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Sep. 30th, 2014


[ video | open to action ]

[Things at the bike shop today are looking interesting as the journals show a video from the counter, of Asami working in an aside area usually designated for repairs. At the moment, it's set up for her to do modifications for several bikes she's trying to put a new spin on. Not just your average bikes either, thanks to the engines she's building and the design. Cool, right?]

[Still, she seems distracted, for a moment forgetting herself in front of Neal (who is also in the shop working) as her thoughts wander--concerned since Korra's disappearance. Her attention does snap back to focus, though.]

Neal, I'm so sorry. I really don't have my head in the game today, do I?

What do you think about opening up the garage and trying out a couple of tests with these? I don't think they're ready for riding yet, but...

There's still a couple of things I'd like to make sure are working so far.

[If you want to pass by and see the two of them getting up to shenanigans, or get curious about what's going on, come on by!]

Sep. 24th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Ever since the start of this week, you may have noticed a change in the weather and the general mood of Kiseki. Yes, summer is over. While it was really quite warm following up to this week, this week it's a little cooler, a little crisper - and other than the sakura tree that's always in bloom, all the other trees in the park and forests have begun to change color and fall. Fall is here in Miracle Country!

This week, maybe you need a little adjusting. Need to buy some warmer clothes? Have a sudden urge to eat something pumpkin-flavored or caramel-flavored? There are piles of leaves to hop into, maybe.

And throughout this week, the crisp, clear skies may cloud over and it'll start to drizzle, and sometimes even just rain. It'll drizzle throughout the day with some sun breaks, but it's definitely a clear indication of the change in the seasons.

But when it's not raining, and your character feels like exploring, they'll find literal cornicopias of fruits and vegetables all throughout the garden island, the park, and the forests. Sample them for yourselves, or perhaps make a pie with them.

Autumn is a time of harvest and abundance but also a time of waning sunlight and longer nights... so perhaps you feel that shift in the air, and are left reflecting on it.

Regardless, autumn is here.]

Sep. 15th, 2014


video & action || open to everyone

[After having some time apart and realizing this whole "being trapped in another world" thing wasn't going to be over any time soon, David & Mary Margaret meet once again, managing to scream less this time. They're both so done with all of this, emotionally exhausted from all the new information, the people they can't remember, the fact that everyone around them insists they're happily married and have a family together.

The journal records them as they're back in their old room, going through their belongings in an attempt to have something trigger their supposedly lost memories. Mary Margaret goes through some assorted pictures, some of the two of them together, others with the kids (adopted or not). Her expression turns sadder again, so David goes sit closer to her, glancing at the pictures too. She smiles, getting wibbly again despite her efforts to keep calm.]

We looked so... [She makes a little gesture at the pictures, trying to get him to understand.]

Happy? [He finishes for her, getting the idea. Agrees, too, reaching to take one of the pics and look at it better, silent for a moment] [...] It's all I wanted to have. For us to have.

[Mary Margaret looks up at him, even more visibly emotional at his words. He starts to mumble an apology, but trails off as they just stare at each other... They move at the same moment to kiss, and the moment they do, a wave of light rushes through the air, expanding all across Kiseki. When they break apart, they look shocked.]

Snow...! [He reaches for her, pulling her closer, starting to smile.]

Charming...! [She does the same, holding to him and beaming up at him.]

[They don't even get to the you found me!1! usual lines, they're too busy kissing again.]

[[OOC: And they're back! The True Love's Kiss (TM) power will send a wave of happiness and good feelings all across the island. No grumpiness for a while! The log is a mingle, so feel free to tag each other on your own. Snow & David will have their own tags to hit if you'd like to talk to them.]]

Sep. 12th, 2014


video & action || open to everyone

[Have yet another video, this time showing the Charmings' room early in the morning. Even if you're not checking the journal, you might've heard some scandalized yelling coming from it.
The video shows them both standing on opposite ends of ther bedroom, Snow pacing and looking rather scandalized, holding their bed cover around herself, while David looks like a scared animal, apologetic and confused. Over their voices, baby Neal can be heard crying, half-drowning out the sound of them talking.]

[Snow's voice can't be completely drowned by her baby's shrieks, though;]

This is completely inappropriate! W-- what are you doing here?

[David attempts to cut in with a weak I said I don't know--, but Snow continues to talk over him]

And why are you-- !? [asldhga;] Alright, no, you said you were leaving and... and why is there a baby here?!

[[OOC: Personality switch event! With a bit of a twist. David and Snow are their cursed!Storybrooke selves, and have no memory of who they truly are or even being in Kiseki! Feel free to go meet them or try to keep Snow from hitting David with something.]]

Sep. 9th, 2014


[Voice || Action]

What... My wounds... They are healed... How? How did I got here? Ah... A journal. Why would I need a journal...

[At first sight, one might think that the Syaoran that had recently came back to Kiseki was walking close to the Welcome Center. But upon closer inspection, one might notice that there are differences. The most obvious one would be that he's covered in blood. The other one, that his right eye is blue instead of the usual brown, which is present in his left eye.

But there's definitely more than what meets the eye when it comes to differences.

This Syaoran that's walking aimessly around Kiseki is a clone of the original. And he definitely isn't too happy about being brought to this place.]

Sep. 8th, 2014


[Video - Open to action]

[Daigo's face shows up on the video, although he looks more serious than usual. He stares at the journal as if he had trouble accepting it'll show his image and words to other people. Which is actually the case. In the end, he decides to give it a try and starts speaking.

It turns out he doesn't sound like Daigo either. He's way less bubbly and more firm.]

Good day, citizens of Miracle Country. In due fairness, I must clarify the situation. My name is Iwaizumi Moushinosuke. I used to be a samurai lord four hundred years ago, and for some mysterious reason, now I am inhabiting the body of a youth named Daigo Kiryu.

It is my wish to avoid any confusions, although I'm looking forward to know more people of the modern era.

Please, don't be shy!

[He laughs, somewhat obnoxiously, before closing down the journal.]

((Open to action at the Spirit Base or anywhere your character might meet with this guy. He's going to be all over familiarizing himself with Kiseki while he's here.
ETA because I forgot: The thread with Ucchii is backdated to early this morning.>))

Aug. 29th, 2014


006 ⚜ Action || open to all

[Today is Porthos' birthday and anyone who knows anything about the guy is going to know one thing: PARTY TIME]

[The entire day is devoted to drinking, carrying on, card games, drinking, unfortunate uses for melons and gunpowder, more drinking, singing and laughing, more drinking... And everyone's invited, at least unofficially since he's drunk off his ass enough to invite you over or more like drag you over for some celebrations, or maybe you're just a party-crasher.]

[Not feeling in the party mood? Well, that's okay, because there's the drink to motivate you. Or, perhaps, a little influence from Kiseki since the world's decided that you should be in the party mood, as all day today your character might suddenly be hit with a loss of their inhibitions (this mass replay is not mandatory), so all those things they usually hold back from? Poof, gone is the motivation to resist. So dive in and have fun. Make better life decisions than Porthos. Or not. Either way.]

[ooc: This log is open for any mingling needs, and the event is not mandatory - but attendance to the party is not necessary for it to take effect, either.]

Aug. 14th, 2014


all day || open to everyone

["Free". What does this word mean to you? Today, it's a day to embrace freedom - as much as you can while being trapped in a different world against your wishes, that is.

Is it doing what you love that makes you feel free? Reading a book, or watching your favorite film and being immersed into adventures in another land? Learning new skills that make you feel more useful and empowered? Being with your friends?

Kiseki will facilitate these things today. You might find just what you needed set out so you can practice that new skill or sport you wanted to. You may even find all volumes of Love Touch and fulfill your dreams!]


audio/text/video, feel free to action it up

[Accidental audio:]

--No, I've... I've heard enough. [The words are clipped; trying for firm politeness, but there's a note of stress to them that's clear even over the chatter of the welcoming committee. The WC ladies have no sense of personal space and by the time the audio starts recording, Elsa just might be at the end of her rope trying to make them back off.] I understand it's important. I'll write. Don't. [Stop touching her.] I'll be fine. Thank you.

[It's an additional couple of minutes before she's escaped the overwhelming welcome and gathered herself enough to actually write as promised, but once she does, it's in a pretty, cursive handwriting:]

If this book really works the way I've been told it does, I suppose what I'm asking for is an alternative explanation to this situation than the one I've been presented.

[Other worlds? Time stopping? It doesn't makes sense.] By whose authority am I here? I request an audience immediately. Any... conditions to my release I'd rather be brought directly to me. [Can she negotiate her own ransom? She'll at least pretend she can.] You must understand I'm not going to stay.

[Is that commanding and queenly enough? Please be commanding and queenly enough. After a brief hesitation, she adds something a little softer:]

If there is anyone reading this, with any information to share... please. I'd be in your debt.

[Still unaware that there was an audio recording to begin with, Elsa intends it to be all text, but the journal decides to top it off with a brief video: belying the calm, collected message, it shows Elsa standing not far from the Welcome Center, fidgeting with her hands as she awaits responses, her face contorted with worry. She's got this, clearly.]

Jun. 30th, 2014


[It's time for candy! All around Kiseki, for the following three days, Welcome Center ladies will be offering samples of candy for people to give away. And everyone will receive a little pamphlet, explaining the idea behind this - when someone gives you a piece of candy, you should thank them through a kiss! Kisses on the cheek, hand, etc. are perfectly fine, of course.

But what if you're a grump who refuses to participate, or too shy for it, you happen to not trust Kisekians with anything, or simply don't care? Well, don't worry, because this tradition is just awfully tempting. Your character may find that they simply can't resist giving away candy to others, maybe even to their worst enemy! And sometimes they simply won't be able to stop themselves from thanking this gesture through the necessary kiss.]

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