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Jun. 28th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[You've finally recovered from dragons and getting caught up in wind gusts? Wonderful, right on time for Miracle Country to mess around again. These days, when people start noticing shiny, unnatural feathers cropping up here and there, or small orbs of light doing the same, they might find it familiar, at least if they've been around for a while. Surely the residents who have lived through these previous things will be able to let them know what's going on...

Except it's not quite the same thing this time around. While, yes, these items hold memories from others in them, meant to be shared as they were before, it won't show a whole memory as if playing a video or seeing into a dream. No, this time around they're memories of emotions that are being held.

So what does this mean? When near or touching an orb belong to someone else, you will experience the emotion that the person in the memory is feeling. Is it a memory of a tragic event, transferring a feeling of grief, worry, or fear? Is it a memory of being with people you care about, transferring happiness and love? A memory you'd rather forget about, transferring embarrassment and self-doubt? You won't get the play-by-play of the memory when you touch it, but rather experience the emotional state of that memory. Whether you get context for that memory - understanding empathetically why that emotion is being felt and how concretely you get that context - is up to you.

The transferring of emotions can be mild (perhaps more suitable for truly terrible memories that would logically leave people with PTSD or completely emotionally drained), or stronger still (feeling the full extent and power of those emotions), depending on what everyone chooses to do. The transfer can also be more personalized, too. Maybe a memory recalls a day when one was a child, and they were scared of thunder, and so the person receiving it ends up jumping at loud noises and wanting to stay inside for a while. Maybe it's a memory about someone else - maybe Aramis can feel what it's like to love Alice, after being exposed to Porthos's memories of being around her. Or Stiles can feel unbearably proud of Arthur, after holding Merlin's memory of his coronation.

Will you realize that you're missing a memory? No, and it's already forgotten until the orb is returned to you via being felt by another person. Whether you forget the entire memory or just the feelings felt during that moment is up to you.

People will be shedding memories until Tuesday, and could lose memories more than once. Of course, losing them means they'll want to make sure to find them again, so simply ignoring these would probably not work too well. Especially for those who remember losing memories made people fade out once before...]

Jun. 21st, 2015


009 ❄ Action

[Now that things are more settled down, the Charmings have taken to inquiring with the usyagi (or Constance, if she happens to be on shift) about having larger rooms so that they can stay comfortably with Yukine, or find a space big enough in order to have Emma and Stiles stay with them, too. It seems that their insistence proves fruitful, though, because it isn’t long before there’s a little house situated just beside the hotel – connected through the underground tunnels just like any other hotel room.

So it’s moving day for the Charmings! The house isn’t completely ready for them all, as that’s their “price” for getting the new space – having to fill it up and move their things, get some more furniture, paint the inside and outside walls, hang up curtains – all the little décor touches. They have to work to make it inhabitable.

Feel like helping out? I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to receive help.

Or, at least, they’d say so if they weren’t totally distracted. All day today, Snow and David are being revoltingly sappy (what else is new?), smiling at each other and giggling a little and kissing as they paint the walls. So, you know, their ‘kids’ are likely steering clear of that.

Once Snow isn’t horrendously distracted, she’ll be making some treats to share, so anyone passing by catching that scent is more than welcome to check it out! Or, come by and help out with move-in day!]

[This is an open log, so feel free to have your character interact with others while helping out - you don't have to interact with David and/or Snow both in order to participate and feel free to make your own top comments, too, if you'd like :D]

Jun. 13th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[It’s been a long few weeks with the dragons, and as the days pass it’s clear that the Alpha is getting worse and worse despite the dragons’ efforts, and the efforts of those who were willing to help him in the first place. It starts out simple, the Alpha just sleeping more and more, his breathing coming out in wheezing gasps. Then, slowly, the Alpha stops moving so much, hardly reacts to any food or medicine.

But with every passing day the Alpha gets worse, the world around you starts to get worse, in turn. Plants start dying. Water starts drying up. It stays darker for longer. There might have been a few cave-ins towards the back of the tunnels.

It’s finally too much, though, and when the Alpha does die, it lets out one final, earth-shaking roar before it collapses and bursts into a wave of sakura petals. With that, the world around the Alpha dies as well – the bridges collapsing, the caves starting to fold into themselves, the island crumbling into the water as the regular Miracle Country returns to itself.

Be very mindful of where you are, then – because the world is going to change back. Trapped in the caves with the cave-in? You may be there a while. Were you in the reservoir? Then you might find yourself suddenly at the Wings Island. The forests, the top of the Ferris Wheel at the Amusement Park, stuck on the stairs of the lighthouse at the beach – you could appear anywhere. Everyone is scattered around and it’s not likely you’ll be lucky enough to show up in the park or the hotels.

It’ll be difficult to get back, though – because there’s a heavy wind blowing all over the islands today. Reacting to the sudden shift from one world to another, Miracle Country is still trying to adapt, and the wind is strong enough to push you off your feet if you’re not careful. That, and it’s raining sakura petals all over, which might make it difficult to see. There are respites and places to shade yourself from the onslaught – little alcoves, buildings, the forests – but that might mean little when you’re trying to find your friends and family, after all.

The Miracle Country you know and love isn’t completely untouched despite the sudden change, however – while the dragons’ world might have dissolved along with the Alpha, the remnants still appear in certain spots. Some of the dragons survive the sudden switch and now live in the forests. There are a few caves left over within the forest, the path in the first layer leading towards it.

And, most striking, there is a large skeleton deep in the forest – the final resting place for the Alpha Dragon.]

May. 23rd, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[Miracle Country has once again changed, the entire island shifting overnight into an archipelago. There’s a scattering of far-flung islands, but you’ll find yourself at the very center of it all – and it’s not just you there. Oh no – this is a world populated by dragons. You’ve found yourself in the Alpha Dragon’s nest. There are dragons that fly, some land dragons, and some dragons that primarily stay in the water – and they are everywhere. There are flocks of dragons everywhere you look. Large dragons, small dragons, nocturnal dragons, diurnal dragons, two-headed dragons, dragons the size of your palm, dragons that breathe fire, ice-breathing dragons, camouflaged dragons, feathered dragons, and baby dragons that just act silly.

What used to be the hotels is now a series of caves - you'll be able to find your old rooms in there, although they're a bit more basic now - no such thing as electronics available (not that you'd need them with nowhere to plug them in), no kitchens, but everything else remains. Clothes, beds, even a small bathroom. The maze-like nature of the caves means the rooms might be a little harder to find this time around, and you could end up choosing to just crash with someone else if it gets too late. They're cold, as well, being inside a giant ice-fortress, so find ways to keep the place warm!

There are also other sorts of rooms, of course, some empty and some with supplies like weapons or staple food, some with a few seats and cushions where you can gather around, build a fire, and risk having a flock of dragons come chill with you a little less, if it happens to bother you. The caves are all rather cold and dark for the most part, and within them are many maze-like turns and corners and passageways, so it’s easy to get lost, especially since many of the caves open up to strange and new locations. Plenty of things to explore – and plenty of ways to be separated from others.

And at the very center of it all is a large structure of ice, that juts up and forms into the shape of a large, winged egg. Within this egg is the dragons’ nest – one corner of this structure has a large sakura tree that the dragons love to sleep in or fly around. At the other end is the Alpha Dragon itself – the largest dragon in creation, white and pink and spending most of its time sleeping. And at the very center of a large expanse of water is a little island with the only source of fresh water – a reservoir. Surrounded by saltwater for miles around, the dragons have no trouble reaching it – but you might.

The best way to travel is by dragons, of course. But for those of you who can’t fly too well, walking isn’t really an option. But don’t worry, there are a series of bridges that fall and crumble and rotate around. You’ll never walk the same bridge twice. They’re reliable enough, so long as they don’t start to move while you’re on them. If you don’t trust the bridges, there’s always the option of climbing through the maze-like caves… but try not to get lost.

Why are the dragons approaching you now? They need your help. The Alpha Dragon is sick – and he’s the reason all the other dragons are here and safe.

You’re here one reason: to help the dragons. There are smaller dragons, but also larger dragons, but don’t worry they’re not as scary as they look. In fact, it’s possible to tame or bond with them. Of course, that’s based on how well you get along with animals, mystical or otherwise, in general – not great with pets? Probably not going to be too great with dragons, either.

((Have a dragons event! Further info & FAQ can be found HERE))

May. 21st, 2015


[ video/action | sports island ]

[It's just a shot of the ceiling, too ordinary to give any clue as to where exactly in Kiseki we're getting a peek into. Probably boring, too, with everything silent unless you're listening carefully and start to hear the recorded breathing of two people out of the shot. They're distant, each breath labored, waiting during what seems like a heavy pause.

No need to strain for long, though -- almost too suddenly, it starts again, the silence turning into shouts and quick steps and the unmistakable echo of hand-to-hand combat. The pacing is fast and aggressive, neither person shown thanks to the angle the journal's at, and even their voices are still muffled and hard to make out entirely.]

So, this all you got?

[Hah.] Don't count me out yet.

[That's all there is. Legs sweeping around and kicking or an arm making for a grab, a shoulder bobbing in or out of the way... Each time's almost-but-not-quite making it to the camera's full view before there's only the ceiling again. Soon there's a loud thud, just as one of the two ends up flipped over and thrown on his back on the ground, this time much closer to the journal. A mess of white hair is visible a bit out of focus, while Art gasps for air, makes an effort to lift his head.]

This is what you get, for takin’ it so easy on me. [Bucky’s voice grows clearer, now, as he continues with exasperation.] It ain’t because of my shoulder, is it? Cause I’m pretty sure I told you it’s fine. But since you didn’t wanna believe me, I guess this is what you de--

[Bucky almost comes into view entirely then, as he walks closer to where Art is, but the moment is too brief. His words cut off as he disappears down in a sudden motion, just as Art very much takes the opportunity of his approach to sweep his legs out from under him and in one smooth move get over him and pin him.]

Yield? [He sounds calm, easy, but also downright smug. Hi.] That was careless of you.

... Damn.

[And with that one word that’s as much impressed as it is admiring, the journal cuts off.]

[ooc | joint post with Bucky and Art! responses will come from both unless specified and all the usual.]


action || open to anyone

[If you've gone to school today, either as a student, teacher or visitor, it's likely you've run into David, who's requested a little help. The idea is simple: keep Snow occupied for a while, so she won't come out of the building or look outside until he's finished with a few things.]

[By midday, it'll be clear what it was. The tables outside of the school have all been set as if for a fancy kind of picnic, with pretty tableclothes and all sorts of flowers picked from the forest and gardens. And, yes, food, in the form of a large picnic basket and other bags with snacks and other things for anyone who'd like to join in.]

[As to why, well, Snow was almost all on her own and upset for far too long, and it's about time she gets pampered a little.]

[[Tiny mingle! David will be HERE but feel free to thread among yourselves and abuse the post as needed o/]]

May. 15th, 2015


garden island || action/video

[If someone wanders by the garden island, they'll see at the center of it that someone's been making use of the maze in it. Sitting just outside of it, there's Milady, cleaning up a pistol next to a little pile of things she got from it; a big fluffy coat, and resting on it are a bag of coins, and a small basket of fruits, as well as a long, sharp knife that didn't come out of the maze itself.]

[She looks rather content, munching on a couple of grapes from the basket and cleaning the gun methodically, not too bothered by the small injuries on her - some cuts and a few singe marks on her clothes... and she doesn't realize that her journal has followed her up, showing a shot of this in a video until the light coming from it makes her look up.]

[...] It's rude to spy on a lady, don't you know that? [There's a quick movement as she reaches for it, the recording cutting off with a strange hacking noise.]

Apr. 21st, 2015


action || open to all

[It’s been a long week, what with the monsters and the new powers to adjust to, and now there is an eclipse occurring – the sun and the moon meeting in the sky and blocking each other out so that you can only see stars in the sky, and the ring of the eclipse.

And to celebrate the end of a long week, you and everyone you know are cordially invited to attend an eclipse ball! You’ll just suddenly appear at the ballroom, as if by magic! You’ll be dressed for the occasion, of course, and given a mask for the masquerade ball – either with a sun or moon theme to them to fit the style of the last week.

There might still be a few monsters lingering in the garden, but for the most part you’re just urged to enjoy music and food and dancing. That same urge you once felt towards your opposite type, either attraction or repulsion, will still remain – and it might manifest itself in the need to dance or the need to get away for some fresh air. The ballroom will be darker, with little lights & lanterns floating throughout, just like stars, to guide your way.

And as the night continues, you’ll feel your powers slowly starting to seep away – rejoining the sun and the moon in the sky and leaving you as you were before. As the night passes and the morning comes, the eclipse will pass and the sun will rise just as before – and you will all be returned to normal.]

Apr. 14th, 2015


action || open to all

[Something strange is happening in Miracle Country. For the next week… strange creatures and monsters will begin to appear all over the islands. They seem to have originally started in the forest, but the barriers have dropped, and the creatures are exploring wherever they can find. These creatures come in a variety of different forms and will attack indiscriminately. But they seem to be divided into two types: lunar powers and solar powers.

How convenient, then, that you seem to have gone through a transformation, too. Suddenly, you possess powers based on the sun or the moon. You’ve been granted with brand new powers, either defensive-based or offensive-based. You might have any power you can imagine up, or something based off what suits your personality best. To mark the transformation, you’ll find yourself wearing an outfit that reflects your new powers, or you’ll be marked with an earring or a necklace or some sort to indicate whether you’re sun or moon.

But be warned, you’re stronger against the opposite of your own power: if you have solar powers, you’re better off fighting a lunar monster, and vice versa. It’s possible to fight your own type, but it’s difficult. Don’t worry, though. Sometimes the monsters fight out in the open, where you can get away easily and search for help, or take them down with minimal effort. The stronger creatures, though, the stronger monsters who seem to appear more and more often as the week progresses, they’ll only appear to you if you make a wrong step into a kekkai, a magical barrier set up to keep you and the monster in. Sound scary? Don’t be too worried – the kekkai going up is something like a resounding cry to the other powers that might be nearby. If you stumble into a sun kekkai, your friends with their own moon powers will feel it calling to them, and come to assist you.

As time goes on, it’ll be clear that the two sides are responding to each other. You’re drawn to the opposite type. There’s a mutual calling, a pulling and a drawing between one another. A lunar power will always feel drawn to a solar power. A solar power will always feel drawn to a lunar power. Working together makes you stronger. But it will also drain you faster – even if it’s someone you know and care about, being too close to them for too long might make you start to feel uncomfortable, drained and ill, or even unsettled.

It’s best to stay strong. And you will start to feel depleted. The best way to do that is to walk under your own power source: solar powers will always feel stronger during the day and lunar powers will always feel stronger during the night. Being under direct sunlight and moonlight will recharge you, so it’s best not to stay inside. Especially because not even the hotels are safe. It’s rare, but kekkais have been known to catch you and others even in the hotel. The creatures will become more bold as the week progresses, seeming to seek you out. Are you feeling tired? They’ll know and they’ll exploit your weakness.

Better to stay on guard, stay strong, and stay together no matter where you are.]

Apr. 3rd, 2015


002 ❀ Action | open to all

[The rain from the last few days is finally starting to clear out – and a good thing, too, because it’s April 1st! As is tradition with Miracle Country, the world wants to help celebrate this important birthday – both Sakura and Syaoran’s, as well as missing friends – so what’s that in the sky?

As the clouds clear out, it’ll become clear that there are… presents hanging around, quite literally.

There are presents hanging mid-air and all around today, with little tags attached with “catch me” and “gift me” or “for Sakura-hime”, as these presents are meant for her. Inside, there are replicas of all of both Sakura’s precious memories – you might find a stuffed animal shaped like Mokona, or plushes of puppies or kitties, or perhaps something more simple like a hairpin from one of the worlds she visited. There’s the possibility of finding an old lantern, kitty memorabilia, toy replicas of racing dragonflys, or flower crowns. There’s a little bit of everything, and some generic items, too: hair decorations, flower bouquets, pretty decorative boxes, jewelry, or new shawls and scarves – all with specific themes from the worlds they come from.

They’re everywhere today! Hanging in the air (and there are plenty of hot air balloons around in order to guide along and retrieve them), as well as scattered around the park, near the lake, along the bridges leading to the other islands, as well as at the other islands themselves. The presents might even move around, following you along to try to encourage you to catch them and give them to Sakura – or you can keep them for yourself, or gift them to someone else. They might knock against your head if you prove to be particularly stubborn, then float away before you can make a proper grab for them.]

[ooc: Open mingle for everyone - and obviously backdated to April 1st. Sakura will have a top comment for those who'd like to interact with her specifically. Otherwise, go wild and have fun!]

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