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Nov. 23rd, 2015


001 ♒ action | open to all

[The last few days have been rather beautiful and sunny -- so it's about time that stopped being the case.

Perhaps because there's a new arrival today who's from a relatively rainy place, but it seems that the typical late autumn weather has decided to disappear for the time being and it'll be sprinkling all day today.

Not prepared for that kind of weather? You're in luck, since the shopping district will have sales on rain clothes and umbrellas all day. And you might want to stock up since by late afternoon, the wind will pick up and the rain will start falling harder. It won't be long before it's a complete downpour, knocking leaves from the trees and flooding the streets and park with deep puddles (don't fall in or misjudge the depth!).

And because it's so close to winter, don't be surprised if that rain turns bitterly cold, almost sleet and icy as the night falls.

Hopefully you didn't get caught out in the rain! You'll hear it drumming against your windows all day long and well into the night, so maybe now's a good time to cuddle up with someone special and stay warm. Pity those out in the forests, who have to suffer leaky roofs.]

[ooc: This is an open mingle so feel free to use it as you see fit! If you'd like to interact with Lili specifically, go here]

Nov. 19th, 2015


( agent 001 ) ( video )

[ The video feed clicks on to reveal a young man of visibly modern stock - the snapback, polo shirt and hoodie combo sort of give it away. He squints dubiously at the camera. ]

Is this thing on?

[ Apparently he decides that it must be, because he stops trying to poke at the thing and starts talking again. ]

Alright, I dunno if anyone can hear me, but my name's Eggsy... sorry, Gary Unwin. Listen - someone wanna explain what the hell's goin' on? Last I knew is the world was goin' to shit and I just finished putting it all back after Valentine nearly got us all killed. Tried asking where I am but all I've got here is a load of fuckin' rabbits in my face, dunno what they're on about.

[ He pauses for a moment. Considers - he doesn't want to give too much away, but at the same time, he's got to make contact if there are any other Kingsman here. ]

Right, and - in case this makes sense to anyone here. Oxfords, not brogues. ... Yeah, 's about it.