware, you have unleashed the Disappointed Parent look.]

I cannot believe that I have to say this, and yet here I am. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to tie a girl to a tree, especially when there are monsters running around. Especially when she's a minor. Especially when it's an adult doing so. Nor is it alright to hold someone down while someone else punches them. Nor is it alright to outright punch someone. None of this is alright. We're all civilized people here.

I expect so much more from all of you. [And the more she talks, the louder her voice is becoming - where she's usually calm and patient, it's clear she's rattled and on the edge of yelling]

I do not have time to hunt everyone down and have them behave, but I'd like to think that, while we're all visitors in this world, we can maintain some decorum of diplomacy and good will.

[And here she just looks frazzled since bb!Neal, whom she's cradling as she scolds, starts to fuss -- sensing his mother's distress] I am breastfeeding and I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep in months and I don't think it's so much to ask that everyone treat everyone else with patience and respect.

[...] [She looks like she's going to shut off the video, but then she turns and records the very destroyed huge cake provided by the world]

And just who shot this cake? [behold her fiery vengeance on the cake's behalf; someone may or may not have lost her patience due to the event, which is only making her frustration worse]

Oct. 14th, 2014


action || open to everyone

[Today seemed as though it would be another quiet day in Miracle Country. Mild weather, a peaceful atmosphere, people probably had no idea anything would soon be wrong when they set off to work, school, or a day of goofing around.

Soon it'll be clear it won't be that simple. Creeping out from the forests and from within the lake or ocean, some creatures will set out to attack others. Becoming impossible to stop at the exact moment of this attack, these monsters will set out to steal something important to people: an ability they have, or an important personality trait, which will now take the form of a tangible, brightly glowing light.

The monsters don't seem to want them for themselves, however. They'll either sneak away quickly, and end up hiding what they took in some difficult place, or they'll challenge the owner - or anyone else who'd like to step up and fight - to a battle for the stolen traits or abilities.

If the creatures get away from you, either because they've gone off to hide your skill/trait or because the battle was lost somehow, the owner of what was lost will always be able to find their skill or trait eventually, as their presence will call back to them. Similarly, if they find someone else's lost skill or trait, they'll be able to know it's not their own. Perhaps they'll want to give it back, too, or maybe even keep it for themselves for a while? While they cannot absorb the abilities or traits themselves, it could be a good way to manipulate others or get a favor from them...]

[[Mingle for the lost traits event! Keep in mind the timing, since any new post opened until the 21st will be happening within the context of this event.]]

Oct. 3rd, 2014


005 ❄ Video/Action | open to all

[The video starts out with the above image, of a few jack-o-lanterns set up on Snow's teachers desk, and a moment later there's a small, almost self-conscious laugh as she holds up the journal to get a better view.]

I thought it'd be a nice thing for everyone to do today. [Arts and crafts is getting hands-on today, kids.] If you want to carve a pumpkin, come on down to the playground at the school today. We have picnic tables set up for carving, and you can make pumpkins like these here.

Everyone's welcome to join in... I have lots of pumpkins, and with Halloween so near, it'd be great to get into the spirit of it all.

[Anyone passing by the school today, or having seen the video, is free to join in on the pumpkin-carving. Snow's got a big collection of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and will be handling the actual knives part for the younger kids -- and strictly supervising the older ones (and, lbr, the adults too)

And she's set up some other Halloween activities, such as making ghosts, and of course there are some some treats and goodies for anyone who doesn't want to put in too much effort]

[ooc: this is open for basic mingling, too, should you so desire!]


[Video || Open to everyone]

[Since Torin has been around Kiseki for a few months by now, he's used to normal humans seeing him, which means he finds it perfectly natural to make a public video. For those of you who haven't seen him yet... yes, that's a humanoid blue bird in your screen.]

It has come to my attention that I might be in need of a hobby. [Because that's the kind of things he needs to be told.]

After some consideration, I realized I could choose to do something useful as well as enjoyable. So I am offering my skills as a sword fighting instructor. I can teach the basics for those who are just starting, or more specific techniques for those with some experience. Simply let me know if you are interested.

Sep. 24th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Ever since the start of this week, you may have noticed a change in the weather and the general mood of Kiseki. Yes, summer is over. While it was really quite warm following up to this week, this week it's a little cooler, a little crisper - and other than the sakura tree that's always in bloom, all the other trees in the park and forests have begun to change color and fall. Fall is here in Miracle Country!

This week, maybe you need a little adjusting. Need to buy some warmer clothes? Have a sudden urge to eat something pumpkin-flavored or caramel-flavored? There are piles of leaves to hop into, maybe.

And throughout this week, the crisp, clear skies may cloud over and it'll start to drizzle, and sometimes even just rain. It'll drizzle throughout the day with some sun breaks, but it's definitely a clear indication of the change in the seasons.

But when it's not raining, and your character feels like exploring, they'll find literal cornicopias of fruits and vegetables all throughout the garden island, the park, and the forests. Sample them for yourselves, or perhaps make a pie with them.

Autumn is a time of harvest and abundance but also a time of waning sunlight and longer nights... so perhaps you feel that shift in the air, and are left reflecting on it.

Regardless, autumn is here.]

Sep. 23rd, 2014


crystal the first • video

People trapped in this world!

[a young female voice is booming authoritatively from your journal, residents of Kiseki. when you open it to look at the perpetrator, your eyes may be violently pink. a teenager with cotton candy pink hair, and styled in not dissimilar shapes.....]

[she looked fierce and determined at first, but her expression softens into one of cheer and encouragement]

The ladies here tell me that I'm not the only one stuck here, some of you for a very long time. I want to make you all a personal promise that I'll do everything I can to get us all out of here, together! [yeah so that AIR OF AUTHORITY is back, the girl snapping to attention] Even if this place is super cute, I won't be fooled by its facade! It's suspicious and cruel to steal people from their home worlds, no matter how adorable you appear!

[claps a hand to her chest, clear sign of some upcoming vow]

I swear, in the na-

[she freezes, mid-word, mouth comically hanging open for a brief second before she closes it, turning deeply red in embarrassment and smiling sheepishly.]

Um. In the...nature of goodwill and...altruism? [SWEATS NERVOUSLY] That I will, ah. I will do everything I can to. Add to your home going efforts! And um. [she giggles nervously, but that seems to be the last of her embarrassment and she smiles, confident and friendly]

My name is Chibiusa. I can't wait to meet you all!

[she waves energetically before the feed cuts]

Sep. 19th, 2014


001 ☯ Action/Video | open to all

[So it's a nice start to the weekend, and maybe you're looking for something to do. Fear not, because perhaps you get it in your mind to explore some of the islands. Should you find your way to the sports island, you'll find a lot of fun opportunities to have some fun: sports courts, fully-equipped gym, ice rink, a giant frickin' swimming pool...

Wanting to have some fun? Work-out? Scope out the hot eye candy working out? Harass the workers? Plenty of opportunity for all these things and more.

Korra, for her part, is one such worker who's in the process of collecting some stray basketballs rolling across the court. Eventually, she gets tired of trying to herd the things so she just sends out a massive airbending attack!!1 to get all the balls rolling in one direction... of course, then they just bounce off the walls, hitting it too hard, and start bouncing all over the place.]

... Geez. [Stop that.]

[She starts airbending again but the basketballs all have their own thoughts and keep bouncing around everywhere.

And then all of a sudden there's a giant polar bear dog bounding in through the front doors and across the court, trying to catch all of them at once. This isn't totally unlike her, though, so Korra what did you expect?]

Naga! Wait - ! [and that's when the video ends.]

[[ooc: this is open for a basic mingle, as well. Come over to the sports island and have fun!]]

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