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Feb. 15th, 2015


Blizzard event, first log

[It starts out as a normal snowfall.

Or maybe not, if anyone happens to be outside to see the ice spreading over the ground unnaturally fast, even creeping up the buildings in its way. Starting from somewhere on the main island it makes its way out to sea, freezing the water as it goes. By the end of the first day the ice has spread to all the outer islands, although the trains are still running at that point.

Perhaps you find it enjoyable at first. There's certainly more than enough snow for snowball fights, for sledding, for building snowmen... but as the day goes on, the snow gets heavier; by the second, the wind picks up. Neither lets up as the days pass - on the contrary, they intensify, and the temperature steadily drops.

The hotels? Mysteriously gone, on every island. Instead, on the main island there's a castle some of the older residents might remember, although this time, everyone will find their own familiar bed in one of its room, complete with their personal bedding items. Maybe they'll want to forgo the single rooms, however, as there's no electrical heating in the castle, only the stone walls to keep out the cold. All the shops are shut down, the Kisekian NPCs suddenly nowhere to be seen, and the old castle certainly doesn't come with a cafeteria. There are some supplies to be found, however! A few cooking utensils, some flour, dry pasta, cans of dried, reheatable food... nothing fancy, and nothing much, so better ration those portions while they last. That is, unless you're prepared to go out hunting - there is game to be found around the islands.

Outside? The wind is howling, the snow piling up more and more by the hour. It's getting harder to move outside, and those that venture farther than just outside the castle? They might run into one of these snow golems. They look frightening, but won't attack anyone as long as distance is kept - being created out of fear, however, they might lash out at anyone that provokes them... and sometimes, just getting a little too close will be enough to anger them.

If anyone is still not convinced that this is Kiseki having fun at the characters' expense? For the entire first week of the event, magic powers won't work, although bending still will.]

[Plotting post for the event! The next log will go up in a week from now. Interactions with Elsa can be done here, otherwise thread to your hearts' content!]

Feb. 13th, 2015


text | open to all

My name is Clarke. Can someone clue me in as to how I got here? Can someone explain how I can get home? I can't idle around here unless I have to.

[ Clarke takes a breath as she writes to steady herself. The one thing she absolutely hates admitting is weakness, so she has to find a way to write that doesn't betray her current state of mind. ]

So if I could leave, that'd be great. I know this isn't a great way to introduce myself, but I'm... I'm distracted. I left behind a lot of people who might be hurt.

[ To say the least. The last she remembers is falling unconscious after being gassed. She assumes this is where she'd been brought after, but she doesn't know who gassed her and why. She can only hope that others in her group had been brought here too. That they see this and reply.]

If anyone I know is here, let me know. And those I don't... thanks for any help. It's great to meet you.

Jan. 28th, 2015


action || open to all

[Now that things have settled around Miracle Country, it seems that the world is ready to celebrate again! Although perhaps a little bit early, for the next week there will be distinct Valentine's Day themed decorations: paper hearts, twinkling pink fairy lights, and other such sappy things. Is it odd that the decorations are going up so early? Now, why would that be strange! It's not as if there might not be a chance to celebrate it later...

Not just the decorations though, but over the next few days there will be little booths popping up in the shopping district and park, dedicated to making teddy bears. There's a tradition of teddy bears where someone will make their loved one a teddy bear, as a gift. Upon receiving that teddy bear, if the loved one names the bear after you - then it's true love that will last forever. So at these booths, the tradition of the teddy bear continues.

At these booths, you can either get supplies to make your own teddy bear entirely or pick up an almost-done one to just put the finishing touches on. Or, if your sewing skills are very minimal, there are booths available where you can choose all the materials and the bear will be made for you to gift to someone.

You can gift it to someone you love, romantically or platonically. In fact, you're encouraged to do so! There's a note that will explain all the details, should you be uncertain. And perhaps a little magical influence will motivate you to take that one last step - a general feeling of the time of year and the need to express that affection.

But don't have a loved one here in Miracle Country with you? Don't worry, there are little, tinier bears available to gift to good friends and family, with little notes explaining the importance.

Not in the mood to make a teddy bear? That's alright - you can stroll along and enjoy the decorations and the freshly fallen snow - the crisp air and the way the snow falls. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or just try to get the snow from off the buildings before your business caves in... whatever you want to do.

Or, if you're chilly from the winter weather, stop by the Cherry Blossom Café, where Syaoran is serving hot cocoa and warm drinks. He's even getting into the spirit of the teddy bear theme.]

Jan. 26th, 2015


video | open to all

[The journal opens to the sound of a sigh and the sight of a pink haired teenager who is looking at this new book in the same way as if they had just been presented with a very angry venomous snake.]

Um... I've never talked to a book before. I didn't even know that books could be talked to... all the books I've ever seen before are probably really angry at me for ignoring them. But I don't know what to say, what do you talk to a book about?

[There's a brief silence.]

What if it expects me to talk about something of high literary value? Or about topics that I don't know anything about? I don't think I want the responsibility of talking to this book, but I don't want to make the strange women angry either or they might start yelling.

[Another beat of silence, and with each progressive silence the next words are heightened with a growing panic.]

Or maybe this is a test? Is this a class? Something I should have studied for? Do all the students have talking books? I don't think I can deal with this right now...

[ooc: If Ragnarok appears in any threads, his speech will be in italics to differentiate it from Crona's.]

Jan. 20th, 2015


action | open to all

[Everyone who has seen Stiles for the past week or so may have noticed he's seemed even busier than usual, running off straight after school and work and disappearing off to god knows where. But since the morning, the fruits of his labor are finally there: everyone going to the school, the library, the cafe or the hotel lobby will come across posters, skillfully drawn, depicting a variety of... things. Things such as half-robot dinosaurs, flying cars, a polar bear dog in front of a computer - and in the corner of each poster, the very likeness of Stiles in a lab coat, holding a sign that reads:

The Modernity Club!
As cool as the Breakfast Club, which is a reference you will get if you come to the meetings, every Tuesday evening in the hotel common rooms!

And below the poster, there's a white paper, obviously tacked on belatedly:

Club President: Stiles Stilinski. Marketing and Art Executive: Haruka Nanase. First Secretary: Porthos du Vallon.

It seems Haru isn't the only one Stiles is volunteering for running the club... even though with Haru, at least he waited long enough for him to be back.

For anyone who is intrigued by these posters, or is otherwise unfortunate enough to wander along the underground tunnels to the common rooms, they will find one of the larger rooms turned into something that vaguely resembles a neat junkyard. There's pillows and chairs all over the floor, desks and bookshelves lining up the walls, with piles of magazines, books and DVDs about every single topic imaginable, along with many movies and fiction books and comics like Star Wars, the Harry Potter books and the first three volumes of the Ultimate Spider-Man.

There's also some cakes and muffins and croissants he's brought over from the bakery, with a coffee pot and hot water for tea on one of the tables, and in the big tv screen on the corner, there's a documentary of Victoria Falls playing. What this has to do with modernity? Come and find out!]

[This is a mingle post! Stiles will have a thread for interacting with him in the comments, but you don't have to tag him to attend the meeting! So feel free to make your own comments and tag among yourselves. Eat the muffins! Poke at the books and magazines! Fight over what DVD to watch! Marvel at the beautiful posters! Whatever your heart desires.]

Jan. 17th, 2015


❁ video | open

[For someone that can survey the islands in a matter of several minutes thanks to her power, it doesn't take Robin long to determine there's no reason to search further--as it's clear that Porthos is indeed very gone.

So her journal records her at the library, while she's at first with her eyes closed and her arms crossed over her chest... until she drops them with a small sigh and then notices the little light at the table next to her. When she addresses it, her words are directed at the journal rather than at anyone watching.]

Ahh, at it again? That's a rude thing to do.

[If she smiled at the recording, it's very brief before she cuts it off with:] But I'm sure you're aware of what it means to do such rude things, hm?

Jan. 15th, 2015


007 ❄ Action || open to all

[As early as last month, the invitations were sent out. Now that things are more resolved, Snow’s finally making good on a promise she made a little while ago – and throwing a grand, lavish party at the ballroom. It’s exactly as you would expect a ball to be like – there’s a large dance floor, fancy music, winter-themed decorations, and a large table full of food and drink.

You’re expected to dress up – but don’t worry, Miracle Country is chipping in and if it deems that you haven’t dressed fancy enough, a little magic will interfere and dress you up.

It seems that the world wants to get into the spirit of things – albeit belatedly. Because there’s little mistletoe plants that will appear throughout the night and throughout the party, inside and out, to get you into the belated holiday spirit: being caught under this mistletoe will leave you frozen until someone comes along to save you. Once two people are under the mistletoe, a wall of vines will emerge from nowhere, wrapping the two up in order to give you two some privacy. Or make you hate vines. Or both. The two of you will not be able to move from this spot until you complete the task set to you.

Being caught under this mistletoe will leave you with a few choices, which the mistletoe will let you know. In order to get free, you will have to do one of the following:
beneath the cut )

Beyond these shenanigans, you’re free to enjoy your evening – there’s dancing, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and plenty of good company. The ball will last mid-afternoon and well into the night, and the end of the party will be signaled by some pretty fireworks (a modest display, of course, as Snow isn’t made of money).

Be sure to attend, otherwise later you might have a disappointed Snow to deal with.]

Jan. 4th, 2015


ii. audio → open

Hello, Miracle Country. I'm sorry, but I regret to inform you that Chibiusa has gone home. I know she made a lot of friends here, but I also know that she wouldn't want any of them to be sad.

[ with any luck, she'd been returned to her own time in the future. as much as he'd enjoyed having his daughter here with him, mamoru would much rather she not be here at all. it was the same with usagi. selfishly, he was grateful for the comforting force of her presence, but she didn't belong here anymore than he or anyone else did and his mind would be more at ease were she not here at all. ]

It's for the best. None of us truly belong in this world.

Nov. 19th, 2014


001 | Video/text

[Action/Accidental video]
[There's some pacing going on, here, and there has been for a little while. Someone's...talking to themselves? Riiiiight...]

Okay, Anna. It's okay. So you've been kidnapped! That's...that's fine. [There's some nervous laughter for a second.] Everything's let's just calm down, and--bwah?!

[...And that's when she gets close enough to the WC ladies for them to cheerily bid her "welcome!"...something she wasn't expecting seriously at all. Startled, she jumps back with that aforementioned undignified yelp. Unperturbed, the WC ladies continue with their explanation and hand her a journal.]

...Wait, wait! You want me to use this? For that? Really? But that's the craziest thing I've ever--! [...Okay, that's not exactly a princess-y reaction. Pause. There's a small sigh before she clears her throat and offers a little curtsy.] ...I mean, um. Thank you...very much? For your...assistance. [I guess. :x;;;]

[Obviously confused and a little lost, she wanders over to a bench and starts writing in the journal.]

[The words are written in neat script, nice-looking but a little shaky, and there are several words scribbled out before anything legible is written.]

Can anyone actually see this? Please tell me someone can see this. The people here haven't exactly been that helpful, so I'm kind of confused.

I need to How do I get back home? I was kind of in the middle of something, um...really, really important. [S-sigh, Elsa...she pauses for a minute, biting her lip, before writing more.] ...And I'd like to get back to it! [uh] Sooner would be better than later.

[...] So, um. Please let me know if you can help.

Nov. 10th, 2014


video & action

[ Three years. Jinora hasn't seen Miracle Country in three years. She'd completely forgotten until she appeared in the Welcome Center again. The names and faces started surfacing. Her stomach twists unpleasantly. It's been three years for her, but how long has it been for them? Are they even still here or does she have to start over? Jinora takes a deep, calming breath. Things back home weren't great, but they could wait now that she's sure that time does in fact stop for her. ]

[ So she faces the matter at hand and addresses the network yet again, this time three years older and an Airbending master. But, like before, she's sitting in front of the cherry blossom tree in Sakura Park. ]

Hello [a slight smile] again. I'm sorry if I worried anyone. It's been three years for me, but I think it's only been a few days here. Time in Miracle Country isn't very straightforward.

If you've never met me, my name is Jinora. If you have, I'd really like to hear from you.

[ She turns off the video and leans against the tree, waiting for replies or maybe even visitors. ]

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