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Feb. 19th, 2016


all day || action || open

[Now that everyone got to enjoy looking pretty and fancy for a while, it's time for some silliness - not in the form of failed attempts at baking or terrible craft-making.

This time, people will get... sweaters. Yes, as simple as that. Fluffy, warm, cute, and they're even useful, given the time of the year, so what's the catch? Well, for people who qualify for it, the sweaters will magically display a knitted pattern with nicknames the character has. Do they go by many different names? Perhaps a title? The pattern will change accordingly! Do they have no nicknames at all? Too bad, no cute sweaters for you. Perhaps it's time you try and find one.

Is your nickname embarrassing and you'd rather not have it displayed in front of everyone? Oh, but of course, you can't take the sweaters off. That is to say, you can, but it'll reappear where it was. You'll have to endure it for a while - they'll be fully removable by the time the day ends.]

Feb. 3rd, 2016


action || open

[Despite the many complaints about it, it's still winter. Now that the world isn't changing things around nor causing a blizzard, why not take advantage of the cold to have a little fun?

With a little help from certain resident wizards, and the intention of cheering up a certain shinki, the lake's been polished for use as a skating ring, and David & Snow are setting out ice-skates in various sizes (left over from previous, more dramatic ice-related shenanigans) for anyone who'd like to give it a try. If twirling around on ice isn't really your thing, there'll surely be some who engage in snowball fights instead, or play other games in the snow.

Maybe you simply want to watch the others, or end up being curious about what's going on and just come over to chat - there'll be plenty of the Charmings family's trademark hot cocoa with cinnammon for anyone who'd like some, regardless. You might want to watch out for Snow trying to fuss over your clothes not looking warm enough, though, don't think she won't try and shove an extra sweater or scarf your way.]

[[Charming house mingle! Hit up the residents of their home while they do various things, or play out your own threads among yourselves.]]

Jan. 28th, 2016



[ the voice of a young woman, speaking entirely in whatever common tongue kiseki magics onto its denizens, but with a slight accent that softens many of her r's to almost l's, greets you. she sounds nervous--hesitant, even. ]

Excuse me. This is my first time to really use this journal the way it was intended. I apologize for the tardiness, and... uhm... ah...

[ muttering ]

Oh, dear. I'm already messing up...

[ in a louder, clearer voice: ]

If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to know if anyone out there is looking for a part-time assistant or worker! I really don't have a lot of experience--or, uhm, any, really--but I'd like to try! I promise to work really hard, and I don't expect that much pay, either!


I'd just... really like to carry my own weight around here just a little bit more. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

[ and you can't see it, but she's actually bowing to her little book inside her room, out of habit. ]

Jan. 21st, 2016


everywhere || open

[Had fun being petty and insecure? Judging your loved ones' actions and confronting them over ridiculous claims? Making a fool of-- well, granted, perhaps it wasn't all that fun. Maybe it's time to be treated nicely, for once! What better way to do this than indulging everyone in a little comfort (since releasing the captives in this world or not disturbing their lives once in a while isn't an option, no, don't be silly)?

Whether you were a victim of the last little mishap or not, today you'll find things could be quite enjoyable. You'll find your beds extra comfy (is that a new comforter? Extra pillows? Nicer bed-sheets?), and realize a table with a nice, big breakfast is all set up and waiting for you. Are you not the type to enjoy indulging in meals? Maybe you'll find a big book that could interest you, instead. Or wake up to the sound of purring, and find a new pet (or visitor) there to spend the morning with you. Or a relaxing bubble bath will be waiting, all set for you. You could go down to the common rooms to find just that one movie you've always loved waiting there to be watched, and the usual seats ready with blankets to curl up in, and plenty of snacks to share with others. You could find that the cafeteria's stocked up on several of your favorite meals.

If you're more the type to enjoy the outdoors, the weather will be nice and comfortable despite the time of the year, and the paths you go through every day will seem prettier than usual, perfect to enjoy a walk with someone else, or at least enjoy your usual routines in a more cheerful way. You could get lucky - find an item you wanted to buy, find the peace of mind to finish that paperwork that's been nagging you in time. No tricks or catches this time, it's just a day to enjoy yourselves and relax.

... Not that you can't be a little paranoid, once you notice things are going so well. Afterall, who can trust this world at this point?]

Jan. 15th, 2016


everywhere || action

[Ah, jealousy. Who hasn't felt jealous once in a while? If your answer is never, I'm so confident and secure, well, today's your lucky day. Or everyone else's unlucky days, however you'd like to see it. While people go around doing their usual thing, they'll occasionally feel jealous - it's that simple. It can range from small, little bursts of it to a more complicated situation.

Does it feel like your best friend is ignoring you? Or maybe you can't stand watching them talk to someone else? Are you suddenly convinced they're going to ditch you forever, and must clearly be showing this by deciding they won't stick by your side at all hours of the day, maybe even dared to act friendly to others?

Perhaps you're jealous other people are paying attention to them, rather than you. Or feel jealous about things others have, maybe driving you to more questionable methods of obtaining them for yourself. Perhaps you're feeling particularly possessive of your significant other, or upset thinking of all the times they obviously were flirting with that one person they usually interact with.

Maybe you're already usually a jealous person, and then you'll either notice nothing different, or become fully melodramatic and ridiculous at the smallest things. ... Or you're the poor bastard who isn't affected by any of this, and is tired of people making a scene at them. Well, before you start considering giving out sleeping pills or shaking your partner for a while out of sheer frustration, keep in mind that while the unjustified jealousy can easily come up for a couple of days ahead, it should wear off after a short while. It'll simply be a matter of putting up with it, and... maybe try to suggest no one challenges anyone else to a duel, or takes other extreme measures, until a few hours have passed.]

Jan. 9th, 2016


[video; open]

[First things first-- proselytize!! Being handy with social media, gadgets, and a god, he took no time to learn the functions of the journal that had been provided.

And what better way to test how well it works than to broadcast himself advertising his services? He flips the journal open and sets it on the table a ways away from where he intends to stand, angling it just right to properly capture his very best features. And when he thinks he's got it, because, really, every feature is his best feature, he hits the record button and stands a few feet back.


In short order, he appears on the screen clad in a tracksuit, crown emblem etched on the left breast, and what appears to be a ragged hand towel (it's a fluffy-fluff scarf, thanks) tied around his neck. His piercing ice blue eyes stand out despite his homeless appearance, and his black hair is tied back in a short ponytail.]

Good morning, fellow Kisekians! It is I, Yato, God of Fortune, at your service! I'm fast, affordable, and reliable and available 365 days a year, seven days a week, and twenty-four hours a day! And for just five yen I can solve all your problems~!

Need advice on how to be successful in your career, or the right motivation to get started?

Is your love life in the toilet and you want to win over that special someone?

Are you tired of the same old thing day in and day out and need a little excitement in your life?

Kids, are you constantly being bullied and wish to permanently incapacitate those jerks and teach them a lesson?

Big or small, no matter the problem-- from a leaky faucet to structural remodeling of your home, just give Yato a call any time!

[And anyone that seems to be the slightest bit curious, or considering his help, will find a business card float down before them. Somehow. The card has a crown emblem on it and reads:

The company that really delivers!
TEL 090-XXXX-##3X
President & CEO - YATO

(( OOC: responses may be slow at times-- my apologies! ))

Jan. 8th, 2016


Action || Open

[The eclipse is now fully over, and it's time to return to the usual routine... and hey, what better way to clear your head from a series of bad dreams than with some exercise? If anyone mentions being hit with sticks, don't listen to them.

It so happens that today you'll have a perfect chance for this. Where the (momentarily) half-empty bike shop was, now you'll notice a whole lot more activity. The place was refurbished, and a weapons shop has been added to it. Perhaps because of the empty storage place, or because the current owner is somewhat responsible... In any case, passing by the store will likely catch your attention: if it isn't the impressive sword collection currently on display (and don't bother trying to grab them or steal them, they're all carefully protected with magic), or the actual (less impressive, surely) swords, bows, arrows and other items on sale, it'll be the noise: now and then you'll hear a robotic-like voice repeating PARRY PARRY, THRUST over and over.

You might hear those outside of the shop, as well, since the opening of the new shop means it's a great chance to try out weapons and train a little, and so people are taking advantage of its closeness to the park, to have a special practice day. Whether you're a complete newbie to any sort of fighting technique, or an expert, surely there'll be someone who can match your skills, or teach you... or simply put up a bit of a show to impress you. We're not running out of show-offs, either.]

[[Training/shop log! Pearl can be found here, Neal is here, otherwise mingle as you'd like!]]

Dec. 12th, 2015


action || open

[Winter is... nearby! And Miracle Country is now shifting to reflect it. With a little extra this time. Snow will fall across the island, with occasional hailstorms now and then.

But of course, our residents won't be left to freeze. For maximum cozy points, today people will find that the hotels are temporarily gone, and the forests seem to have expanded to take over that area. Accessible through many ladders and interconnected through hanging bridges, large treehouses meant to accomodate everyone have been set up. You'll want to look around to find your own, as rooms don't exactly match: the tree houses are big, some meant to house several people in it (with only the usual mini-kitchens missing from them), while others will work the part of the common rooms such as the cafeteria and other underground locations, holding food supplies, blankets and clothes, or even the TVs and other items like books or electronics available.

You might not even notice this at first, however. Some will not be in one of these treehouses, and instead find themselves in smaller huts found across Miracle Country's islands, even on places such as the beach, deep in the forests, or outside the amusement park! Small and cozy, they can either work as more private housing, or simply be an option to take a short break in while walking around. Some of them will carry fitting items for the occasion - things like bags of marshmallows, chocolates, or even scarves and dry, fluffy socks for anyone who might've been caught up in the storm.

With everything looking so accomodating for the most part, it might come as a surprise if certain events happen during these days, given the chances of them happening seem to be a little higher than usual. Perhaps you'll be lucky and simply get to enjoy the changes as they are. ... If you're not the type to enjoy sharing a space with others too much, though, you'll have to learn to manage - the treehouses and huts will remain this way until Sunday 20th!]

Nov. 23rd, 2015


001 ♒ action | open to all

[The last few days have been rather beautiful and sunny -- so it's about time that stopped being the case.

Perhaps because there's a new arrival today who's from a relatively rainy place, but it seems that the typical late autumn weather has decided to disappear for the time being and it'll be sprinkling all day today.

Not prepared for that kind of weather? You're in luck, since the shopping district will have sales on rain clothes and umbrellas all day. And you might want to stock up since by late afternoon, the wind will pick up and the rain will start falling harder. It won't be long before it's a complete downpour, knocking leaves from the trees and flooding the streets and park with deep puddles (don't fall in or misjudge the depth!).

And because it's so close to winter, don't be surprised if that rain turns bitterly cold, almost sleet and icy as the night falls.

Hopefully you didn't get caught out in the rain! You'll hear it drumming against your windows all day long and well into the night, so maybe now's a good time to cuddle up with someone special and stay warm. Pity those out in the forests, who have to suffer leaky roofs.]

[ooc: This is an open mingle so feel free to use it as you see fit! If you'd like to interact with Lili specifically, go here]

Nov. 10th, 2015


all day || action || open to all

[Normally, the Usyagi are off doing their own thing, unless someone requires their assistance - new arrivals, customers at the various shops in the city, people who wish to request something from them. So it might be surprising at first to see them much more present than usual. Unsettling to many, considering their apparent link to the magic of this world, and various events...

What are they up to? Well, should you approach them, or should you ignore them for long enough that they decide to seek you out instead, they'll hand you a little card, and leave. In this card, there's a simple question:

"Truth or Dare?"

Should your characters answer this question, out loud or mentally (maybe they think anyone would pick 'dare'!), the card will then change to a specific truth or dare set out of them, with a note that they must fulfill the requirement (talk about a deep secret, say what they really think of someone they know, help out somebody, insult the first person they meet, get up to the middle of the park and sing a song at the top of their voice, make a new friend, try to steal a cake from one of the shops, and so on) within the next few days. If they picked truth, then it'll be up to them to find someone to tell these things about. If they picked dare, then the same applies, as long as the dare involves other people.

And what if they ignore the note? Or pick one, but choose not to follow through? Well, they'll be pranked by Miracle Country. They'll find themselves with an embarrassing outfit, or realize their shop was invaded by stray cats that won't stop making a mess, or find that their rooms have been turned upside down. Nothing fatal, but it might be easier at times to simply play along... Of course, if you absolutely hate your truth/dare, you could always complain enough that maybe you'll get a different one - usually switching to dares, as people sometimes are more comfortable doing ridiculous things than being honest about some topics.

Oh, and of course, nothing says someone can't get more than one card. So have fun with that!]

[[Truth or Dare post, as you can see! It isn't mandatory, so feel free to use this for mingle purposes outside of these shenanigans.]]

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