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Sep. 4th, 2015


forests & other places || action

[If today you're walking by the entrance path to the forests, you'll see that there's some Usyagi creeping around, their eerie little giggles easily distinguishable in the quietness of the place. What are they up to? One of the nearest huts has been refurbished, and is now surrounded by a fence, one which extends further and marks a larger area around the hut. Why a fence? Well, to keep something inside of course!

... Except what needs to be kept there is currently not in that area. Nasir and Agron have approached the Usyagi earlier (well, more like Nasir did and Agron loomed in the background. Either way...) and inquired them about anything similar to farming grounds. After some confusing chatter with them, this is what they were given, their own little spot to raise some animals, in exchange for caring for them and selling whatever they produce. Only they couldn't be bothered to place the animals they were given (some chickens, and a couple of goats) in that specific place, so now they're running loose until they're recaptured and guided over there.

So if you run into a chicken today, or find a goat chewing on your window's curtains, or wonder why there's a rooster chillin' out under the sakura tree, well, that's why. Perhaps you'd like to lend them a hand, if you find out about the situation.]

[[Nagron shenanigans, as promised! They can be found here and here, otherwise feel free to use this as a mingle post! Having shenanigans with their new pets among yourselves is just fine, too.]]


so many foreign worlds ● so ready for us (mark 01)



Tony sits on a bench in the park alone, calling out to passers-by. He was told he'd gain something back by being nice to the people here. Soon it will become apparent this isn't his strong suit. He's wearing a loose, casual button-up, just barely covering the glowing reactor underneath, jeans and some funky looking hi-tops, legs crossed and his arms braced on the back of the bench.

"Nice weather we're having...?" He looks and sounds physically pained. Well, he is, but not about the weather. This shouldn't be so hard. "I like your - um. Never mind." He's starting to think this is a lost cause.

(( feel free to make up something else too, he's just calling out weird, innocuous things. and if you commentspam i will tag you accordingly. ))

Sep. 2nd, 2015


arrival || action || open

[A couple of days after Porthos' party, Kiseki received a new arrival. Mia had been talking to Usyagi after her arrival, needing to know if Leo was here too.]

Where is he? Where is Leo? I need to see him. Please you must let me speak to him, he needs to know I'm okay. If you won’t let me talk to him then at least don't let him be alone. Tell him I’m here and that everything is going to be alright.

[But no answers had been forthcoming and eventually she had taken the items she had been given and listened to the explanation of where she was. As unbelievable as it was they didn't seem to have a need to lie. Leaving the large white egg shaped building she looked around wondering where she should go first]

Well there must be somebody around

Aug. 29th, 2015


009 ⚜ Action | open to all

[So it’s that time again. Anyone who was around last year might remember that it’s a certain someone’s birthday today! And like last year, a Porthos Party basically just means lots of drinking, lots of carrying on, shenanigans, card games, shouting, more drinking, more carrying on, more drinking…

The entire beach has been commandeered for this. Aramis has even set up some things to make it obvious it's a party going on. There might even be a few stray balloons floating around (or a few broken balloons since inevitably they're going to be shot at).

You’ve probably been invited. Or maybe you’re party-crashing. Honestly, Porthos isn’t about to complain. And no presents necessary (although if you wanted to bring something more to drink, he won’t complain, either).

Trying to ignore the party? Good luck, cause it’s lasting all day and well into the night. And just getting progressively louder and louder. Are those gunshots?

But not totally dissimilar to last year, it seems this world wants to get into the celebrations, too! So during the party, you might suddenly find yourself in a whole new outfit that you weren’t expecting! Maybe that new costume will start to influence your behavior, too…]

[ooc: this is an open log and feel free to jump in however you’d like. If you’d like to interact with Porthos specifically, his top comment is here. Otherwise, mingle as you see fit! Also note that the event replay is not mandatory.]

Aug. 14th, 2015


4th wall event || action || open to all

[Days later, and it's finally time to reveal the big mystery of the Mokona notes found around! To those who experienced this before, it might seem like it was obvious from the start, once they realize what's up...

Of course, we mean the 4th Wall Event is starting right now! For anyone awake, there'll be a burst of pink everywhere - the trees in all the islands are changing to sakura trees as is the usual for Kiseki celebrations. If sudden pink isn't enough to call people's attentions by now, it's likely the added noise and crowds might... Floating lanterns will appear around as well, meant to guide along our new visitors, who will be arriving starting at midnight! The Welcome Center will be busier than ever, but of course people may appear in other locations throughout the islands.

Like last time, visitors will arrive with a small Mokona pin that will first be colored black but will start turning white as the days go by. Once the Mokona turns white, by the 25th, it’ll sprout wings, open a portal, and send your new friends back. The pins will appear on them automatically, but they'll receive the traditional Usyagi welcome (our local creepy flying bunnies), who will give a quick, vague explanation of where they are and why they're here. One thing is clear - those wearing the pin are only here temporarily... Unless circumstances change, of course.

Our visitors will have their clothes magically changed into a comfortable yukata, matching the summer weather (they may keep their usual clothes and possessions they might've been carrying), and as a treat during the first day, there will be blankets and pillows set out around the main island's park, where picnic baskets full of all sorts of food will be available for anyone who wishes to simply relax with friends and loved ones. Or maybe it's a good way to break the news of being temporarily stuck in a different world to a new friend! Perhaps those used to this land should warn them about the risks of consuming food this world provides, although they might be lucky and left to enjoy the small celebrations in peace for a while.

Maybe they won't be so lucky, however, and end up arriving with some company! People who show up at the forests might end up followed by some creature from their own worlds (dangerous or not - think anything from Harry Potter being followed by a three-headed dog, to Aang finding himself surrounded by penguin-seals)... The forests' barriers luckily would keep anything too dangerous trapped in their depths, but these visitors might need a little help for a while, likely a good chance for the fighters and healers around to shine. Should anyone require assistance and not have it, the Usyagi will help by alerting those in the main islands about it.

Whatever it is people get up to, ten days go by pretty fast... So make sure to make the most out of it!]

[[4th wall begins now!
- THE EVENT'S INFO and place to ask any questions to the mods.
- There is a list of characters introduced if you are having troubele navigating through all the top levels and threadjacks.
- Remember that game rules, as well as the info in our FAQ all still apply.
- Event threads will be counted as game-canon, unless something turns out to cause trouble for the players. In that sense, we ask that people 'visiting' are mindful of people's permissions & stats, and keep in mind to communicate with our players if anything should come up! Likewise, while the event is a 4th wall breaking one, don't break it as far as making the characters aware that they're in a made-up world and being played by people on the internet. See our game rules & FAQ for further info on the setting.
- Characters already in-game must add their tags to the logs as usual, anyone visiting of course doesn't need to.
- If you need invite codes, contact one of our players/our mods/reply in the plotting post linked above, and we'll provide you with one.
- Make sure to add at least the following to your journal, should it lack any kind of OOC stats/information:

Aug. 2nd, 2015


main island || action || open

[Today, people might've noticed two of their latest residents have kept rather busy, heading into the forests over and over again, each time they returned carrying wood and gathering it up by the lake's edge. By the evening, they'll have stayed up there building a structure, and by nightfall they'll light it up - a large funeral pyre, a tribute to their friends and comrades who were lost in battle.

To those unused to them, it might seem like an odd bonfire, although it's clear from their solemn looks that this one isn't meant to be part of a celebration. Perhaps you'd like to try and help them set it up? Or ask them about it once it's lit... It's big enough that it should be easy to notice across the main island at least (and probably make a pretty nice view if you're travelling on the magic trains or up an air balloon).]

[[Nasir & Agron are here & here for pokings, otherwise feel free to abuse the post as you'd like!]]

Jul. 25th, 2015


001 ⚔ Action | open to all

[A few days ago, you might have gotten a pretty little invitation slipping underneath the door to your hotel room. The message? "Connie's Violin Concert, in the park at [time] - look for her under the blooming sakura tree!"

And sure enough, here she is, should you choose to head on over. It's a task she needs to complete in order to keep her violin. It's hardly a fancy violin by any means, but she likes it well enough and certainly more than needing to buy a new on in order to practice.

It's a simple little set up: a little blanket set out for her and a chair to sit in, plus a few chairs set up for any guests who want to stay and listen. There's even a little table she set up with refreshments. Nothing too fancy - some lemonade, and a few snacks she got from the Cherry Blossom Cafe.

At the appointed time, blushing a little and looking a bit nervous - her hands are shaking a bit, but not badly - Connie will start playing some songs on the violin! She'll even take some requests.

Feel free to come watch her, or to notice her as she passes by (or interact amongst yourselves, just be sure to keep your voice down during the actual concert itself).

Afterwards, a very flushed and flustered - but pleased - Connie will be packing her violin back up and looking like she might want to retreat. >_> But if you wanted to talk to her...]

[feel free to use this as a mingle if you'd like!]

Jul. 6th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[Surely many of our residents are more than familiar with the Cherry Blossom Café, the cozy little place currently run by Syaoran, and the Candy shop which Lancelot is now in charge of. The CBC is difficult to ignore, with its pink theme, and the candy shop being so close-by means most people would've noticed it at least in passing...

Well, it seems Miracle Country decided that having them so close but apart was a bit of a waste, and so, if you go to these shops today, you'll notice some changes. Both places will now be connected by a large patio, where a small sakura tree is now growing. Aside from tables set out for anyone who wants to enjoy the shops' food, there's a pretty fountain to one side of it, and while you can simply walk through the patio itself, there's now a small, cute bridge connecting both places, signaling their cooperation from now on.

To celebrate this union, there'll be themed items available in both places , with the CBC carrying a special selection to honor the candy shop's last owner. Yes, today it's a very sweet menu for both places...

And just in time, too. The tradition of giving a candy in exchange for a kiss is back, and so our helpful (?)Usyagi will be handing out cute flyers of the newly connected shops to people who might not know of the change, along with a free sample of candy, so they'll go and give them a try. Of course, the invitation also reminds people of the tradition, and encourages them to give it a try. Even the grumpy or apathetic ones might find themselves really wanting to hand out candy to others, or reluctantly giving a kiss in exchange for any they're offered themselves, even if they might not usually be so keen on the idea.]

[[Our workers can be found here, here, and here, otherwise feel free to mingle among yourselves! Threads don't have to happen in the shops' areas either, as the event covers the whole place.]]

Jun. 28th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[You've finally recovered from dragons and getting caught up in wind gusts? Wonderful, right on time for Miracle Country to mess around again. These days, when people start noticing shiny, unnatural feathers cropping up here and there, or small orbs of light doing the same, they might find it familiar, at least if they've been around for a while. Surely the residents who have lived through these previous things will be able to let them know what's going on...

Except it's not quite the same thing this time around. While, yes, these items hold memories from others in them, meant to be shared as they were before, it won't show a whole memory as if playing a video or seeing into a dream. No, this time around they're memories of emotions that are being held.

So what does this mean? When near or touching an orb belong to someone else, you will experience the emotion that the person in the memory is feeling. Is it a memory of a tragic event, transferring a feeling of grief, worry, or fear? Is it a memory of being with people you care about, transferring happiness and love? A memory you'd rather forget about, transferring embarrassment and self-doubt? You won't get the play-by-play of the memory when you touch it, but rather experience the emotional state of that memory. Whether you get context for that memory - understanding empathetically why that emotion is being felt and how concretely you get that context - is up to you.

The transferring of emotions can be mild (perhaps more suitable for truly terrible memories that would logically leave people with PTSD or completely emotionally drained), or stronger still (feeling the full extent and power of those emotions), depending on what everyone chooses to do. The transfer can also be more personalized, too. Maybe a memory recalls a day when one was a child, and they were scared of thunder, and so the person receiving it ends up jumping at loud noises and wanting to stay inside for a while. Maybe it's a memory about someone else - maybe Aramis can feel what it's like to love Alice, after being exposed to Porthos's memories of being around her. Or Stiles can feel unbearably proud of Arthur, after holding Merlin's memory of his coronation.

Will you realize that you're missing a memory? No, and it's already forgotten until the orb is returned to you via being felt by another person. Whether you forget the entire memory or just the feelings felt during that moment is up to you.

People will be shedding memories until Tuesday, and could lose memories more than once. Of course, losing them means they'll want to make sure to find them again, so simply ignoring these would probably not work too well. Especially for those who remember losing memories made people fade out once before...]

Jun. 23rd, 2015


action ; open to anyone

[Today, all around Kiseki, you will find small posters and pamphlets scattered around, with the words Come to the Miracle Country Sports Center written in big, all-caps letters, with some encouraging facts written under it (such as "what's better than a big pool in the summer", "train to your heart's content", "try out new sports and relax at the pool" and in some of them "and if you get real lucky, you might get to play with a polar bear dog" because come on, if that doesn't make you want to come and visit, then nothing will).

In other words, Bucky has noticed there's only the same people frequenting the sports center and frankly, with such a great facility to use? It's a damn shame more people aren't coming there. This is his answer to the problem-- and only for today, to encourage you further, the sports center will also have a table by the pool, full of food and drink graciously donated to the cause, so if sports or swimming aren't your thing, maybe free food is.

So come one, come all, try out things like archery, tennis, acrobatics (there's a whole course set for that), or just come relax by the pool! And don't forget playing with the mentioned polar bear dog... or at least be careful if you're trying anything involving throwing balls.]

( It's tiny mingle time! If you want to approach Bucky himself, he'll be here in the comments for you to poke - otherwise, feel free to make your own top levels and thread among yourselves! )

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