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Nov. 3rd, 2014


I ☾ Arrival [open]

[At first, there's no picture, but the sound of fumbling around with the journal. Only the content sound of humming can be heard other than the usual ambient noises, as well. Eventually the image of a floor shows up. A wonderful first impression to everyone who's happened to look at their journal to see who's broadcasting this garbage.]

Oh, wait! It's a camera...?

[Now, instead of a floor, the image broadcasted is an upside down view of a twin tailed blonde haired girl. She blinks twice. Slowly but surely the image rotates around 180 degrees, eventually displaying the once upside down image right side up again.]

Ehehe, there we go. Hi! [A wave, and perhaps just a hint of a sheepish air.] I'm Usagi Tsukino from Tokyo! There's got to be others from Tokyo right? [a bright smile filters onto her face.] I guess this is an introduction! I heard that there are a lot of people here who--

[Her stomach makes itself known suddenly, grumbling in discontent. Apparently, she's a lot hungrier than she realized. Usagi blushes.] Who...[Who is she kidding. Defeated, she gives into her stomach and changes her question with a sagging of her shoulders.] ...might know where I could get something to eat. [Stomach feeding first, then heroics.]

I was also kind of hoping maybe someone else I knew was here too, so I wasn't here all alone... [That would make things worse, to be honest.] Or maybe, if not that, someone who could show me around? If we're all trying to get home, maybe I can help too once I know my way around! [another grumble and Usagi is reduced to a whine.]

Something smells SO good... Waaaah why is this place so big and confusing?! I just want to find my friends and get something to eat....[Completely derailed. So much for the mature first introduction...]

((ooc: if anyone would rather come across her in person just indicate such in a comment and we can go from there!))

Oct. 31st, 2014


[Halloween | Open log!]

[Look at that calendar, dear Kiseki residents! Do you see what day is today? Do you?


It's Harry Dresden's birthday! Yay!

It's such an important date that the land itself decided to throw a themed party for him, in which he's trapped and unable to leave before midnight. Therefore, starting at around 10 am, a big section of the park starts resembling Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

That'd be the wrong wizard named Harry but who cares as long as the food is good, right?

We have, among other things, a Quidditch field with brooms that don't fly - unless except MAYBE if you ask an actual wizard to enchant them -, a TARDIS-sized Shrieking Shack, and a replica of the Great Hall where there are tables with lots of food and cake and more cake and the ceiling is just like the sky… No, wait. That is the actual sky.

Oh, oh. I guess it's Halloween too. Thus, some of the characters who wander inside the party zone may have their clothes changed to the Hogwarts house they'd be in if they were students. Even if they have never heard of anything Potter.]

((OOC: Everyone is welcome to the party! And welcome to mingle, of course =) You can give your good wishes to the birthday boy in his thread here))

Oct. 22nd, 2014


action || open to everyone

[With the last shreds of cake dissolving and leaving the usual sakura tree back in place, things seem to slowly be going back to normal again. Or as normal as it can be in Miracle Country, anyway. The monsters are finally gone, allowing those who are still searching for their lost things to get them back in peace.

While the decorations, confetti and such are gone, there might be something else people will notice. Hair, lots of thin white strands of fur falling from seeming everywhere... Aang is flying around on Appa, who seems to be in need of a good brushing. So when he notices Appa is shedding all over the place, he'll take a detour towards one end of the park so he can take care of his bison properly.]

[[ooc: open mingle! if you want aang, comment to his tag here, otherwise abuse the post as you'd like.]]



[what's up Kiseki, apparently information gathering is the only thing Ian will ever use this journal for]

Good morning, Miracle Country~ [Just like last time, Ian opens up with a kiss blown to the journal. For anyone particularly skilled in empathy or identifying someone wearing a fake smile, it might be rather obvious that his heart isn't really in this.]

I don't think I really need to say anything about the situation with those monsters, but I hope that everyone has made it through safely. I'm a bit late in saying this, but... If ever something happens where you need a hand, please feel free to contact me, or any of the other Kyoryugers. It's a bit hard for us to get around here without our usual transport [by which he means two dinosaur mechas that combine to become a motorcycle], but wherever you are, we'll come to you as fast as we can.

[Yeah he feels more than a little bit bad that so many people were successfully attacked by those monsters. Not that there was a whole lot he could have done about it, but... Well. It's not the first time he's failed in his desire to protect, and on this date in particular the failure stings just a bit more - the fact that these monsters are thieves is just really the salt on the wound.]

In the meantime... Just how many are there that have had something taken away by those monsters? I know it might be a bit much to ask for some who have been affected, but knowing our statistics in this could help us be better prepared for anything that happens in the future. If you were attacked, or if they managed to take something from you, it would help if you could let me know.

[There's a little bit of a wave, as if he's just casually saying goodbye at the end of a video call. It's really the best way for him to think of these journals, like they're a Kiseki-wide Skype call.] Take care, everyone.

Oct. 20th, 2014


006 ❄ Video

[Someone is looking incredibly disappointed in all of you, Kiseki. Beware, you have unleashed the Disappointed Parent look.]

I cannot believe that I have to say this, and yet here I am. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to tie a girl to a tree, especially when there are monsters running around. Especially when she's a minor. Especially when it's an adult doing so. Nor is it alright to hold someone down while someone else punches them. Nor is it alright to outright punch someone. None of this is alright. We're all civilized people here.

I expect so much more from all of you. [And the more she talks, the louder her voice is becoming - where she's usually calm and patient, it's clear she's rattled and on the edge of yelling]

I do not have time to hunt everyone down and have them behave, but I'd like to think that, while we're all visitors in this world, we can maintain some decorum of diplomacy and good will.

[And here she just looks frazzled since bb!Neal, whom she's cradling as she scolds, starts to fuss -- sensing his mother's distress] I am breastfeeding and I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep in months and I don't think it's so much to ask that everyone treat everyone else with patience and respect.

[...] [She looks like she's going to shut off the video, but then she turns and records the very destroyed huge cake provided by the world]

And just who shot this cake? [behold her fiery vengeance on the cake's behalf; someone may or may not have lost her patience due to the event, which is only making her frustration worse]


[Accidental Video | Open to action]

[Is that on your journals Miko all gagged and tied to a tree? Yes, that's Miko all gagged and tied to a tree.

Now, the question is why. Simple: after finding out what King had been doing, she found a way to sneak past her army of guardians and uncles and go yell at him. Or challenge him to a duel. Or both.

The point is that this is how it all ended. She isn't hurt, in case you're wondering, but for her to tell you all of that, she needs to be freed.

Help, Kiseki?]

Oct. 16th, 2014


[Accidental video | Open to action for everyone who may want to stop him]

[After Minityra took his Gaburevolver from him, King was stripped from his status as a Kyoryuuger, which led him to throw a big tantrum and say a lot of hurtful things.

But in the end, who cares? Certainly not him. Nu-huh. Who needs a Tyrannosaurus Rex who is easily towered by a toy poodle? Specially when you can have a dragon, really. Dragons fit with their aesthetic and include a flamethrower. Good.

King sneaked from the Spirit Base before dawn and then sneaked into the zoo. He's on the dragon exhibit, in front of the cage of a mean-looking and red one that caught his eye, ready to jump over or under whatever fence. And this is where the video starts.]

Huh. That'll do.

[He then starts looking for a way to go in, all ready to punch it.]

Oct. 14th, 2014


action || open to everyone

[Today seemed as though it would be another quiet day in Miracle Country. Mild weather, a peaceful atmosphere, people probably had no idea anything would soon be wrong when they set off to work, school, or a day of goofing around.

Soon it'll be clear it won't be that simple. Creeping out from the forests and from within the lake or ocean, some creatures will set out to attack others. Becoming impossible to stop at the exact moment of this attack, these monsters will set out to steal something important to people: an ability they have, or an important personality trait, which will now take the form of a tangible, brightly glowing light.

The monsters don't seem to want them for themselves, however. They'll either sneak away quickly, and end up hiding what they took in some difficult place, or they'll challenge the owner - or anyone else who'd like to step up and fight - to a battle for the stolen traits or abilities.

If the creatures get away from you, either because they've gone off to hide your skill/trait or because the battle was lost somehow, the owner of what was lost will always be able to find their skill or trait eventually, as their presence will call back to them. Similarly, if they find someone else's lost skill or trait, they'll be able to know it's not their own. Perhaps they'll want to give it back, too, or maybe even keep it for themselves for a while? While they cannot absorb the abilities or traits themselves, it could be a good way to manipulate others or get a favor from them...]

[[Mingle for the lost traits event! Keep in mind the timing, since any new post opened until the 21st will be happening within the context of this event.]]

Oct. 13th, 2014


[action/video | open to everyone]

[Early this morning, before the sun has even risen, Nossan and Stegotchi can be seen setting up a series of objects in the park. And at 8:00am, Nossan opens a video to announce it to Kiseki. He's wearing a white bandana that keeps his ridiculous, apparently damp curls out of his face; a blue t-shirt with his logo on the front, blue shorts with black and yellow stripes, and his regular shoes. He gives a big bow, and smiles cheerily]

Good morning everyone! It's the second Monday of October, so that means it's Health and Sports Day!

[He sweeps an arm back and shows off what he's created: a small open sports area! He's built an elaborate obstacle course, including a tire-jumping section, monkey bars over a crude mud pit, tunnels, and everything else besides; he's set up gym mats, weighted gym balls and a wide range of dumbells; a small table, currently being lounged on by Stegotchi, has a pair of gigantic coolers, full of fruit and bottles of water, and a large, bulging sack; and everything is enclosed in an 8-lane chalk race track, with a number of sacks and lengths of rope next to the starting line. Everything looks very well-made, albeit made of spare parts and recycled material]

[He grins broadly] I've been helping set this event up back home for years now, and my niece Rika loved it to bits! But since I can't be there now, I decided to bring Sports day here! Stegotchi and I set up lots of things, so everyone can come along and join in some fun events. You're all completely welcome, so let's get together and have a good time! It'll be su-port fun! [big ol' thumbs up!, on which the video ends]

[[Take this as a big mingle journal as well :D ]]

Oct. 5th, 2014


❅02 } video

[The video opens to a very comfortable looking Ichiru: he has a blanket draped over his shoulders, there's a partially eaten caramel apple just beside him, and just at the edge of the frame there looks to be a thing of colored pencils and a drawing he's yet to finish.

But that's not the important part.

All of those nice things aside, he looks almost like he's buzzing with delight, violet eyes shining.]

So, I haven't had a fever in a little over a week now, and I haven't tired super easily, like usual. I don't remember every going this long without either or both of those things, not in most all my life. Maybe it's something this world is doing? It's called "Miracle Country," right?

Anyway, um-! I wanna try new things. I even feel a little stronger, but I think it may be a day by day thing? Either way, though. I've been here a while, now, but it's the first I've ever felt like this. So I should get out and experience even more! Which is why I thought to make this video, for suggestions!

[he pauses briefly. the way he's smiling isn't exactly sheepish, but still a slight hesitancy]

It doesn't need to be anything huge, either. I'm. . . really used to having to stay in bed, so. It won't take too much to be fun, new, and even exciting!

[another beat]

AH. And I remember Haru mentioned swimming, already. So I'll definitely try that. But give me more, too!

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