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Nov. 13th, 2016


action || open

[Ah, such a lovely day to... stay indoors, most likely. Since early in the morning, it's been raining non-stop, washing away any rests of paint left over from before. Any customization to the houses and other important places seems to be fine, though.

Maybe it's a chance to really get some use out of the new houses. Or to roam the underground tunnels - the cafeteria will have plenty of hot chocolate to combat the bad weather. Maybe you're one of the poor people caught outside while the rain gets heavier and the winds chillier... Well, there isn't a new pavillion out there for nothing.

Or did you choose to be out there? Maybe you don't mind the rain, however cold it might be. Maybe you're checking on the new stables, or your own shop, or don't trust Miracle Country not to start out a new monster attack while everyone is indoors trying to get cozy. No one said those new trees would be out of order in case of rain, afterall.]

Nov. 7th, 2016


action || open

[After the recent battles, it's a good time to destress, and on this occasion Miracle Country has something different planned out. Rather than spas or food buffets as usual, today people will find that there are art stations scattered around the islands. Go up to one of the large tables full of colored papers, markers, glitter and other things to make card or collages of any kind, or head near the lake to take over a canvas and the oils provided in order to draw a painting, even pick up the buckets of paint surrounding the new houses and decorate your own so its stands out!

... Or simply grab a paint balloon and start a war - there're plenty of these in baskets, along with protective clothes in case you care about that sort of thing (hey, plenty of people around have precious uniforms and expensive suits). You could even take out your frustration at the world by aiming those balloons at the buildings around you. Getting messy and colorful is a great way to relax, right? ]

Oct. 28th, 2016



[There's a video broadcast from the Bakery, panning over some recent creations of Sebastian's. There's a lot of cake. Like, a lot. Seriously. And also a sizeable amount of gorgeous-looking cupcakes. Sebastian calm down.

And then the feed switches to show the responsible party, as pleasantly smiling as always.]

Good afternoon, everyone. I apologise for the sudden interruption to your day, but I would briefly like to inform you that, should you wish to, you are more than welcome to stop by the Bakery at any time during the day. As you can see, this is far more than can be feasibly sold during one day, so for today only I will charge nothing for anything. [He breathes a laugh, very good-naturedly.] This is no way to do business, of course, but as Mr Stilinski was always so eager to keep the Bakery open and full of customers...

[Sebastian's honouring that or something?

Look, Sebastian's been good. He's only been killing a few monsters in the forest while doing his usual rounds. And instead of buying meat for dinner he's gone to personally hunt for deer, and then there's been metodical, if somewhat forceful, flaying and chopping in his kitchen. And then there's been delicious gourmet deer steak. Ciel's house - for whenever the infernal world deigns to have him wake up - has been completely redecorated and refurnished. As has the house Sebastian and Time are currently sharing for some reason idek. He needs to channel all this murderous intent into something. Come eat the fruits of his stress baking.]

Thank you for your time, and do have a good day.

[Very Important Notice: should anyone take him up on his offer and come pay him a visit, they will find that outside the Bakery, there is now finally a sign that says, in beautiful cursive: Please leave pets outside. Because reasons.]

Oct. 9th, 2016


action || open

[And one morning, it's over. The water starts disappearing as mysteriously and as quickly as it first showed up, retreating into the river and the sea. By the time it's left the main islands' surfaces, and once people have left their shelter, the treehouses disappear as well. All should be back to normal... Except it's clear that there've been some changes.

Some are easy to notice right away: perhaps the most obvious one is that the big hotel buildings have disappeared, leaving behind a series of domed houses for people to live in. They'll find that their belongings have been placed in certain houses. If they were sharing a room before, then those people will get a house together, and others who were alone might find they've been assigned a single house for themselves, or even been paired up to live with others.

Other more blatant changes would be easy to notice, as well. The brand new aquarium, accessed via the east-side of the beach, its massive structure going into the sea itself. Like the housing areas, the aquarium is split into areas that are above ground, and others that go deep underwater. Some areas are built to hold freshwater creatures and look a lot like regular aquariums, but many of its tunnels go deep into the ocean and allow people to watch the different animals straight from the waters surrounding the place. You could even be lucky enough to spot some of the dragons left over from the past events! Among the places on the surface, there's a lounging area with a small giftshop, the more typical fishtanks, and even some open areas where you can pay a small fee to fish (equipment can be rented or bought from the giftshop) or even dive underwater, for the enjoyment of watching the many fish and other creatures, or yet again as a way to fish or hunt for prey. Just remember, the more you stray away from the beach, the more dangerous these waters become.

There's the newly added farm island which means people can ride horses around now, if they wish to, or take care of the new animals in it. A few familiar locations have been moved around, others removed entirely. The forests' caves now hold a mysterious shrine, radiating pure, positive energy.

With an addition of positive energy, comes negative one as well. The Usyagi will be quick to drop notes explaining the existence of certain trees now growing on different areas of Miracle Country, signaling potential monster outbreaks. People's help to contain these outbreaks will be needed, and of course it's not only a matter of helping Kiseki itself out. Should these be left unchecked, there's a risk of a new monster invasion which could hurt or kill those around, so adding a full-time or temporary job as part of the patrols or the guard ready to deal with these monsters might be a very appealing idea.

Overall, there're plenty of new things to see, plenty of things to do, but no one will blame you if, after weeks of dealing with the flood, you simply wish to retire to your new house and sleep for a while.]

[[The Flood Event ends! Further info on these changes to be found here.]]

Oct. 1st, 2016


action || open || nighttime

[The days pass, and the water remains as it is, covering the world people were used to, seeming unlikely to change soon. While some supplies might be running short, there's still plenty of water at the reservoir, and the fish from the expanded sea as well as fruits or vegetables found at the treetops don't seem to be about to run out any moment soon. So, while there're obviously some difficulties, this night could be a peaceful one, to enjoy the unusual view with others for a while, try to manage a fire to gather around, nurse any existing wounds, or simply settle in whichever shelter one's found and try to rest until the following day.

But there's the fog. While the days have so far been clear and rather sunny despite the increasing cold of Fall, tonight there's fog creeping up everywhere, growing thicker and thicker by the hour, coming over from where the most dangerous areas are known to be. With it, comes an unsettling, restless feeling. You might find it difficult to fall asleep. Perhaps you'll be llured by the call of this fog, inexplicably drawn to navigate the dark waters despite the late hour. You might follow this call to the dragons' lair around the reservoir, to find them assigning you a new task, even more difficult now due to the lack of visibility. Perhaps you only end up lost. Or wandering off to areas where an attack might happen... It might be wise to not leave alone, but this fog's influence might strip you of any caution.

If that's the case, well... There's only so many hours until dawn, right?]

[[The Flood Event continues! Go here for any questions!]]

Sep. 17th, 2016



[Here comes a thought…

It’s funny how the mind works, isn’t it? Always working, thoughts constantly coming in and out. Seeing something triggers a memory and a thought along with it, something that might make one smile or sad. Or perhaps it’s the possibility of something happening or whatever weights on your mind as the day pass. They are usually easy to dismiss or even forget by getting distracted by anything else that comes by.

But it’s rude to ignore them, right? So today, instead of them just being locked inside your head, they’ll be everywhere, represented by butterflies of different colors.

Each color might represent what that thought makes you feel, so they might be as generic as blue for a sad one or red for one that makes you happy. Or they could also be colors that make you feel something: if you hate the color green, that might be the one that comes along with your bad thoughts. It all depends on the person and their experiences. After all, thoughts affect everyone in a different way. Which is why the amount of butterflies that follow you around for the day really is up to you and what your mind is usually up to.

You’ll get used to it. Or you should, at least, because they’ll be there, following you, during all day. No shouting or no ignoring them will get them to go away. Have fun with that!]

Sep. 4th, 2016


010 ❄ Video/Action | open to all

[A few days after Porthos' birthday party and things are... a little sticky and messy. It's what happens after a party, after all. And don't worry, Porthos has certainly been enlisted to clean up his share of the mess. Mostly because he was Scolded by Snow.

But it seems that there's a clean-up happening throughout Miracle Country today. Or at least, encouragement. Whistle while you work, everyone? Maybe not. But there are birds chirping everywhere and swooping along where the fruit or spilled drinks are. Easy enough to dismiss - birds like fruit, right? And certainly the rodents and woodland creatures are scavenging, not actively cleaning up or anything like that.

Okay, no. The animals are definitely helping to clean. That's... interesting.

What could be the cause of all this? Well, there's a brief video actually showing Snow sweeping the front pathway leading to the new Town Hall Meeting Area, humming to herself. There are a few birds on the awning and the windowsill and they're chirping along with her. She starts singing and the birds start chirping louder, definitely singing along with her. Never forget that you actually know a literal Disney princess, everyone.]

[Feel free to use this as a mingle as you see fit! Or, if you'd like to help Snow clean up some of the mess, you can find her here.]

Aug. 29th, 2016


010 ⚜ Action | open to all

[It’s that time of year again! Anyone around the last few years will remember that it's a certain someone’s birthday - and time for the birthday tradition. As is typical of a Porthos Birthday Party, there’s food and drinks everywhere. Also lots of fruit. In the past, the party’s mostly been stuck at the park or beach and near the hotels… but not so this year. In fact, it seems that Kiseki wants to get into the party spirit along with Porthos since there are new areas to explore.

As if by magic – funny how that works – there’s suddenly a Town Hall - a new place for everyone to gather and meet for important discussions, or when those pesky events strike. There’s also a new arena for training, expansive and well-suited for all the warriors out there. It's about time you guys got your own place to train, right?

Not that you’d necessarily be able to tell today that these are fancy and sparkling new. There’s food everywhere, after all. And, well, the mess that comes with it. Is that a table full of cakes on the ceiling? Maybe. Anything is possible today when Miracle Country gets in the spirit of celebration. Try not to slip on that puddle of... beer? Well, let's hope that's beer.

You’ve probably been invited to this party, though. Or maybe you’re party-crashing. Or maybe you were trying to find a quiet corner to spend the afternoon and people won't shut up. Miracle Country might even help with that. Not likely to visit the beach today? Well here you are! Maybe you feel compelled to check out those new areas, or try to find where the party’s slowly migrating to. Maybe your foot's gotten stuck in a bridge and some nice party-goers are going to help you out. Everywhere you go, it sounds like there’s music and talking happening, so it might be hard to pinpoint everything down. Also, did we mention the food and drink?

Trying to ignore the party? Good luck, cause it’s lasting all day and well into the night. And just getting progressively louder and louder....

..... Did you just hear gunshots?

[ooc: this is an open log and feel free to jump in however you’d like. If you’d like to interact with Porthos specifically, his top comment is here; otherwise, use this as a mingle as you see fit!]

Aug. 2nd, 2016


open action, video | garden island

[It’s bright and early in the morning today at the garden island, where a recording from the journal resting shows Yona and Lili clearly up to shenanigans. Yona’s clothes are folded up and tied off appropriately for the work in front of them, the plot of land some might remember from her gardening efforts. Several of the crops she planted months back have become ready to harvest now in the summer months, an exciting time for her seeing the literal fruits of her labor. It’s certainly not the most professionally grown crop of vegetables, but a formidable effort all the same. Most of all – that means it’s time to prepare crops for the fall season.]

[Yona sets down a basket of the harvested crops aside with an off, and grins at Lili as she wipes her brow.]

Okay! We’re making good progress.

Right now, we can start planting these... [Lettuce, Peas, Radishes and the like.] But - let me know if it feels like too much work.

[Lili’s covered in more dirt than Yona but her basket isn’t nearly as full. And she’s gripping her trowel like a lifeline and staring tentatively at the things they’re meant to be planting]

[Say something nice, she tells herself. So of course she says:] This better all be worth it.

[Ehe... Feel free to come on by and see what the girls are up to. Yona is here and Lili is here!]

Jul. 11th, 2016


action || open

[With many still recovering, it's perhaps time to help with the process. Kiseki will be providing everyone with an invitation to the onsen springs, via the Usyagi, a good chance to relax for a while, especially given it's been long enough that most will be up on their feet by now.

Perhaps outshined by the sports facilities found near it, the large onsen on that small island is a facility with many, many springs, both outdoors and indoors (even smaller ones for a more private use), as well as japanese-styled rooms to rent for the day. Are you not the type to enjoy some hot water and relaxing in a yukata at a hotel room? Well, you might find yourself there anyway. It's probably best to go along with it, right?

In fact, Miracle Country will collaborate in other ways - because it might not be the best time to be soaking in hot water, the weather will have gradually chilled during the past days, making this one a pleasantly cool one, perfect for these activities. So there's no excuse! Embrace this mini-vacation and enjoy the day.]


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