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Oct. 22nd, 2014


action || open to everyone

[With the last shreds of cake dissolving and leaving the usual sakura tree back in place, things seem to slowly be going back to normal again. Or as normal as it can be in Miracle Country, anyway. The monsters are finally gone, allowing those who are still searching for their lost things to get them back in peace.

While the decorations, confetti and such are gone, there might be something else people will notice. Hair, lots of thin white strands of fur falling from seeming everywhere... Aang is flying around on Appa, who seems to be in need of a good brushing. So when he notices Appa is shedding all over the place, he'll take a detour towards one end of the park so he can take care of his bison properly.]

[[ooc: open mingle! if you want aang, comment to his tag here, otherwise abuse the post as you'd like.]]

Oct. 18th, 2014


action || open to everyone

[How's it going, Kisekians? Are you weirded out or traumatized enough yet? Have you lost your ability to feel anything at all and therefore don't care about trauma? Are you angry because you can no longer tie your shoes?

No worries, though, Miracle Country has just the way to cheer you all up. Stopping the attacks? Please, are you new? Come on. In fact, you might be so not new you might've already spent a whole year here! Kiseki is celebrating opening itself up to more dimensions, not that anyone around would understand that's the point.

In the Sakura park, in place of its usual perpetually pink tree, there'll be a massive, multiple-layered cake, decorated in white and, you guessed it, little pink sakura flowers. On top of it there'll be a candle indicating one, and there'll be small tables with plates and utensils to eat the cake if anyone'd like to. There'll be balloons and confetti falling randomly on people all day, as well as native Kisekians passing around party hats.

It seems even the monsters are celebrating, as today any you encounter will be carrying its own cute party hat as well. Not even being a soulless-NPC can stop Miracle Country's festive cheer!]

Oct. 14th, 2014


action || open to everyone

[Today seemed as though it would be another quiet day in Miracle Country. Mild weather, a peaceful atmosphere, people probably had no idea anything would soon be wrong when they set off to work, school, or a day of goofing around.

Soon it'll be clear it won't be that simple. Creeping out from the forests and from within the lake or ocean, some creatures will set out to attack others. Becoming impossible to stop at the exact moment of this attack, these monsters will set out to steal something important to people: an ability they have, or an important personality trait, which will now take the form of a tangible, brightly glowing light.

The monsters don't seem to want them for themselves, however. They'll either sneak away quickly, and end up hiding what they took in some difficult place, or they'll challenge the owner - or anyone else who'd like to step up and fight - to a battle for the stolen traits or abilities.

If the creatures get away from you, either because they've gone off to hide your skill/trait or because the battle was lost somehow, the owner of what was lost will always be able to find their skill or trait eventually, as their presence will call back to them. Similarly, if they find someone else's lost skill or trait, they'll be able to know it's not their own. Perhaps they'll want to give it back, too, or maybe even keep it for themselves for a while? While they cannot absorb the abilities or traits themselves, it could be a good way to manipulate others or get a favor from them...]

[[Mingle for the lost traits event! Keep in mind the timing, since any new post opened until the 21st will be happening within the context of this event.]]

Oct. 5th, 2014


❅02 } video

[The video opens to a very comfortable looking Ichiru: he has a blanket draped over his shoulders, there's a partially eaten caramel apple just beside him, and just at the edge of the frame there looks to be a thing of colored pencils and a drawing he's yet to finish.

But that's not the important part.

All of those nice things aside, he looks almost like he's buzzing with delight, violet eyes shining.]

So, I haven't had a fever in a little over a week now, and I haven't tired super easily, like usual. I don't remember every going this long without either or both of those things, not in most all my life. Maybe it's something this world is doing? It's called "Miracle Country," right?

Anyway, um-! I wanna try new things. I even feel a little stronger, but I think it may be a day by day thing? Either way, though. I've been here a while, now, but it's the first I've ever felt like this. So I should get out and experience even more! Which is why I thought to make this video, for suggestions!

[he pauses briefly. the way he's smiling isn't exactly sheepish, but still a slight hesitancy]

It doesn't need to be anything huge, either. I'm. . . really used to having to stay in bed, so. It won't take too much to be fun, new, and even exciting!

[another beat]

AH. And I remember Haru mentioned swimming, already. So I'll definitely try that. But give me more, too!

Oct. 3rd, 2014


005 ❄ Video/Action | open to all

[The video starts out with the above image, of a few jack-o-lanterns set up on Snow's teachers desk, and a moment later there's a small, almost self-conscious laugh as she holds up the journal to get a better view.]

I thought it'd be a nice thing for everyone to do today. [Arts and crafts is getting hands-on today, kids.] If you want to carve a pumpkin, come on down to the playground at the school today. We have picnic tables set up for carving, and you can make pumpkins like these here.

Everyone's welcome to join in... I have lots of pumpkins, and with Halloween so near, it'd be great to get into the spirit of it all.

[Anyone passing by the school today, or having seen the video, is free to join in on the pumpkin-carving. Snow's got a big collection of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and will be handling the actual knives part for the younger kids -- and strictly supervising the older ones (and, lbr, the adults too)

And she's set up some other Halloween activities, such as making ghosts, and of course there are some some treats and goodies for anyone who doesn't want to put in too much effort]

[ooc: this is open for basic mingling, too, should you so desire!]

Sep. 24th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Ever since the start of this week, you may have noticed a change in the weather and the general mood of Kiseki. Yes, summer is over. While it was really quite warm following up to this week, this week it's a little cooler, a little crisper - and other than the sakura tree that's always in bloom, all the other trees in the park and forests have begun to change color and fall. Fall is here in Miracle Country!

This week, maybe you need a little adjusting. Need to buy some warmer clothes? Have a sudden urge to eat something pumpkin-flavored or caramel-flavored? There are piles of leaves to hop into, maybe.

And throughout this week, the crisp, clear skies may cloud over and it'll start to drizzle, and sometimes even just rain. It'll drizzle throughout the day with some sun breaks, but it's definitely a clear indication of the change in the seasons.

But when it's not raining, and your character feels like exploring, they'll find literal cornicopias of fruits and vegetables all throughout the garden island, the park, and the forests. Sample them for yourselves, or perhaps make a pie with them.

Autumn is a time of harvest and abundance but also a time of waning sunlight and longer nights... so perhaps you feel that shift in the air, and are left reflecting on it.

Regardless, autumn is here.]

Sep. 21st, 2014


001 ⚓ Action/Video

[At first there’s just a video of boobs because she’s leaning over the journal and humming to herself thoughtfully. Because clearly that’s what we’re all interested in here, right. And then there’s a heavy sigh and Isabela’s face comes into view as she brushes back her hair]

Well. Well, well, in terms of waking up in strange places, this is hardly the strangest I’ve woken up to, believe me. In fact, one time, I woke up to a strange hat hanging from a banister, an incredibly chatty lust demon possessing a flower pot, and a heartbroken man who wanted nothing more than to tattoo my name on his very prominent backside. Now that was a party.

This? This is just quaint. Just too sweet for words. Such a shame, as I’ll take an underbelly over all this cheer any day of the week.

Now then, if you lovelies could point me in the nearest exit, that’d be fabulous. There’s a joke in there about “pulling out” but I’ll spare you that unless you ask very nicely. But you’ll understand if I want to save my better material for an audience I can actually see – preferably drinking down The Hanged Man’s swill.

And at the risk of using a joke that I’ve already used before: Captain Isabela, at your service. I require a nice stiff one … and a drink. [Heh.] It’s a classic, after all, so nothing wrong with a little rehashing. I do so like a good, old-fashioned do over. Leaves you all a’tingle if you do it right.

And if you’ve heard that before, don’t worry. Nothing wrong with getting to know me more than once. Twice is lovely. Three times? Then I really am a difficult person to forget.

I’ll be waiting for your reply.

[Barring that, anyone passing by the Welcome Center will see her hanging around looking utterly bored, so there's that to consider as well.]

Sep. 15th, 2014


video & action || open to everyone

[After having some time apart and realizing this whole "being trapped in another world" thing wasn't going to be over any time soon, David & Mary Margaret meet once again, managing to scream less this time. They're both so done with all of this, emotionally exhausted from all the new information, the people they can't remember, the fact that everyone around them insists they're happily married and have a family together.

The journal records them as they're back in their old room, going through their belongings in an attempt to have something trigger their supposedly lost memories. Mary Margaret goes through some assorted pictures, some of the two of them together, others with the kids (adopted or not). Her expression turns sadder again, so David goes sit closer to her, glancing at the pictures too. She smiles, getting wibbly again despite her efforts to keep calm.]

We looked so... [She makes a little gesture at the pictures, trying to get him to understand.]

Happy? [He finishes for her, getting the idea. Agrees, too, reaching to take one of the pics and look at it better, silent for a moment] [...] It's all I wanted to have. For us to have.

[Mary Margaret looks up at him, even more visibly emotional at his words. He starts to mumble an apology, but trails off as they just stare at each other... They move at the same moment to kiss, and the moment they do, a wave of light rushes through the air, expanding all across Kiseki. When they break apart, they look shocked.]

Snow...! [He reaches for her, pulling her closer, starting to smile.]

Charming...! [She does the same, holding to him and beaming up at him.]

[They don't even get to the you found me!1! usual lines, they're too busy kissing again.]

[[OOC: And they're back! The True Love's Kiss (TM) power will send a wave of happiness and good feelings all across the island. No grumpiness for a while! The log is a mingle, so feel free to tag each other on your own. Snow & David will have their own tags to hit if you'd like to talk to them.]]

Aug. 29th, 2014


006 ⚜ Action || open to all

[Today is Porthos' birthday and anyone who knows anything about the guy is going to know one thing: PARTY TIME]

[The entire day is devoted to drinking, carrying on, card games, drinking, unfortunate uses for melons and gunpowder, more drinking, singing and laughing, more drinking... And everyone's invited, at least unofficially since he's drunk off his ass enough to invite you over or more like drag you over for some celebrations, or maybe you're just a party-crasher.]

[Not feeling in the party mood? Well, that's okay, because there's the drink to motivate you. Or, perhaps, a little influence from Kiseki since the world's decided that you should be in the party mood, as all day today your character might suddenly be hit with a loss of their inhibitions (this mass replay is not mandatory), so all those things they usually hold back from? Poof, gone is the motivation to resist. So dive in and have fun. Make better life decisions than Porthos. Or not. Either way.]

[ooc: This log is open for any mingling needs, and the event is not mandatory - but attendance to the party is not necessary for it to take effect, either.]

Aug. 17th, 2014


video & action || open to everyone

[Today, on one corner of the Sakura Park closest to the housing areas, there's a big booth set up. With a glittery sign saying Love Advice on the top, its bright and pink colors should be enough to clue in that this is Kiseki's idea, and if not, it should be evident once it can be seen that Aramis is chained to it by his foot.

He seems to have given up for the most part, sitting by it with a resigned look in his face. Of course, the chain cannot be broken or open, and the only way to get him out is by, indeed, receiving love advice from him.

In fact, even if you'd never dream of asking him for such a thing, or simply don't care, you might find yourself drawn to the booth and realize you're now stuck sitting by it, waiting to hear some advice, also unable to leave until you do.

Aramis would look more bored or irritated he got trapped, except he keeps glancing every now and then towards Porthos, who is hanging out nearby due to entirely different reasons. After they made a bet with each other which Porthos spectacularly lost, he's now looking a little different, and seems as happy about it as you'd imagine.]

[But of course, Aramis is nothing but a great friend, so soon there's a short video in which Aramis points the journal towards Porthos, waving cheerily at him from behind it.]

Come on, give everyone a smile!

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