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Apr. 2nd, 2015


voice + video || open

Nothing quite measures up to your first time, does it?

[ The Kisekians hearing this voice won't be met with a face to match. Instead, they're generously afforded a view of his bedroom window - a static image if it weren't for the pitter patter of mundane water droplets and the bank of clouds visible on the horizon. Yes, it's still raining a slow and endless drizzle. ]

Really, it's so interesting. When people discover something for the first time, isn't that when their senses are the most open to feelings of awe and exploration? They see it for what it really is then - untainted by personal context, history, or experiences. It just is the way it is before their mind starts to analyze it, to connect to it, to form opinions on it. It's just same for everyone here. [ He lets out a laugh and shifts the camera to focus on his face. His smile is gentle and relaxing - almost innocent. Almost. ] That's right. Identical drips and drops of people pouring into unique paths.

Still! It's just so interesting, so fascinating, and I can't help but wonder: What was your Miracle Country debut like? Do you still miss the ones you've left behind? Were you devastated to find yourself uprooted from your home or were you happy to have left? Do you feel like you've changed this place or like this place has changed you? And oh, what was the hardest part?

[ Does he expect people to answer such personal questions? Debatable, but it's out there. He stops abruptly and changes the subject without a single hitch in his tone. ]

By the way, does anyone have a shogi board to spare?

[ ooc With his intro out of the way, I'd like it if you guys could fill out this permissions post! ]