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Aug. 14th, 2015


4th wall event || action || open to all

[Days later, and it's finally time to reveal the big mystery of the Mokona notes found around! To those who experienced this before, it might seem like it was obvious from the start, once they realize what's up...

Of course, we mean the 4th Wall Event is starting right now! For anyone awake, there'll be a burst of pink everywhere - the trees in all the islands are changing to sakura trees as is the usual for Kiseki celebrations. If sudden pink isn't enough to call people's attentions by now, it's likely the added noise and crowds might... Floating lanterns will appear around as well, meant to guide along our new visitors, who will be arriving starting at midnight! The Welcome Center will be busier than ever, but of course people may appear in other locations throughout the islands.

Like last time, visitors will arrive with a small Mokona pin that will first be colored black but will start turning white as the days go by. Once the Mokona turns white, by the 25th, it’ll sprout wings, open a portal, and send your new friends back. The pins will appear on them automatically, but they'll receive the traditional Usyagi welcome (our local creepy flying bunnies), who will give a quick, vague explanation of where they are and why they're here. One thing is clear - those wearing the pin are only here temporarily... Unless circumstances change, of course.

Our visitors will have their clothes magically changed into a comfortable yukata, matching the summer weather (they may keep their usual clothes and possessions they might've been carrying), and as a treat during the first day, there will be blankets and pillows set out around the main island's park, where picnic baskets full of all sorts of food will be available for anyone who wishes to simply relax with friends and loved ones. Or maybe it's a good way to break the news of being temporarily stuck in a different world to a new friend! Perhaps those used to this land should warn them about the risks of consuming food this world provides, although they might be lucky and left to enjoy the small celebrations in peace for a while.

Maybe they won't be so lucky, however, and end up arriving with some company! People who show up at the forests might end up followed by some creature from their own worlds (dangerous or not - think anything from Harry Potter being followed by a three-headed dog, to Aang finding himself surrounded by penguin-seals)... The forests' barriers luckily would keep anything too dangerous trapped in their depths, but these visitors might need a little help for a while, likely a good chance for the fighters and healers around to shine. Should anyone require assistance and not have it, the Usyagi will help by alerting those in the main islands about it.

Whatever it is people get up to, ten days go by pretty fast... So make sure to make the most out of it!]

[[4th wall begins now!
- THE EVENT'S INFO and place to ask any questions to the mods.
- There is a list of characters introduced if you are having troubele navigating through all the top levels and threadjacks.
- Remember that game rules, as well as the info in our FAQ all still apply.
- Event threads will be counted as game-canon, unless something turns out to cause trouble for the players. In that sense, we ask that people 'visiting' are mindful of people's permissions & stats, and keep in mind to communicate with our players if anything should come up! Likewise, while the event is a 4th wall breaking one, don't break it as far as making the characters aware that they're in a made-up world and being played by people on the internet. See our game rules & FAQ for further info on the setting.
- Characters already in-game must add their tags to the logs as usual, anyone visiting of course doesn't need to.
- If you need invite codes, contact one of our players/our mods/reply in the plotting post linked above, and we'll provide you with one.
- Make sure to add at least the following to your journal, should it lack any kind of OOC stats/information:

Aug. 4th, 2015


010 ♔ Action | open to all

[It’s been a quiet few days since the funeral pyre – but the week isn’t over yet. In fact, today is someone’s birthday, although he’s loathed to admit as much. He has a few knights here, though, who do know the day and therefore aren’t willing to leave well enough alone. That’s right, it’s Arthur Pendragon’s birthday!

All day today, venturing down into the underground tunnels – which you might want to do simply because you keep hearing sounds of voices and laughter – will lead you to a few of the underground common rooms, where extravagant feasts are being set up! Long tables full of every kind of food imaginable, both savory and reminiscent of Camelot cuisine and the more modern, sweeter touches (we mustn’t let Arthur be without his cupcakes, after all). Also drinks. Lots and lots and lots of drinks. That’s Gwaine’s influence.

Want to come celebrate a legendary king’s birthday? There’s more than enough food for everyone.

The reason the feast is being held underground is because today, somewhat abnormal for a Kiseki summer, it’s starting to rain. Not too heavy, but unrelenting – lasting throughout the day and several days afterwards and covering the entire island. It’s a little muggy outside, but the rain is chilling – so it might encourage you to stay indoors if you were thinking of venturing out. But it isn’t as if there aren’t means to entertain yourself, of course.

Unrelated to the birthday celebrations today, there’s another strange happening. All over the walls of the hotel, the underground tunnels, any building you might come across, even pasted to the walls of your room, there will be little Mokona shaped cards – white and black – with one simple question printed on it: “Who do you wish to see?”

You can’t remove them and they won’t go away. They’ll be here throughout the week. Perhaps you recognize them or perhaps you don’t. But, really…

Who do you wish to see?]

Aug. 2nd, 2015


main island || action || open

[Today, people might've noticed two of their latest residents have kept rather busy, heading into the forests over and over again, each time they returned carrying wood and gathering it up by the lake's edge. By the evening, they'll have stayed up there building a structure, and by nightfall they'll light it up - a large funeral pyre, a tribute to their friends and comrades who were lost in battle.

To those unused to them, it might seem like an odd bonfire, although it's clear from their solemn looks that this one isn't meant to be part of a celebration. Perhaps you'd like to try and help them set it up? Or ask them about it once it's lit... It's big enough that it should be easy to notice across the main island at least (and probably make a pretty nice view if you're travelling on the magic trains or up an air balloon).]

[[Nasir & Agron are here & here for pokings, otherwise feel free to abuse the post as you'd like!]]

Jul. 13th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[Today, it has been rather dull, grey and cloudy despite the summer season, perhaps causing gloominess or hope for some rain. The day will go on normally, but by the evening, residents of Miracle Country should eventually realize that the power is out.]

[With past events, many might fear something strange happening, perhaps some form of attack, or creepiness about to start...

Yet it all seems rather uneventful, aside from an abundance of Usyagi around the hotels, apparently hard at work to get this fixed. A sign apologizing for the delays will be held up at the main hotel's reception, and the power will take yet many long hours to be restored.]

[In the meantime, it could be a good day to go to bed early, or maybe you want to complain that your stored food got ruined, or maybe you favor a walk under the stars?]

Jun. 28th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[You've finally recovered from dragons and getting caught up in wind gusts? Wonderful, right on time for Miracle Country to mess around again. These days, when people start noticing shiny, unnatural feathers cropping up here and there, or small orbs of light doing the same, they might find it familiar, at least if they've been around for a while. Surely the residents who have lived through these previous things will be able to let them know what's going on...

Except it's not quite the same thing this time around. While, yes, these items hold memories from others in them, meant to be shared as they were before, it won't show a whole memory as if playing a video or seeing into a dream. No, this time around they're memories of emotions that are being held.

So what does this mean? When near or touching an orb belong to someone else, you will experience the emotion that the person in the memory is feeling. Is it a memory of a tragic event, transferring a feeling of grief, worry, or fear? Is it a memory of being with people you care about, transferring happiness and love? A memory you'd rather forget about, transferring embarrassment and self-doubt? You won't get the play-by-play of the memory when you touch it, but rather experience the emotional state of that memory. Whether you get context for that memory - understanding empathetically why that emotion is being felt and how concretely you get that context - is up to you.

The transferring of emotions can be mild (perhaps more suitable for truly terrible memories that would logically leave people with PTSD or completely emotionally drained), or stronger still (feeling the full extent and power of those emotions), depending on what everyone chooses to do. The transfer can also be more personalized, too. Maybe a memory recalls a day when one was a child, and they were scared of thunder, and so the person receiving it ends up jumping at loud noises and wanting to stay inside for a while. Maybe it's a memory about someone else - maybe Aramis can feel what it's like to love Alice, after being exposed to Porthos's memories of being around her. Or Stiles can feel unbearably proud of Arthur, after holding Merlin's memory of his coronation.

Will you realize that you're missing a memory? No, and it's already forgotten until the orb is returned to you via being felt by another person. Whether you forget the entire memory or just the feelings felt during that moment is up to you.

People will be shedding memories until Tuesday, and could lose memories more than once. Of course, losing them means they'll want to make sure to find them again, so simply ignoring these would probably not work too well. Especially for those who remember losing memories made people fade out once before...]

Jun. 13th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[It’s been a long few weeks with the dragons, and as the days pass it’s clear that the Alpha is getting worse and worse despite the dragons’ efforts, and the efforts of those who were willing to help him in the first place. It starts out simple, the Alpha just sleeping more and more, his breathing coming out in wheezing gasps. Then, slowly, the Alpha stops moving so much, hardly reacts to any food or medicine.

But with every passing day the Alpha gets worse, the world around you starts to get worse, in turn. Plants start dying. Water starts drying up. It stays darker for longer. There might have been a few cave-ins towards the back of the tunnels.

It’s finally too much, though, and when the Alpha does die, it lets out one final, earth-shaking roar before it collapses and bursts into a wave of sakura petals. With that, the world around the Alpha dies as well – the bridges collapsing, the caves starting to fold into themselves, the island crumbling into the water as the regular Miracle Country returns to itself.

Be very mindful of where you are, then – because the world is going to change back. Trapped in the caves with the cave-in? You may be there a while. Were you in the reservoir? Then you might find yourself suddenly at the Wings Island. The forests, the top of the Ferris Wheel at the Amusement Park, stuck on the stairs of the lighthouse at the beach – you could appear anywhere. Everyone is scattered around and it’s not likely you’ll be lucky enough to show up in the park or the hotels.

It’ll be difficult to get back, though – because there’s a heavy wind blowing all over the islands today. Reacting to the sudden shift from one world to another, Miracle Country is still trying to adapt, and the wind is strong enough to push you off your feet if you’re not careful. That, and it’s raining sakura petals all over, which might make it difficult to see. There are respites and places to shade yourself from the onslaught – little alcoves, buildings, the forests – but that might mean little when you’re trying to find your friends and family, after all.

The Miracle Country you know and love isn’t completely untouched despite the sudden change, however – while the dragons’ world might have dissolved along with the Alpha, the remnants still appear in certain spots. Some of the dragons survive the sudden switch and now live in the forests. There are a few caves left over within the forest, the path in the first layer leading towards it.

And, most striking, there is a large skeleton deep in the forest – the final resting place for the Alpha Dragon.]

May. 30th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[Days with dragons have hardly made the nights easier – the strange way the dragons’ eyes glow from the shadows, the way the fog rolls in at the night, the sound of far cries from the dragons as they fly just beyond sight, that deep grumbling from the sleeping Alpha Dragon, the way it just steadily grows colder and colder as the night progresses.

This night is no different. It starts with a sunset, blazing and bright, the shadows stretching long and lingering. And once it’s gone, dusk passing, the night creeps in. The fog grows thick and those sounds come again. Dragons rustling, dragons calling, the nocturnal dragons large and difficult to spot – never seen during the day and seeming so strange, perhaps a little less friendly than the ones who come out during the day.

The air grows colder still, so it might be a good idea to collect wood for a large fire, to find a place to stay warm and safe. Or maybe you’re feeling adventurous. Maybe you need water. Maybe you need to find something fun to do, just for the sake of doing it. Maybe you’ve lost your way as the day draws to an end and you’re desperate to get back.]

May. 23rd, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[Miracle Country has once again changed, the entire island shifting overnight into an archipelago. There’s a scattering of far-flung islands, but you’ll find yourself at the very center of it all – and it’s not just you there. Oh no – this is a world populated by dragons. You’ve found yourself in the Alpha Dragon’s nest. There are dragons that fly, some land dragons, and some dragons that primarily stay in the water – and they are everywhere. There are flocks of dragons everywhere you look. Large dragons, small dragons, nocturnal dragons, diurnal dragons, two-headed dragons, dragons the size of your palm, dragons that breathe fire, ice-breathing dragons, camouflaged dragons, feathered dragons, and baby dragons that just act silly.

What used to be the hotels is now a series of caves - you'll be able to find your old rooms in there, although they're a bit more basic now - no such thing as electronics available (not that you'd need them with nowhere to plug them in), no kitchens, but everything else remains. Clothes, beds, even a small bathroom. The maze-like nature of the caves means the rooms might be a little harder to find this time around, and you could end up choosing to just crash with someone else if it gets too late. They're cold, as well, being inside a giant ice-fortress, so find ways to keep the place warm!

There are also other sorts of rooms, of course, some empty and some with supplies like weapons or staple food, some with a few seats and cushions where you can gather around, build a fire, and risk having a flock of dragons come chill with you a little less, if it happens to bother you. The caves are all rather cold and dark for the most part, and within them are many maze-like turns and corners and passageways, so it’s easy to get lost, especially since many of the caves open up to strange and new locations. Plenty of things to explore – and plenty of ways to be separated from others.

And at the very center of it all is a large structure of ice, that juts up and forms into the shape of a large, winged egg. Within this egg is the dragons’ nest – one corner of this structure has a large sakura tree that the dragons love to sleep in or fly around. At the other end is the Alpha Dragon itself – the largest dragon in creation, white and pink and spending most of its time sleeping. And at the very center of a large expanse of water is a little island with the only source of fresh water – a reservoir. Surrounded by saltwater for miles around, the dragons have no trouble reaching it – but you might.

The best way to travel is by dragons, of course. But for those of you who can’t fly too well, walking isn’t really an option. But don’t worry, there are a series of bridges that fall and crumble and rotate around. You’ll never walk the same bridge twice. They’re reliable enough, so long as they don’t start to move while you’re on them. If you don’t trust the bridges, there’s always the option of climbing through the maze-like caves… but try not to get lost.

Why are the dragons approaching you now? They need your help. The Alpha Dragon is sick – and he’s the reason all the other dragons are here and safe.

You’re here one reason: to help the dragons. There are smaller dragons, but also larger dragons, but don’t worry they’re not as scary as they look. In fact, it’s possible to tame or bond with them. Of course, that’s based on how well you get along with animals, mystical or otherwise, in general – not great with pets? Probably not going to be too great with dragons, either.

((Have a dragons event! Further info & FAQ can be found HERE))

May. 3rd, 2015


action || open to all

[Time to deal with Kiseki's menacing creatures again! Except this time, they might not be so menacing. The lake and river are a little more lively than usual, as the fish population in them has increased overnight. Some of them aren't even freshwater fish, so what are they doing there? Not waiting to attack anybody, no.

All along the park and the river banks, there are fishing rods and other tools set up, as well as anything you'd need to get a fire going, and grill your food... You get the point, I'm sure. Whether you want to have an outdoors lunch of freshly caught fish, or wish to stock up on them for later, or even want to try and keep one of them as a pet, it's clear today is meant to be spent by the water. Just in case, the Usyagi will notify anyone who's missing out on the fish gutting fun, so no worries there.

To the delight of certain questionable residents, there's a bonus brought by the presence of the fish... Most of Kiseki's roaming stray cats will be drawn to the river and lake, either to catch their own meal or to steal some from the people around. So if you're not much of a fishing person, or can't cook at all, you could still hang out with them.]

Apr. 26th, 2015


at late night || action/journal || open to all


[This is the image that will greet you if you answer the journal's calling about a new entry tonight. Ao has found Shinah's journal, and she's evidently considered as close enough to Shinah himself to be allowed to use it... Which means she managed to turn the video function on while nibbling on it.]

[Behind Ao's curious face, however, there's some commotion in Yona's room. Apparently Shinah & co. are caught up in some kind of argument, or maybe just being ridiculous, or, quite possibly, both. Shinah himself, dressed in fluffy moon-patterned pyjamas, is trying to get outside through a window, while Yona holds to his arm and refuses to allow such a thing. The others, some also with sleeping clothes on, are engaged in an enthusiastic discussion the journal can't easily catch...

Perhaps it'd be easier to simply walk by the open hotel room, and try to overhear what they're all saying.]

[[Open log! Interact with Yona and her dragons, or do your own thing! And yes, you can reply to Ao on the journal too, and have the most ridiculous thread. The HHB be here: Yona | Shinah | Zeno | Jaeha | Kija ]]

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