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Nov. 4th, 2013



[We find Giselle in the forest, looking almost cartoonishly surprised.] Oh my... Well this doesn't look like New York at all. Where in the world am I? Robert? Morgan? ...anyone?

[A pause; she puts a finger to her cheek while she thinks] Hmm. I don't remember falling into another portal, but I suppose anything's possible, isn't it? [...!!] Then I wonder...!

[Her eyes are wide, surprised, slightly hopeful. These woods don't look particularly familiar, but all woods are very similar in some ways. There are trees, just like in Andalasia. There are vines, too, and underbrush, and it even sounds like there might be some woodland creatures about! All just like Andalasia. So...could it be...? Did her ode to true love light the way back to her home? In that case, maybe--] Edward! Are you here? Have I made it home? [Oh, Edward! Her true love! Now it's her turn to find him! Her heart is singing...and after a momentary swoon, so is she: literally, singing a wordless tune that soon brings a few cute fuzzy animals running to her side. I'm totally serious here.]

Oh! Hello, little friends! Would you like to help me in my quest? I'm looking for a dashing prince...not just any prince, of course. He's tall, and handsome...he has beautiful blue eyes--and perfect hair! [He sounds so amazing, even the animals sigh wistfully.] I don't know exactly where to start, but...well, if you don't start somewhere, you'll never get anywhere! Will you help me, little ones? [Oh, no, she's almost so excited that she forgets something important! Turning back to her little fuzzy friends, she curtsies a little and offers a charming smile.] Please.

[Giselle will be in the forest if anyone wants to run into her! Or of course she'll check the journal at some point too 83]

Oct. 30th, 2013


Halloween event || Open to everyone

[As previously announced, Kiseki will be undergoing some changes for this year's Halloween!

Enjoy the pumpkins, the misty forests, the ghosts, the abandoned castle and the killer bunnies, because Miracle Country clearly will.]

Oct. 23rd, 2013



[Breaking the intro combo, Merlin's journal starts recording, in the middle of the night. He's sitting on his bed, sweaty and shaky, and if he'd realized the journal's shenanigans he'd be grateful for the way the darkness helps hide how upset he looks.

There's a loud snore coming from the bed next to his, startling him and making him smile faintly. He stands up, walking over to said bed where Arthur's fast asleep, and reaches over to place his hand on top of his head, before pulling the covers up more neatly over him.

The video cuts off there, and later resumes to show Merlin's now wandering around the underground tunnels, a blanket over his shoulders, heading to where he knows now the cafeteria is at]

Oct. 22nd, 2013


[ video/writing ]

[At first, there is a short video of a woman in the Welcome Center, listening to the ladies with a smile on her face, not doing or saying anything until she is handed the journal and the ladies finally stop talking.]

Thank you. [She directs a warm smile at them, opening the journal and, after some moments of simply looking at it, starting to write.]

How strange. For such a long time, writing is all I have done, this hardly seems like a weird thing to do, anymore.

If I understood right, what I write here is not for my eyes only. In that case… I don’t know how you did that, or who you are, but you have saved me from days that were grey and long. There is little art in a place as dreary and monotonous as the one I was confined to, but perhaps… miracles do happen. [This is accompanied by a soft laugh, lightly amused, a jab at the name she was told this place to have.]

However, I have the greatest interest in talking to one special person. My dear Sherlock… if this reaches you, I hope you know I am still waiting for your letter. There is no one who understands me like you do, no one whose company I would long for more than yours. Perhaps now it will be possible.

If you’re here… write to me.

Oct. 20th, 2013


It's quite clear to him, upon waking up, that this is not, in fact, his home. It's also abundantly clear that these women are not the ones whose services he enjoyed last night. He's kinky, yes, but five is a bit excessive even for him. He cuts straight to the chase.

"Excuse me, ladies. Might I inquire as to where I am and how I was taken from my flat without my companion knowing?"

Then they all start chattering at once, making him wince and cover his ears in annoyance, "A bit slower, please, and one at a time, thank you!"

But his reaction goes unheeded as they continue to prattle on in no language he was familiar with, but roughly translated to english at points. A small book is also being thrust into his face which serves to make him even more frustrated and 100% done with all of this nonsense. Aggravated he snatches the journal and shoos them away.

"Yes, yes, write, I know! It's about the only thing I was able to make out among your incessant gibberish!"

With a long huff, he takes the pen and proceeds to write the following:

"Right. First of all, I haven't kept a diary of this nature since adolescence. Secondly, I was able to determine through the inane babbling of those strange women I encountered, that my means of communicating with others is to write in this book. Because asking for a telephone seems completely out of the question."

"Now then. To business. My name is Sherlock Holmes. I'm a consulting detective to the NYPD and if I have indeed been abducted, they will very soon begin a search and rescue. Therefore, I advise whoever is responsible for this to cease this prank immediately and allow me to return to my work. That way all of us get what we want and no one gets hurt."

"I might also add that my associate, Miss Watson, is a highly skilled martial artist and quite capable of taking down anyone who makes her the least bit upset. No really, it's terrifying, actually. You don't want to make her angry, I assure you. So... all the better to release me sooner rather than later."

Pauses and frowns. Scribbles.

"Note to self; never accept any beverages from new acquaintances again lest they drug me and drag me to some remote location with a bunch of idiots claiming this is "another world"."

Oct. 18th, 2013


001 ☼ Video/Action

[Anyone near the welcome center or perhaps looking at their journal will… well, hear a lot of shouting and perhaps see some fire licking at the windows]

Let… me… out! Let me out! [fwoosh goes the fire] You can’t keep me trapped in here forever with… with them! Or at all! [They’re driving him up the wall and they’re way too smiley and UGH]

[Well, the fire approach isn’t working. He stops, completely frustrated hand to his forehead as he tries to think – okay. He can do this. He can calm down. His breathing is ragged and his shoulders tense but he keeps trying to do steady breathing until, at least a little, his sigh sounds more tense than livid.]

This is ridiculous! [alsdhgasd; arg] Yeah, because when you’re kidnapped to some stupid room the best thing is to write about your feelings in a journal. [His voice is dripping with sarcasm as he… talks to himself. Yep.] How is that supposed to help?

[S- sigh….. his shoulders slump a bit and he stares down at his journal, moodily.] This is ridiculous…

[… Still… what would Uncle say? He sighs out, closing his eyes and trying to calm down further. And then his voice seems to, well, try to mimic someone:] Zuko, writing on paper is like enjoying a fine tea – it takes time and you must savor it.

[…………….] That doesn’t help at all! [ARG he sucks at this]

[He opens the journal angrily and starts writing:] This is stupid and pointless and who even cares?

[…………………………………. 8( he drags his brush across the paper, not writing anything, but seeming to debate about it – maybe he does have to think about his place in the universe?]

Apr. 20th, 2013


All the hissing

Who: Sakura & Tachibana
What: Jealous tantrums
Where: Their room
When: Now?
Rating: Knowing these two...
Warnings: ^^^^

Summary: Sakura keeps interacting with Spider and Tachi is a silly thing who does not approve. And when Tachibana doesn't approve of something, he really doesn't.