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Apr. 22nd, 2014


007 ✼ action/video

[If you should wander to the Noodle shop, you might find Shara sitting on one of the tables, finishing the decorations of the shop's official name plate that she is going to hang above the door - reading "Hanahito", surrounded by little painted sakura and tachibana tree flowers.]

[And later on, she will open the journal, recording purposefully for once.]

Good evening everyone! As you might have noticed, Sakura and Tachibana... they've returned home. [She smiles a little sadly, but bounces back quickly enough, not dwelling on how much she misses them.]

So that means the Noodle shop needs your help! Zero has been so kind as to help me keep the shop running, but if you want to work here, either cooking or maybe helping with the accounting, we'd be very grateful!

[She backs up a little, so the video shows the shop itself, and how everything has been cleaned, the tables decorated with fresh narcissus flowers and tulips, for Spring.] And even if you already have a place to work... come visit the shop, we have some new dishes on the menu, and Zero's cooking is very delicious!

Apr. 19th, 2014


002 ❄ Video/Action | Open to everyone

[Anyone who may have passed by Snow's class the last few days might have seen her busily working on something that wasn't necessarily for class - hunched over, she's painting little plastic eggs, making them cute with various designs and motifs. (and feel free to approach her about it, if inclined)]

[She knows that not everyone celebrates Easter here, so many coming from different worlds and different countries, but considering how a lot of people around her have been moody ever since the feathers and various other canon shenanigans, she's set out to maybe cheer some people up.]

[So today and tomorrow, your character will find a little sheet of paper slipped underneath their door, with cute little bunnies and eggs on the paper, encouraging your character to look for the little surprises in the park and around the shopping district.]

[And throughout the day, all these little eggs she's painted can be found, plastic and therefore not likely to smell bad, but cracking them open reveals little surprises: either candy, chocolate, sometimes coins of the currency here, little sheets of paper with a compliment, little toys like whistles or bouncy balls, etc.]

[Feel free to run into her as she's hiding them, smiling to herself as she works, and maybe, sometimes, looking a bit wistful - especially when she's in the process of hiding any eggs that have baby motifs on them, or, perhaps, unicorns.]

[ooc: and feel free to use this post as a mingle post, too, if you'd like! Go find eggs with your frands.]

Apr. 2nd, 2014


Action || Open to everyone

[Happy (belated) CLAMP day, everyone! We're following our tradition and having an event for the date.

This year, it's a memory sharing event. Characters will find that they're holding a feather (or perhaps more than one), and they'll know that this feather contains a memory. It could be anything, big or small, happy or sad, that much is up to you. Now, they hold these representations of their own memories for a reason! They're meant to hand them over to someone else. In doing so, the person they give the feather to will experience this memory in a vision. There's a catch, however; the person receiving this memory has to be someone who didn't experience it or witness it too.

Now, if they decide they'd rather not give it to anyone, they'll realize the memory contained in that feather is slowly fading away from their own memories. They'll forget names, faces, events from the memory, until they eventually forget it entirely. Sometimes the memory fading will be a lot faster, and they'll know they have to act quick and don't have the luxury to be sitting around considering who to trust with it. They'll know that, unless shared with someone, the memory will be forgotten entirely. Or, well, "entirely", as Kiseki would have mercy and return it to them, after several weeks (how much is up to you).

The memory exchange will happen when someone else touches the feather - and it means that, yes, you can force someone to see your memory, or you can forcefully view them yourself. And while feathers with memories only work once and then disappear, they could reappear with the same memory in them later.

Of course, the event isn't mandatory, your characters being affected by it at all is entirely your choice.]

Mar. 26th, 2014


004 ♔ Action/Video

[Anyone glancing at their journal or perhaps walking around the park will see a young man wandering around, looking quite frustrated but also incredibly distressed, expression grim as he walks, his sword drawn. ... His father will be so angry with him if he's actually managed to be kidnapped. He should have been more on guard, clearly...]

[His expression will darken considerably when he catches sight of you, however, and he'll march his way right up to you, brandishing his sword and frowning forever]

I don't know what you're playing at, bringing me here, but you will return me to Camelot and to my father's side or suffer the consequences.

[ooc: Arthur has been deaged, and all replies will come from a separate account, etc etc.]

Mar. 25th, 2014


002 ⚜ Video

[Porthos is at the window to Aramis' room, while he's out, and giving an innocent looking plant an incredibly intimidating look, just flat-out glaring at it as he waters it with a tiny little watering can.]

[He stares at it for a while, and then waters it some more. Anyone who knows anything about plants can tell that this one is definitely being over-watered in general over the last few days]


Bloom, you little bastard.

Mar. 20th, 2014


Action || Open to everyone


It’s the first day of spring in Miracle Country! While the last few days haven’t been terrible, weather-wise, today there’s a clear difference in how warm and sunny it is – it’s bright and warm and there’s a light breeze blowing, and the flowers are in bloom! Now that it’s spring, there’s more opportunities to go swimming or visit the beach without being too cold, or walk in the garden island and see all the flowers.

And the flowers really are blooming today. No matter where your character goes today, they’ll notice flowers. They can’t take a step without there being flowers blooming behind them, sometimes. And the trees in bloom are raining flowers down on them.

Some of the flowers are special, though. Depending on the color that falls into your character’s hair, they’ll be influenced slightly by that color. It’s subtle, nothing too over the top, just a gentle push like the gentle spring weather today.

Red will make your character feel flirty & romantic.
Pink will make your character feel timid & shy.
Purple will make your character feel cranky & irritable.
Yellow will make your character feel silly & playful.
Blue will make your character feel gloomy & sad.
White will make your character feel relaxed & dreamy.

The effect is very light, so it shouldn’t make your characters behave too much out of the ordinary – just enough to influence their general mood. It will last only for a short time before the flower will fall from their hair to the ground, perfectly harmless.]

Mar. 16th, 2014


≈ 002 [Video]

Oooh! [Video starts up, clearly by accident, showing Marle in the forest (not too deep for those who are familiar) in a less pixelated version of the dress in the icon. Her hair is done up very nicely with a small, delicate tiara on her head. She seems to be struggling to walk through the dense plant life without wrecking the whole ensemble.] This isn't fair! My normal clothes better be back in my room! I always hated this dress.

[Finally near the edge, Marle trips and lands on the grass, quickly swallowed up by her skirt. She sighs and looks very frilly.] This is why I said I needed pants...

[A skinny, tabby cat (one of Kiseki's many strays) walks into frame, climbs up onto Marle's dress and gets comfortable by curling up on the lovely silk bed the skirt makes. Marle watches it and giggles.] Well, at least someone likes it.

[Replaying the Costume Event! Marle is a princess! Meaning... she's got her wardrobe from home, pretty much.]

Mar. 13th, 2014


Action | | Open to all

[Happy White Day, Miracle Country! It seems that this year, Miracle Country hasn't been very celebratory - having skipped Valentine's Day entirely - but perhaps White Day is a chance to make up for that?

Not so much. As a means to "celebrate", the world's magic is doing an anti-Valentine's event. Suddenly, affection is not only frowned upon, but actively discouraged. Couples today will find all kinds of obstacles interrupting any attempts to be romantic with friends, family, and lovers.

Holding hands? Suddenly there's a tree root to trip you. Going in for a kiss? Suddenly there's an invisible wall blocking you from your partner. Trying to cuddle? Water balloons are getting tossed at your head, or a bucket of very cold ice water. Trying to... get intimate? Well, enjoy that incredibly loud and annoying alarm bell that's suddenly ringing and won't stop until you stop, or perhaps that feeling that your pillow is full of rose thorns...

All kinds of things can happen (and feel free to make up your own): water balloons, tree roots, even quicksand in places! Sudden gusts of wind, sudden rain showers, birds landing on your head and pecking until you stop, sudden patch of ice causing you to slip...

But maybe if you hide away, it'll be alright. It seems that Kiseki isn't always looking to disturb the couples, and those that find interesting hiding spots and solutions might be able to have a moment or two with their sweetheart. Hide away, and maybe it'll stop...

Except, take heart couples, because White Day isn't all for naught: as the evening approaches, characters will fell compelled to go to the ballroom where everything is set up for Kiseki's very own Bitter Ball, complete with all the party decorations! And an abundance of alcohol.

It's almost as if Miracle Country wants you to get romantic, though, despite the mixed messages: there's plenty to eat and drink, there's music playing with a big open dance floor, and lots of pretty decorations for White Day. But help the poor couples who decide to show up together, because as soon as they step inside, Miracle Country is forcing them to opposite sides of the room.]

Mar. 7th, 2014


011 ✿ Video/Action

[Anyone spending the afternoon on the garden island may stumble upon part of the garden where there are vegetables growing. Sakura's there, working hard on pulling up weeds and turning the soil to start planting more vegetables, should anyone care to offer a hand or ask him what the hell is up.

There's also a basket next to where he's discarded his jacket, sleeves of his shirt rolled up as he works, and the basket's full of lots of different kinds of vegetables he uses in his cooking - lots of carrots, some bok choy, some kale and other leafy greens, and an assortment of other vegetables.

He's humming to himself, happily, not aware that the journal is recording him, as well.

Even if you don't find him on the garden island, a little while later, there's another video recording of him in the kitchen of the noodle shop, cutting up and peeling the vegetables he's just collected, starting on a broth for one of the many noodle dishes he makes at the shop.

And even if you don't see the videos, the smell is wafting out the front door to the shop, so perhaps you're just called in by the delicious smells and want to have lunch with a friend, or say hello to the workers at the noodle shop.]


Action || Open to everyone

[It's another day at the school! You could be snoring in the seat way back in the classroom, or frantically taking notes, or meeting up with friends during recess, or getting lunch, or being greeted by friends or family once the day ends.

Maybe you've never been to the school and just felt like checking it out, maybe sign up for a class or get a job in it, or simply be creeped out by the monitor teachers...

Either way, there's plenty to do so go ahead and mingle]

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