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Aug. 22nd, 2014


001 ✤ Text/Video/Action

Everyone! Since my arrival here, I have since learned very many things and for those I was most grateful enough to meet the first day, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and apologies for the confusion. Simon is not part of this magical book, but you all are, in a way! For that reason, I was able to learn many things.

I have learned, since, that I am strange and speak very strangely. For this reason, I would love to continue to learn so that I may be "normal", and know so instinctively.

I have also learned of grass and trees, and that they are most precious to many people!

As I am most grateful, I would love to thank you all for all of your kindness and helpfulness these last few days. For that reason, I have tried my very best to be helpful and created a feast!

[And here she begins to record a video -- and it is at first difficult to see what she's trying to do, as she does a stupendous job of recording her shoes first of all, and then hold it upside down to view a close-up of her face.]

[But then she manages to hold it properly and... behold, some very disgusting looking food. Are those leaves sticking out of that cake-like lump? Very possibly.]

I will be in front of the hotel, so that I may give a piece to everyone that I see. I look very much forward to seeing you!

[And true to her words, she'll be waiting outside of the hotel with her abomination of food, should you be brave enough to pass by her.]

Aug. 11th, 2014


accidental video/action; dated to middle of the night

[ guess who's been persistently trying to keep to himself for like this past month? 100 points if you guess moody bitch souji okita. it's not like he's pushed himself too far (though he did run into trouble with the oni, but he was barely scathed), he shouldn't be having a relapse here of all places ]

Ugh -- [ the journal's showing nothing but the ceiling of his apartment room, but the pained, choked gasps coming from off screen imply that someone's close by. ] Ghk -- shit --

[ He reaches for his journal, belatedly realizing that it's somehow turned itself on overnight, and flips it shut, but not before descending into another coughing fit. ]


[ later, he's sitting outside the forest, staring up at the sky. he's also covered in blood, but hey, at least he's not coughing up his lungs anymore. there's no sign that he's been physically hurt (all that blood isn't his, after all) and the sword in his hand reflects the moonlight from time to time, throwing off a bright reflection. ]

Aug. 7th, 2014


[ journal || open to everyone ]

[It's late at night, and everyone is probably already in bed or getting ready for it. But today, Kiseki has decided to mess around a little. Everyone's journals will start to insistently glow, calling for people's attentions. And so that once they open them they aren't met with empty pages, some characters might feel compelled to write down a confession, or a secret of theirs, even if it's something they normally wouldn't share. Some of them might not even be true, but can you figure out which ones are and which ones aren't?

Of course, Miracle Country looks after children (they're afraid of Snow's wrath too), and any secret or confession that isn't suitable will be filtered away from minors. But other than that, everyone is free to comment on others' notes. New secrets or confessions might even pop-up between conversations with others!]

Jul. 30th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[There’s no fanfare, no fireworks, no sudden light sparking behind clouds – but at some point during the day, all those oni that have somehow managed to avoid being killed suddenly disintegrate into nothing, and if you decide to test your luck and venture out, you’ll find that there are no new traps, no new instances of sabotage anywhere around the island.]

[Maybe you're suspicious, despite it all seeming to be over, and want to go investigate, perhaps help out disassembling the stray traps that didn’t yet go off; perhaps you’re taking this chance to check up on some friends and see if they’re alright; or perhaps you got injured in the fights and are finally searching for someone to patch up your wounds. Whatever the case, the evil fox spirit is finally gone, so Kiseki is safe once more!]

[[This is the event aftermath mingle log! Go and, well, mingle to your heart’s content.]]

Jul. 25th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[It starts when the sun goes down. The first sign that something is wrong is the water pipe in the hotel lobby breaking and flooding the floor. This, in and of itself, wouldn’t be much of a problem… except it looks like someone has cut the electrical wires that are now sparking dangerously, only a few feet above the floor. There are similar instances of sabotage all over the island: doors locking behind you, wire traps in the park that’ll fire an arrow at you if you accidentally trigger them, the bolts in bicycles loosened so they’re in a danger of falling apart if you drive them – little things that might cause you to be hurt.

And if you’re really unlucky… you might hear something move in the shadows, and when you turn to look, they’re materializing around you; human-shaped, black-clothed warrior spirits, holding a katana and hiding behind a demonic mask. Or perhaps you will hear an incessant buzzing sound that just won’t stop until you give in…

For the next few days, dear Kiseki residents, it’s best to be extra careful, because there’s a fox spirit around to cause chaos, and he won’t be easily stopped.]

[[Stiles is back, and with him, the nogitsune and his Oni are wreaking havoc around the islands! For event details, go here. The event will last through the weekend, and there will be an aftermath post around the 29th or so.]]

Jul. 20th, 2014


[It is Friends' Day today, and Miracle Country is joining in.

Those who do, indeed, have friends here or elsewhere will notice a white string leading to them, or broken if this friend happens to not be in this world.

That aside, the theater will be showing friendship-themed movies, and many other films may be found available in the underground common room for anyone to watch. Shops and locations like the zoo or amusement park will be offering discounts if you bring someone along. And by the evening, the familiar picnic-like set up will be found at the park near the lake, with blankets and food prepared for everyone to share together.]

Jul. 14th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Today, when you wake up, you’ll find a little glass jar with a stopper beside your bed with a little note that says “do good deeds to fill me & make your wish come true”. From today until Friday, you’ll have this jar by your side and whenever you do a good deed or something kind, a little konpeito will clink into the jar. The better you are, the more it will fill.

But be careful, because bad deeds and cruel things will make the konpeito disappear piece by piece, and you’ll never make your wish come true that way! The more the jar is filled by Friday, the better the prize you’ll get, or ‘your wish’.

The prizes range from little tokens from home to larger tokens. Filled it halfway? You might find a little trinket from your old room, something you remember and often wished you had with you. If your jar is almost full or completely full, your prize will be something larger – a token from home of more substance, something you’ve longed for but couldn’t have here – a picture of a loved one, an old family heirloom, a prized possession.

If you were a bad person this week, and your jar is mostly empty, then sadly you will not be receiving a token from home. But maybe you’ll have one or two konpeito to munch on. For those who don’t have a pressing desire for something from back home, the konpeito can be exchanged for money or other goods.

And throughout the week, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to do good deeds. Suddenly, the stray cats around Kiseki have a tendency to get stuck in trees. Perhaps you see a friend carrying more grocery bags than he can handle. There’s a kid struggling to get something down off a high shelf. Just taking a look around reveals plenty of opportunities and possibilities to be a good person.]

Jul. 6th, 2014


006 ♔ Action | open to everyone

[With all the new arrivals lately, it seems that Miracle Country wants to help encourage some new jobs and positions in the community...

Which is why today, flyers are appearing under everyone's doors with advertisements for all of the many attractions in Miracle Country. Want a relaxing job? There's the onsen to consider. Want something more exciting? How about being a keeper at the zoo! Want something more sweet and fun? The amusement park needs ticket-takers. There are lots of ads available and today you might feel motivated to finally get out there and get yourself a paying job!

And for those who already have jobs, or go to the school, perhaps these advertisements don't mean much to you. But, fear not, because Miracle Country wants you to support your friends and family in their pursuits - and you might find some coupons tucked under your door: a free slice of cake at the Cherry Blossom Café, a free ride on the roller coaster at the amusement park, 50% off of a ticket into the museum, etc. The choices and opportunities are endless!

Signing up for a job today means you'll get a small starting bonus, too, so even more reason to get up and get out, find something you'd like to do! There are lots of places and opportunities to explore, either as an employee or as a customer.]

Jun. 30th, 2014


[It's time for candy! All around Kiseki, for the following three days, Welcome Center ladies will be offering samples of candy for people to give away. And everyone will receive a little pamphlet, explaining the idea behind this - when someone gives you a piece of candy, you should thank them through a kiss! Kisses on the cheek, hand, etc. are perfectly fine, of course.

But what if you're a grump who refuses to participate, or too shy for it, you happen to not trust Kisekians with anything, or simply don't care? Well, don't worry, because this tradition is just awfully tempting. Your character may find that they simply can't resist giving away candy to others, maybe even to their worst enemy! And sometimes they simply won't be able to stop themselves from thanking this gesture through the necessary kiss.]

Jun. 28th, 2014


[ video || action ]

[There's a short video recording in Merlin's journal, showing him in one of the common rooms underground, snoring softly as he sleeps awkwardly bent over an open book, a few others piled up next to him.]

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