August 2017




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Jan. 18th, 2014


003 ♔ Action/Video

[Arthur is in the park, training, or at least starting to get back into the routine of it - wanting to for several days now, but held back from his general low-energy, although he's in vast denial about that. It's winter, but he feels overly warm as he practices with his sword, swinging and attacking at a shield Merlin holds up for him. He's breathing heavily, clearly concentrating, and not seeming to notice when he falters a few times to cough]

[He isn't wearing his armor today, feeling too warm and not planning on fighting with anyone, since it's just Merlin. He pauses in a few swings and sets his sword down for a moment so he can wipe his face with his sleeve, and then glances over at Merlin, frowning]

You look tired, Merlin. Take a break, if you must.

[He turns away at that, because of the two of them, it's clear who looks the most tired. Arthur breathes out with some difficulty, shivering while still feeling overly warm, and tugs his shirt off over his head, burying his face in it for a moment before tossing it at Merlin, cause fanservice, whatever.]

[It's clear just by looking at him that he's frustrated - frustrated with his abilities, by how tired he feels, by how idle in general he's been around here. He coughs again, absently, not seeming aware that he's doing so, swaying a bit in place. It's gotten worse over the course of training, or at least his attempt at training]

[But hey, at least you get shirtless Arthur out of it? Although, since he's a prude mindful of being out in public and he especially knows he's not in top form atm (and doesn't want to hear any teasing from Merlin), he's reaching out for his shirt again soon enough, especially once he starts to shiver a bit more.]

Jan. 6th, 2014


Everywhere || Open to everyone

[So, today is just another simple, pleasant day in Miracle Country, right? Everyone'll go on and do the usual routines, head to work, go to school...

But during the day, something might start bothering your characters. Something they're hiding from others. At first it might just seem like a simple annoyance, an unpleasant tingling, an uncomfortable feeling. If they just ignore it, though, it will grow. Bother them more and more, take over their thoughts, make their heart ache, make it difficult for them to move easily, even to breathe without feeling uncomfortable and achey.

Their deepest and/or darkest secrets are weighing them down, becoming a very tangible burden on them. And how do you get rid of a secret? You have to confess, of course. Telling someone what they're hiding will be the only way to rid themselves of it.]

Jan. 1st, 2014


1st Heart // audio;

Hey, hey, slow down! You guys just as fast as Usagi, sheesh! I just wanna know where I am! How close is this to Tokyo? Can I just catch a train back?

[A pause.] Yeah, figured as much. It's not like a girl can help save the world and then get automatically transported to some crazy place with magical books and speed-talking ladies.

[More pausing. The ladies are still talking. At this point, Minako's eyes are glazing over, just like they do when she's at school. The Welcoming Center ladies pretty much sound like Charlie Brown's teacher.] Uh-huh, sure, okay... I'm just going to take this pretty book that does things and go over here now, okay?

[And that's when Minako gets the hell out of there. Minutes later, she's talking directly to everyone.]

So hi, I'm Minako. Uh. Maybe someone else who's here can help me. What in the world is going on and what's the quickest way back home?