August 2017




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Jul. 27th, 2015


action | event replay | open to all

[When you're an immortal alien gem race who has never even been introduced to the concept of illness it's no surprise that when Lapis starts feeling sick she has no idea what it means. As far as she can tell her gem is fine, unscratched and perfect... but it doesn't explain why she feels even more exhausted than she did holding Malachite together-

... Alright maybe that's on a completely different level, but it sure is close.

Maybe being near water will help and that's where she's headed, but it's a shaky journey to the beach for the water witch. What's worse is she can hardly remember the way there, the pounding in her head and the dizziness that sends her swaying from side to side makes it hard to recall which turn to take or what landmark looks familiar. She's absolutely sure the fix for whatever... this is must be the ocean. She'll feel better when she can touch the water... definitely.

Until then there is a very obviously unwell Lapis stumbling dangerously in one direction or another throughout town. If she's even close to the beach she has no idea.]

Almost... almost there...

Jul. 13th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[Today, it has been rather dull, grey and cloudy despite the summer season, perhaps causing gloominess or hope for some rain. The day will go on normally, but by the evening, residents of Miracle Country should eventually realize that the power is out.]

[With past events, many might fear something strange happening, perhaps some form of attack, or creepiness about to start...

Yet it all seems rather uneventful, aside from an abundance of Usyagi around the hotels, apparently hard at work to get this fixed. A sign apologizing for the delays will be held up at the main hotel's reception, and the power will take yet many long hours to be restored.]

[In the meantime, it could be a good day to go to bed early, or maybe you want to complain that your stored food got ruined, or maybe you favor a walk under the stars?]

Jul. 6th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[Surely many of our residents are more than familiar with the Cherry Blossom Café, the cozy little place currently run by Syaoran, and the Candy shop which Lancelot is now in charge of. The CBC is difficult to ignore, with its pink theme, and the candy shop being so close-by means most people would've noticed it at least in passing...

Well, it seems Miracle Country decided that having them so close but apart was a bit of a waste, and so, if you go to these shops today, you'll notice some changes. Both places will now be connected by a large patio, where a small sakura tree is now growing. Aside from tables set out for anyone who wants to enjoy the shops' food, there's a pretty fountain to one side of it, and while you can simply walk through the patio itself, there's now a small, cute bridge connecting both places, signaling their cooperation from now on.

To celebrate this union, there'll be themed items available in both places , with the CBC carrying a special selection to honor the candy shop's last owner. Yes, today it's a very sweet menu for both places...

And just in time, too. The tradition of giving a candy in exchange for a kiss is back, and so our helpful (?)Usyagi will be handing out cute flyers of the newly connected shops to people who might not know of the change, along with a free sample of candy, so they'll go and give them a try. Of course, the invitation also reminds people of the tradition, and encourages them to give it a try. Even the grumpy or apathetic ones might find themselves really wanting to hand out candy to others, or reluctantly giving a kiss in exchange for any they're offered themselves, even if they might not usually be so keen on the idea.]

[[Our workers can be found here, here, and here, otherwise feel free to mingle among yourselves! Threads don't have to happen in the shops' areas either, as the event covers the whole place.]]

Jun. 28th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[You've finally recovered from dragons and getting caught up in wind gusts? Wonderful, right on time for Miracle Country to mess around again. These days, when people start noticing shiny, unnatural feathers cropping up here and there, or small orbs of light doing the same, they might find it familiar, at least if they've been around for a while. Surely the residents who have lived through these previous things will be able to let them know what's going on...

Except it's not quite the same thing this time around. While, yes, these items hold memories from others in them, meant to be shared as they were before, it won't show a whole memory as if playing a video or seeing into a dream. No, this time around they're memories of emotions that are being held.

So what does this mean? When near or touching an orb belong to someone else, you will experience the emotion that the person in the memory is feeling. Is it a memory of a tragic event, transferring a feeling of grief, worry, or fear? Is it a memory of being with people you care about, transferring happiness and love? A memory you'd rather forget about, transferring embarrassment and self-doubt? You won't get the play-by-play of the memory when you touch it, but rather experience the emotional state of that memory. Whether you get context for that memory - understanding empathetically why that emotion is being felt and how concretely you get that context - is up to you.

The transferring of emotions can be mild (perhaps more suitable for truly terrible memories that would logically leave people with PTSD or completely emotionally drained), or stronger still (feeling the full extent and power of those emotions), depending on what everyone chooses to do. The transfer can also be more personalized, too. Maybe a memory recalls a day when one was a child, and they were scared of thunder, and so the person receiving it ends up jumping at loud noises and wanting to stay inside for a while. Maybe it's a memory about someone else - maybe Aramis can feel what it's like to love Alice, after being exposed to Porthos's memories of being around her. Or Stiles can feel unbearably proud of Arthur, after holding Merlin's memory of his coronation.

Will you realize that you're missing a memory? No, and it's already forgotten until the orb is returned to you via being felt by another person. Whether you forget the entire memory or just the feelings felt during that moment is up to you.

People will be shedding memories until Tuesday, and could lose memories more than once. Of course, losing them means they'll want to make sure to find them again, so simply ignoring these would probably not work too well. Especially for those who remember losing memories made people fade out once before...]