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Jan. 6th, 2014


Everywhere || Open to everyone

[So, today is just another simple, pleasant day in Miracle Country, right? Everyone'll go on and do the usual routines, head to work, go to school...

But during the day, something might start bothering your characters. Something they're hiding from others. At first it might just seem like a simple annoyance, an unpleasant tingling, an uncomfortable feeling. If they just ignore it, though, it will grow. Bother them more and more, take over their thoughts, make their heart ache, make it difficult for them to move easily, even to breathe without feeling uncomfortable and achey.

Their deepest and/or darkest secrets are weighing them down, becoming a very tangible burden on them. And how do you get rid of a secret? You have to confess, of course. Telling someone what they're hiding will be the only way to rid themselves of it.]

Jan. 3rd, 2014


1st Bite // audio

[The first thing Natasha was taught to do in an uncontrolled situation was to assess what had happened. She remembers being back at S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, and now she was here, with what appeared to be a device for communicating. A book. She felt like nothing had happened, and she wasn't hurt.

But who knows what had happened. That, and she didn't recognize this place one bit.

It only took her several minutes to figure out the functions of the device (after ignoring the ladies in the Welcoming Center, because they were blathering idiots), and once she had, turned it onto audio. The Black Widow isn't fooled so easily, so she doesn't let that she's perplexed as to how she's come to be in this place, or how she had no memory of her kidnappers. Either this is magic or they were good, better than her, even. Only very few people were better than she was.

She doesn't like being shown up like this. It's very rude. Tony Stark caliber of rude.

The audio picks up a bit after she's put the journal down on the welcoming center's front desk. Interrogation time.]

-I really don't care if all you're here for is to give me this book, I want answers. And so help me, if I have to extract them out of you slowly and painfully, so be it.

[More blathering on. Natasha's voice lowers as she leans towards the lady,almost barely audible, her voice deadly calm.] Let me rephrase what I just said. If I have to jump over this counter, I will. I'm patient. I can wait while you're bleeding out, begging for your life. And I won't blink.

[The audio cuts there, and turns back on a few minutes later when she's outside.] I need information. The morons and the place I arrived at were idiots.I'd like to know who's in charge, what's going on, how did we - I - get here. I'm interested in sensible answers, and if you can give them to me, I'd be in your debt. I honor my debts.