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Jun. 27th, 2014


[ journal || filtered from homura ]

[Because she did see the entry, what are filters to a goddess? She spends a good time simply staring at the journal, doodling on one corner of the page (a few flowers, a little drawing of tomatoes) as she wonders how to explain]

[Uhm...] I'm... I'm sorry, if anyone was upset by what Homura-chan said. I understand, if you'd rather not get involved. [She's not meant to have friends like these anymore, is she?]

But I wouldn't let her hurt anyone. And I know she wouldn't truly want to. [And she's wrong about that, but she's the goddess of hope, of course she believes the best of everyone] It's my own fault, that Homura-chan is so protective of me. I've hurt her countless times, and made her worry so much over me.

I am very grateful, for the kindness everyone here has showed me. I won't ever forget that, no matter what. [Even if everyone decides to stay away.]

Jun. 21st, 2014




[ souji watches with puzzlement as the kiseki ladies row away in their own raft. they wave and chatter at him as they vanish into the horizon. weird ]

That wasn't very helpful. [ and now he's stuck on this tiny island ] If they want me to die again, then they should have picked something quicker.

[ RATHER THAN STARVATION... ON THIS ISLAND... he picks up the journal, glances out over the water, and then... tosses it into the ocean after the disappearing raft, so whoever's opening it on the other end might get a few wet spots whoops, before it miraculously reappears on the island next to him. ]

...Huh. [ he's going to keep on doing this, sorry ]


[ HOPEFULLY THE NEXT THROW DOESN'T CLOBBER SOMEONE IN THE HEAD. Souji gazes at a likely target ahead, which could be you, your raft, a floating tree branch, the water, etc. He takes a step back and tosses the book out over the air and to its intended location. ]

[ except it comes back, right? and despite being weirded out by this at first, he finds it very convenient in order to continue throwing the journal at whatever the hell for his own amusement. okay look he thinks he's in like a purgatory, and what else is there to do??? ]

Jun. 19th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[After the recent flood, things have somewhat settled down. Or, at least, the water has.

It seems as though it's been forever since the change, at least looks-wise; the old buildings now buried underwater have been corroded and invaded by corals and other marine life. If you dive deep in, you might even start finding treasure here and there - not just the old abandoned items in the hotels and shops, but things like weapons or even gold. Banks of fish are swimming around at ease, their number increasing more and more (and of course the areas where the forests are now submerged home much more dangerous sea creatures). And near the area where the beach was, a gentle, massive manatee-like creature will be found, ready to carry people around, be fed vegetables or simply be happy to play around in the water.

The vegetation is thriving, embracing the change, trees growing all around buried buildings, those which hold the tree houses seeming sturdier, their tops getting thicker and thicker leaves, almost camouflaging the houses from view, but at the same time making it easier to travel above the land, as branches from different trees connect to each other.

The rafts are still around for anyone's use, and during the night, fireflies will show up all over Kiseki to help illuminate the way of anyone still awake.]

Jun. 14th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

This Saturday night, when it’s quiet enough and nothing around you is moving, as the night progresses and you look up at the sky, you see that the moon is, slowly, turning red and then fading from sight – an eclipse, blocking out the moon entirely.

Along with this eclipse, you might begin to hear the steady drip-drip-drip of moving water. Quiet at first, just a few drips and drops, like rainfall or a faucet that forgot to be turned off. And then the sound of water grows louder, and louder, and suddenly the ground feels a little wet. And steadily, as the night fades into morning, the water just keeps on rising, flooding everything. It starts ankle-deep but it slowly begins to rise, inch by inch. There’s no use going for higher ground, though, because the water just keeps on rising.

Soon, as the day progresses, everything is underwater. The buildings crumble down due to sudden erosion, and the entire island is covered. Plants, trees, grass, walkways, hotels… it’s all gone, beneath the water. There are parts, throughout the island, where the water is shallow enough to stand in, so don’t fear drowning. There are other parts, though, that are deep as can be – and if you peer down into the water deep enough, you can see the ruins of lost ships and lost cities, and if you peer even deeper, you’ll see the underwater caves, settled down beneath coral reefs and underwater vents.

There are pockets of dry land, only large enough to hold a few people at once – but fear not, for it is dry land. But don’t be surprised if it suddenly disappears beneath the water and resurfaces elsewhere throughout the day or night. But it isn’t your only means to get out of swimming: there will be rafts floating throughout the watery paradise, and when it comes to sleeping and eating – there are large trees growing high from the water, with tree-houses for your convenience.

Afraid of going under the water? Anyone who braves the deep dives will find that they can hold their breath for much longer than they thought. It might also seem like they’re basically breathing under water. But certainly it makes exploring all the things under the water much easier.

Jun. 9th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Tonight, after an uneventful, peaceful day, it'll be the perfect moment to sleep and relax and get ready for another morning in Kiseki.

Except not, because apparently someone doesn't want people to be able to sleep. Late into the night, coming out of various places around the hotels and outside of them there will be a probably familiar sound. If you bother to look it up, you'll find cuckoo toys hiding in cupboards, under beds, on top of shelves, and so on. These will not only do the usual cry, but carry a sign around their necks saying feed me.

If ignored for long, their crying will only get louder and louder. Can you simply destroy these? Absolutely, but only to be replaced by others eventually. So the solution is, obviously, to feed them!

What do they like? It depends. Some of them will take any kind of edible food, others might be pickier and want specific things - sweets, or vegetables, and so on. How insufferable or not your little bird toy is, is up to the players. And yes, the toy will physically eat the food given to them, although they won't be too responsive beyond that. Once full, the bird toy will close its eyes and seemingly fall asleep.

And more importantly, it will shut up.]

Jun. 7th, 2014


[Video || Action || Open to Everyone!]

[The video opens at the beach, where you can see several tables with red-and-white checkered tablecloths, and red plates with all kinds of food. This, of course, includes a birthday cake, assorted sweets and lots of ice cream. Because Daigo is a good boyfriend. Besides, since it's technically an adult the one who organized this, there is also lots of booze.

A large banner hangs over the tables, and it says: "KING'S AWESOME DINOSAUR SAMBA PARTY" in colorful capitals and made with crayons. Rest assured Daigo made it himself. As well as most of the food.

Then, Daigo appears on the video.]

Hello, everyone! Today is my birthday, so I planned a surprise party on the beach! [A beat] The surprise is for you, of course. [Laughs]

Everyone is invited! Please, bring your friends!

[Then, he proceeds to take off his shirt. Hey, it is the beach.]

This is going to get wild! Try and stop us!

May. 31st, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Today, Kiseki feels like having a little music! Or maybe a lot. At any given time during the day, as your characters go on doing their usual routines, all sorts of fitting (or not) music will play around them!

Music from any genre or time (even instrumentals) may play, of course. Your characters joining in and singing along or even dancing - I'm looking at you, Daigo is entirely up to them.]

May. 16th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Today is a beautiful day in Miracle Country! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and all around there’s an encouragement to get outside and enjoy the idyllic spring day.

And in a world that seems to emphasize walking everywhere, or magical train-travel, it seems it's time for your character to get geared up for a change: characters might be surprised to find that, suddenly, Miracle Country has bikes! Any kind of bicycle you can imagine is suddenly there, a personal gift for Miracle Country residents: road bikes, tandem bikes, tricycles, unicycles, there’s even a few penny-farthing bikes rolling around.

Seize your perfect bike today, because after today, your character will have to purchase a bike at the bike shop if they want a ride.

And throughout Miracle Country, there are bike racks to park your bike, helmets, bike trailers for babies or small kids, and various other bike shenanigans to help personalize your bike. And in the park, it seems there are more little paths to explore with your bicycle.

Why bicycles, you wonder? Whatever, just roll with it.]

May. 9th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Good morning, Kiseki! Perhaps you were starting your day off already, thinking of the morning ahead in school, at one of the stores you work at, training by yourself, or even just being lazy and finding ways to spend the time… Well, not today.

Shortly after waking up (and without even the chance to dress up! If your sleeping attire is not suitable, Kiseki shall provide pyjamas or bath robes), you’ll be drawn to the ever-so-versatile sakura park, where many tables with food are set out. All kinds of breakfast things are available, from pancakes to sausages, eggs, breads and pastries, to fruits and yogurts, many kinds of teas and coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juice, and anything you could possibly want. While some tables are set for eating at them, you might choose to hang out in the many Mokona-shaped beanbag chairs set around the ground on top of big picnic blankets.

It’s one big lazy morning off for everyone, so enjoy the treats and have fun.]

May. 8th, 2014


[Her return has been mostly her trying to get herself settled in again, but now, Yuzuriha wants pick up where she started last.]

[Anyone passing by an ice cream shop in town by the name of "Sundaes at Kiseki" will find her standing outside of it in her new uniform with a tray full of sample in one hand and basket of sweets in another. Inuki is there, too, with his own little matching hat and floating around with some pamphlets in his mouth.]

Hello! Would you like to try a sample of our newest flavors today? We have Strawberry Shortcake on the right and Pink Lemondade to the left.

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