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May. 20th, 2014


action ✥ open to everyone

[During the evening, everyone with a bit of magic in them will feel a loss, that something - someone - is missing. Watanuki has gone home, his shop now entirely left to Rumpel, except there are small packages laid out on the porch, in a neat row, each bearing a name on them. The names belong to those who have, at any point, approached Watanuki for a wish: Yuuki, Jamie... and of course, even though he has no way to pay the price of gifts now, Himawari and Doumeki.

But even if you don't go anywhere near the shop tonight, you will see black butterflies flying in the darkness, dissolving into nothing if you try to touch them.]

[[OOC: With Watanuki gone, feel free to make up a wish if you want your character to have received something! The mentioned packages contain more blood tablets for Yuuki, spider's web for Jamie, a glass necklace with a miniature sunflower inside it for Hima, and a bottle of sake and a plate of fried shrimp for Dou. Feel free to use this post for general mingling! ♥]]

May. 4th, 2014


[action // journal | open to everyone]

[There's a boy who should look familiar to a few of the people here, standing under the big sakura tree in the park, which he inevitably got drawn to. He stays there for a while, just quietly looking up at it, a sort of longing in his expression]

[Eventually he sits down under it, though, picking up the journal he was given to write a quick note in it]

Kurogane-san, Fay-san, Mokona... I don't know why we got separated, but I'll find all of you.

For now, I'm in a park in this city, under a sakura tree. I'll wait a while, and keep searching if you can't reply or don't show up.

[He figures it's smarter this way, since then they don't all keep wandering around and possibly missing each other. But he's worried about them splitting up]

Apr. 16th, 2014


003 ⚜ Video/Action

[Anyone who may stray away from the hotels today might come across this guy who in the mun's typical need for fanservice is currently training, coat discarded to the side and shirt loose on his shoulders as he throws himself mercilessly at a punching bag, clearly in the mindset of training but... looking distracted, all the same.]

[He tugs his shirt off after a moment, wiping at his forehead before tossing it absently towards his coat - and stretches a bit for a moment, and there's a nice display of all the scars across his back, chest, and shoulders before he flexes again and attacks the punching bag anew, grunting a little in concentration even when it's clear that his mind is elsewhere and he is, in his typical fashion, overthinking even as he attempts for impulse.]

[This continues on for a bit before he pulls back with a sigh, trying to catch his breath, looking frustrated - but not really at the punching bag so much as what he's thinking about. He bends down absently, pushing aside his shirt and coat and digging around his discarded weapons, retrieving his gun with a thoughtful frown - debating target-practice but knowing it'll only make him think more, not less.]

Apr. 2nd, 2014


Action || Open to everyone

[Happy (belated) CLAMP day, everyone! We're following our tradition and having an event for the date.

This year, it's a memory sharing event. Characters will find that they're holding a feather (or perhaps more than one), and they'll know that this feather contains a memory. It could be anything, big or small, happy or sad, that much is up to you. Now, they hold these representations of their own memories for a reason! They're meant to hand them over to someone else. In doing so, the person they give the feather to will experience this memory in a vision. There's a catch, however; the person receiving this memory has to be someone who didn't experience it or witness it too.

Now, if they decide they'd rather not give it to anyone, they'll realize the memory contained in that feather is slowly fading away from their own memories. They'll forget names, faces, events from the memory, until they eventually forget it entirely. Sometimes the memory fading will be a lot faster, and they'll know they have to act quick and don't have the luxury to be sitting around considering who to trust with it. They'll know that, unless shared with someone, the memory will be forgotten entirely. Or, well, "entirely", as Kiseki would have mercy and return it to them, after several weeks (how much is up to you).

The memory exchange will happen when someone else touches the feather - and it means that, yes, you can force someone to see your memory, or you can forcefully view them yourself. And while feathers with memories only work once and then disappear, they could reappear with the same memory in them later.

Of course, the event isn't mandatory, your characters being affected by it at all is entirely your choice.]

Mar. 27th, 2014


002 ƸӜƷ Video

[The screen flickers to life. She hasn't been here long, but for anyone who knows her, Yuuki appears on screen. Her back straight, a slightly dissatisfied curve tilts her lips down. What's clear is that she seems... maybe not angry- but frustrated is a good word for it. What's more is that she is dressed a little finer today. She's always dressed nicely, but it's just a bit more regal than normal.]

. . . It's been bothering me for a little while now [ Today only ]. I like to think that I am generally a tolerant person, but even I have limits. I do what I can to treat everyone with equal respect, no matter where they come from. But because of that I would prefer to be treated with the same amount of respect too.

[Haughty, one hand on her hips, the other lifts to rest against her chest.]

That's why I would like to correct a mistake! I am the pureblood princess Yuuki of the royal house of Kuran. My brother would not tolerate being so disrespected and neither will I. Now- because some of you might not have been aware, I forgive you. [She's understanding and kind, after all. She can forgive them despite the lack of proper respect.] But from now on I would like you to address me properly. 'Yuuki-sama' at the very least is appropriate enough.

[A short pause...]

And because I am understanding of other cultures, I will accept other equivalent forms of address. I thank you for your understanding and hope that this can clear things up for within the future.

[ooc: Someone is evented with one of the seven deadly sins. ANY GUESS WHAT IT IS. Also tags will be more consistent once off of work.]

Mar. 26th, 2014


004 ♔ Action/Video

[Anyone glancing at their journal or perhaps walking around the park will see a young man wandering around, looking quite frustrated but also incredibly distressed, expression grim as he walks, his sword drawn. ... His father will be so angry with him if he's actually managed to be kidnapped. He should have been more on guard, clearly...]

[His expression will darken considerably when he catches sight of you, however, and he'll march his way right up to you, brandishing his sword and frowning forever]

I don't know what you're playing at, bringing me here, but you will return me to Camelot and to my father's side or suffer the consequences.

[ooc: Arthur has been deaged, and all replies will come from a separate account, etc etc.]

Mar. 19th, 2014


[The video starts to shown a blonde in a purple leather jacket peering inside a journal. She closes the book and sighs looking around her surroundings. Usually it was a city, cold concrete, somewhere harsh not the building that is the Welcome Center that she has found herself in.]

You'd think they would have given some sort of warning. Not that I'm complaining. But--

[She bites her lip attempting to think back. She wasn't supposed to be here that much was sure. She digs her mobile out of her pocket and glances at it. No signal. And more frustration.]

So anyone getting this at all? Control?

Mar. 16th, 2014


≈ 002 [Video]

Oooh! [Video starts up, clearly by accident, showing Marle in the forest (not too deep for those who are familiar) in a less pixelated version of the dress in the icon. Her hair is done up very nicely with a small, delicate tiara on her head. She seems to be struggling to walk through the dense plant life without wrecking the whole ensemble.] This isn't fair! My normal clothes better be back in my room! I always hated this dress.

[Finally near the edge, Marle trips and lands on the grass, quickly swallowed up by her skirt. She sighs and looks very frilly.] This is why I said I needed pants...

[A skinny, tabby cat (one of Kiseki's many strays) walks into frame, climbs up onto Marle's dress and gets comfortable by curling up on the lovely silk bed the skirt makes. Marle watches it and giggles.] Well, at least someone likes it.

[Replaying the Costume Event! Marle is a princess! Meaning... she's got her wardrobe from home, pretty much.]

Mar. 7th, 2014


Action || Open to everyone

[It's another day at the school! You could be snoring in the seat way back in the classroom, or frantically taking notes, or meeting up with friends during recess, or getting lunch, or being greeted by friends or family once the day ends.

Maybe you've never been to the school and just felt like checking it out, maybe sign up for a class or get a job in it, or simply be creeped out by the monitor teachers...

Either way, there's plenty to do so go ahead and mingle]

Feb. 27th, 2014


Journal video || Open to anyone

[David's standing in one of the hotel's hallways, which is... still a goddamn mess, bits of fruit everywhere and the splash of it exploding against the wall still clearly there]


[He pinches the bridge of his nose, sighing before looking into the journal to address everyone]

What the hell happened?

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