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May. 4th, 2014


[action // journal | open to everyone]

[There's a boy who should look familiar to a few of the people here, standing under the big sakura tree in the park, which he inevitably got drawn to. He stays there for a while, just quietly looking up at it, a sort of longing in his expression]

[Eventually he sits down under it, though, picking up the journal he was given to write a quick note in it]

Kurogane-san, Fay-san, Mokona... I don't know why we got separated, but I'll find all of you.

For now, I'm in a park in this city, under a sakura tree. I'll wait a while, and keep searching if you can't reply or don't show up.

[He figures it's smarter this way, since then they don't all keep wandering around and possibly missing each other. But he's worried about them splitting up]

Apr. 19th, 2014


002 ❄ Video/Action | Open to everyone

[Anyone who may have passed by Snow's class the last few days might have seen her busily working on something that wasn't necessarily for class - hunched over, she's painting little plastic eggs, making them cute with various designs and motifs. (and feel free to approach her about it, if inclined)]

[She knows that not everyone celebrates Easter here, so many coming from different worlds and different countries, but considering how a lot of people around her have been moody ever since the feathers and various other canon shenanigans, she's set out to maybe cheer some people up.]

[So today and tomorrow, your character will find a little sheet of paper slipped underneath their door, with cute little bunnies and eggs on the paper, encouraging your character to look for the little surprises in the park and around the shopping district.]

[And throughout the day, all these little eggs she's painted can be found, plastic and therefore not likely to smell bad, but cracking them open reveals little surprises: either candy, chocolate, sometimes coins of the currency here, little sheets of paper with a compliment, little toys like whistles or bouncy balls, etc.]

[Feel free to run into her as she's hiding them, smiling to herself as she works, and maybe, sometimes, looking a bit wistful - especially when she's in the process of hiding any eggs that have baby motifs on them, or, perhaps, unicorns.]

[ooc: and feel free to use this post as a mingle post, too, if you'd like! Go find eggs with your frands.]

Apr. 17th, 2014


[ text/action ]

[ Night has fallen, stars in the sky, park quiet. Anyone who may find him there will find a small stack of books of varying subjects - biology, chemistry, fairy tales, history, maybe even a vampire romance novel in there somewhere - beside him as he lounges dramatically as if it is the most natural place to be. The journal in his lap, pen in hand, he thinks maybe it's time to do a little research with the ones he shares this prison with.

His writing is neat, precise and his words, even in text, are cordial. ]

I didn't expect recent days to be so enlightening. Yet, it still feels lacking. No matter how much I read, they're just words on a page. There's nothing behind them.

Would you mind sharing your favorite stories with me? Triumphs and defeats, myths and legends, your favorite tales of horror, even of your favorite subject in school. Anything will do, I won't complain.

[ As much as he may explore, his interest lies most with those who have access to this. He can find so much more when dives into the people he thinks change this world more than the world itself. ]

Apr. 2nd, 2014


Action || Open to everyone

[Happy (belated) CLAMP day, everyone! We're following our tradition and having an event for the date.

This year, it's a memory sharing event. Characters will find that they're holding a feather (or perhaps more than one), and they'll know that this feather contains a memory. It could be anything, big or small, happy or sad, that much is up to you. Now, they hold these representations of their own memories for a reason! They're meant to hand them over to someone else. In doing so, the person they give the feather to will experience this memory in a vision. There's a catch, however; the person receiving this memory has to be someone who didn't experience it or witness it too.

Now, if they decide they'd rather not give it to anyone, they'll realize the memory contained in that feather is slowly fading away from their own memories. They'll forget names, faces, events from the memory, until they eventually forget it entirely. Sometimes the memory fading will be a lot faster, and they'll know they have to act quick and don't have the luxury to be sitting around considering who to trust with it. They'll know that, unless shared with someone, the memory will be forgotten entirely. Or, well, "entirely", as Kiseki would have mercy and return it to them, after several weeks (how much is up to you).

The memory exchange will happen when someone else touches the feather - and it means that, yes, you can force someone to see your memory, or you can forcefully view them yourself. And while feathers with memories only work once and then disappear, they could reappear with the same memory in them later.

Of course, the event isn't mandatory, your characters being affected by it at all is entirely your choice.]

Mar. 13th, 2014


Action | | Open to all

[Happy White Day, Miracle Country! It seems that this year, Miracle Country hasn't been very celebratory - having skipped Valentine's Day entirely - but perhaps White Day is a chance to make up for that?

Not so much. As a means to "celebrate", the world's magic is doing an anti-Valentine's event. Suddenly, affection is not only frowned upon, but actively discouraged. Couples today will find all kinds of obstacles interrupting any attempts to be romantic with friends, family, and lovers.

Holding hands? Suddenly there's a tree root to trip you. Going in for a kiss? Suddenly there's an invisible wall blocking you from your partner. Trying to cuddle? Water balloons are getting tossed at your head, or a bucket of very cold ice water. Trying to... get intimate? Well, enjoy that incredibly loud and annoying alarm bell that's suddenly ringing and won't stop until you stop, or perhaps that feeling that your pillow is full of rose thorns...

All kinds of things can happen (and feel free to make up your own): water balloons, tree roots, even quicksand in places! Sudden gusts of wind, sudden rain showers, birds landing on your head and pecking until you stop, sudden patch of ice causing you to slip...

But maybe if you hide away, it'll be alright. It seems that Kiseki isn't always looking to disturb the couples, and those that find interesting hiding spots and solutions might be able to have a moment or two with their sweetheart. Hide away, and maybe it'll stop...

Except, take heart couples, because White Day isn't all for naught: as the evening approaches, characters will fell compelled to go to the ballroom where everything is set up for Kiseki's very own Bitter Ball, complete with all the party decorations! And an abundance of alcohol.

It's almost as if Miracle Country wants you to get romantic, though, despite the mixed messages: there's plenty to eat and drink, there's music playing with a big open dance floor, and lots of pretty decorations for White Day. But help the poor couples who decide to show up together, because as soon as they step inside, Miracle Country is forcing them to opposite sides of the room.]

Mar. 7th, 2014


Action || Open to everyone

[It's another day at the school! You could be snoring in the seat way back in the classroom, or frantically taking notes, or meeting up with friends during recess, or getting lunch, or being greeted by friends or family once the day ends.

Maybe you've never been to the school and just felt like checking it out, maybe sign up for a class or get a job in it, or simply be creeped out by the monitor teachers...

Either way, there's plenty to do so go ahead and mingle]

Jan. 29th, 2014


joint video between rumpel and watanuki

[HEY KISEKI. it's Rumpel and Watanuki, together on video! UHOH EVERYONE WHAT COULD IT BE IT MUST BE BIG oh yes it is actually]

This announcement comes to you, Miracle Country, from the remarkable Mr. Watanuki and myself, to tell you that we have come to a...mutually beneficial business arrangement. Some here in this world wish to return to the one from whence they came, and Mr. Watanuki and I have agreed that our abilities to aid others in particular need are complementary with one another, and we could work together to find a solution to the problem of world imprisonment.

[Rumpel's got his business face on, smiling vaguely, and even using his slightly lilting business voice – meanwhile, Watanuki sits there on his left, smiling in a way that is totally not awkward at all.]

Our respective magicks are fairly different, so one or both of us may be able to achieve what you're asking for. For my part, it may take some time, as I have no access to my usual tools and supplies. But I will find a way to help you.

[Here, Rumpel turns to Watanuki, who gives a short nod, continuing their sales pitch but in a more serious, even grave way, a noticeable difference to Rumpel’s demeanour.] In return... magic, any magic, always has a price, and whatever wish you have will have to be paid for. The price will have to be something that is common ground between all of us, because there are no two worlds with exactly similar magic in them.

[Watanuki stops for a moment, his brow furrowing, as though he’s extremely reluctant to say whatever they have agreed on – but he continues, regardless.] However... memories and emotions are a kind of magic we all share. For any wish you make, this would be your price.

[noticing Watanuki's darkened demeanor, Rumpel just raises his eyebrows in unspoken request for permission to continue. Watanuki nods, so Rumpel turns back to the journal, waving a hand and trying to be, in his opinion, "friendly".]

Don’t worry, it will only ever be an equal exchange. We will not ask for anything more than the cost of what you are asking.

We will use these powerful and personal 'items' for only one purpose: to uncover the means to finally leave this place.

Thank you for your time. [Rumpel's smile broadens like a creep] Wish away.

[if your character wants to make a ~magical~ request of rumpel or watanuki, feel free to pm celen or me on our rp accounts or on plurk so we can set up a thread with you!]

Jan. 6th, 2014


Everywhere || Open to everyone

[So, today is just another simple, pleasant day in Miracle Country, right? Everyone'll go on and do the usual routines, head to work, go to school...

But during the day, something might start bothering your characters. Something they're hiding from others. At first it might just seem like a simple annoyance, an unpleasant tingling, an uncomfortable feeling. If they just ignore it, though, it will grow. Bother them more and more, take over their thoughts, make their heart ache, make it difficult for them to move easily, even to breathe without feeling uncomfortable and achey.

Their deepest and/or darkest secrets are weighing them down, becoming a very tangible burden on them. And how do you get rid of a secret? You have to confess, of course. Telling someone what they're hiding will be the only way to rid themselves of it.]

Dec. 30th, 2013



[It's New Year's! Time to recharge your batteries, start fresh, make resolutions you won't follow through, or curse your luck that you're still stuck in a goddamn sparkly island. Whichever your choice, Miracle Country is set to celebrate and get everyone together.

Starting during the evening of the 31st, the park in the main island, as well as the shopping district and other main areas all around (the Welcome Center, the hotels, etc) will be decorated with lanters, christmas lights, and other colorful things. Even a few stray mistletoes might be found among the mix, although they'll be more rare than before. Tables with all sorts of holiday-themed food and drinks will be set all over the park & shopping district plaza, as well. And by the time midnight strikes, there'll be a huge fireworks display, visible from any point in the islands.

But that's not it!

A few days ago, everyone would've gotten a little note from a Kiseki lady, instructing them on a gift exchange the place has decided to have. How does this work? It's easy - everyone is assigned someone to get a gift to at random. They're meant to attend the end of year celebrations, in order to give that present to whoever was assigned to them.

If they fail to follow through (either they don't get the present or they do but don't go to the party), they'll face some retaliation. Since not wanting to participate in these means you're most likely a big grump, you'll get your own personal grey cloud following you around, in the spirit of old cartoons - it'll randomly rain or snow on you, and getting angry at it will only make it worse. Only through an act of sincere happiness/cheer can you make the cloud disappear.

And that's about it. The list for the gift exchange can be found HERE. Just mingle and have fun, and - because the date matches - happy 6th anniversary, Kiseki!]

Dec. 21st, 2013


Everywhere | | Open to all

[Happy First Day of Winter, Kiseki! To celebrate the winter solstice, Miracle Country has, of course, decided to let it snow all over the island(s), a fluffy white snow. It'll be snowing lightly throughout the day, but be careful of the ice on the walkways or the icicles hanging off the over-hangings. It's been snowing a bit lately, but now it's in full-force, and there's a few cute snowmen hanging around already, just to help get you all in the mood for playing in the snow.

The light snow will stop about mid-way through the afternoon and it'll clear up, sunny but plenty cold - the perfect way to motivate you to get out and play to warm up, right? And don't worry about running out of snow - if it gets too packed-down, the snow will seem to magically fluff back up again!

Afraid of being cold in the snowy weather, though? No worries, as Miracle Country has graciously provided each room in the hotel with a pile of warm coats, mittens/gloves, scarves, hats, and winter boots, with a cheerful little note that says simply "Let it snow!"; there's also some sleds just outside the entrance to the park, in case anyone wants to take advantage of a small hill.]

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