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Dec. 14th, 2014


action || open to all

For centuries, the three worlds – Heaven, Hell, and the Otherworld – have been separated, often at war, sometimes in stilted tension waiting for the next war, but never, truly, in harmony. Thankfully, between the three worlds, there is a neutral ground – the Bridge Between Worlds. The purpose of the bridge is to be a connection point for all three worlds, in which peace treaties can be negotiated and signed on a neutral platform without having to invite potential enemies into one’s own realm.

For the first time in decades, the Bridge is being opened and the three worlds are meeting – and everyone is waiting in anticipation for that moment. The barriers between the worlds have slowly weakened over the years, making it easy for demons, otherworlders, and angels to drift between the worlds if they so choose (and some certainly have), when means of communication through magically-connected journals no longer seems enough. In addition to this, there have historically been long, grueling wars between the worlds that have only recently started to wane in intensity. With this weakening of the borders over the decades and the long war, the need to reach agreement between the worlds couldn’t be stronger, and sorting out those differences is goal number one.

… Or so it might seem. Because there are rumors that Hell isn’t as on board for peace as the other two worlds are. In fact, there are whispers that the Demon Queen has perhaps had her hand in disruptions. There’s no way to prove this, and certainly anyone to suggest as much would unleash another decade of war. Still, things are tentative and tenuous between the three worlds, and the success of the bridge meeting is imperative.

Still, such rumors give light to a truth – things are tense between the worlds, and not even the entire worlds are in agreement. There are rumors, too, that the two Otherworld rulers are in disagreement about how to proceed with respect to the other two worlds – one wishes for connection, the other for isolation.

And while things may seem good and peaceful in Heaven, perhaps not everything is as it seems there. Heaven is very powerful, and very populated – more and more angels are being born every day, and there are stirrings within the Otherworld and Hell wondering if Heaven is truly as good as it seems, if they aren’t planning some form of invasion themselves with their gathering numbers, their protection of their barriers, their secretive insistence on peace. Perhaps there’s something more selfish hidden behind the guise of kindness and compassion.

But things aren’t going smoothly already. With random attacks happening every day across the worlds, things are more and more uncertain – and there’s no telling what will happen at the bridge meeting, or even if everyone truly wants peace.

And it’s no good to go into negotiations feeling as if you’ve been pushed to be there, after all… The Bridge Meeting is only a few days away and, regardless of one’s position on it, there is a quiver of anticipation – the opportunity for peace or, perhaps, for the opportunity to meet others who have, until now, been separated from one another.

[ooc: Please check back with the info & plotting for the event if need be, and if you want a list of where everyone is, check this thread. Please note that this event is a full AU, meaning that your character has no knowledge of Miracle Country or any details from their old life. This post is purely for characters to interact within their world – the bridge will appear in a few days time with a new log; characters can move between worlds, but it’s difficult to do so at this time, emphasizing communication through journals or through messages sent through Korra & Aang, and interaction with one’s own co-worlders. Each of the three worlds has its own individual thread.]

Nov. 30th, 2014


007 ⚜ Action/Video

[Those who know Porthos well - loud and usually around throughout the day, doing homework or messing around in the park - might notice that he's suddenly just not around at all. Which is entirely unlike him, even when he mysteriously disappears for a while with Aramis. So, where is he? The answer becomes clear for anyone who might visit the garden island or look at their journals to watch the recording there, in which Porthos is clearly not on the main island at all.]

[Because oh look there's Porthos now, stumbling out of the maze in the center of the garden island - looking shaken, distracted, and bleeding from a cut on his forehead. There are other cuts and bruises all over him, it seems, as his shirt is being bled through in certain spots.]

[He's successfully completed the maze's contest/goal, and as a result, he's been given a prize! .............. A basket of bran muffins. Porthos moves to the basket, picking it up and frowning down at it.]

[And then he tosses it down turning away and moving back towards the maze's entrance. If he beat it once, he can beat it again, right? If only so it'll just... distract him. He doesn't want to be able to think. He doesn't want to do anything at all.]

[He wipes at his face - clearly just his forehead to rid himself of the blood, and he's definitely not wiping at his eyes, don't be ridiculous why would he be wiping at his eyes.]

[Of course he then takes note of his journal recording and fumbles with it with a low curse, trying to get the recording to stop, trying to get it to delete the recording already there because there's at least one person in particular he doesn't want seeing this.]

[But then a thought occurs to him and he laughs, completely without mirth. And just stops. Don't be ridiculous. He won't even see this. And so he just tosses the journal away, instead, and it skids towards the discarded basket.]

[He rolls his shoulder, flinching once, and then draws his sword again and walks into the maze, leaving his journal behind.]

[ooc: Of course, the journal will magically find its way back to him for anyone wanting to respond via journal. Action tags are welcome - and of course feel free to catch him when he's eventually making his way back towards the main island. Also this post is a bit closed off, but feel free to use it to your heart's content - no interaction with Porthos necessary]

Nov. 29th, 2014


[written | open to action]

Good people,

I can only hope to appeal to the better nature of those that may somehow read these words beyond where I write them, for I am in need of answers. To many questions, truth be told.

Though kind, the young women that greeted me would not extend what I needed, and I turned to this journal instead. It was the only suggestion they could give, so it would appear that this is my only resource in a strange land. I am not entirely certain yet that this isn’t simply a dream I will wake from before long.

Even so, I cannot simply stay still without action so long as everything seems very much a reality.

I ask for your guidance if you would give it.

You have my thanks.

[Anne signs her name simply but with the usual formalities of her status; no matter where she may be, a queen must carry herself as such, after all.]

Nov. 19th, 2014


001 | Video/text

[Action/Accidental video]
[There's some pacing going on, here, and there has been for a little while. Someone's...talking to themselves? Riiiiight...]

Okay, Anna. It's okay. So you've been kidnapped! That's...that's fine. [There's some nervous laughter for a second.] Everything's let's just calm down, and--bwah?!

[...And that's when she gets close enough to the WC ladies for them to cheerily bid her "welcome!"...something she wasn't expecting seriously at all. Startled, she jumps back with that aforementioned undignified yelp. Unperturbed, the WC ladies continue with their explanation and hand her a journal.]

...Wait, wait! You want me to use this? For that? Really? But that's the craziest thing I've ever--! [...Okay, that's not exactly a princess-y reaction. Pause. There's a small sigh before she clears her throat and offers a little curtsy.] ...I mean, um. Thank you...very much? For your...assistance. [I guess. :x;;;]

[Obviously confused and a little lost, she wanders over to a bench and starts writing in the journal.]

[The words are written in neat script, nice-looking but a little shaky, and there are several words scribbled out before anything legible is written.]

Can anyone actually see this? Please tell me someone can see this. The people here haven't exactly been that helpful, so I'm kind of confused.

I need to How do I get back home? I was kind of in the middle of something, um...really, really important. [S-sigh, Elsa...she pauses for a minute, biting her lip, before writing more.] ...And I'd like to get back to it! [uh] Sooner would be better than later.

[...] So, um. Please let me know if you can help.

Nov. 18th, 2014


[Open Action to all]

[Today, November 17th, is Makoto's birthday. He personally hasn't paid much attention to it, but unknown to him, Kiseki decided to celebrate it for him. And how does it do that? By deciding to throw a pool party, of course.

Everywhere around the different island there are posters announcing the party in the gym, where there is an indoor pool. Once there, everyone would be able to see everything neatly prepared: things for the younger residents of Kiseki to swim in without sinking, the welcome ladies organizing different kinds of swimming competitions (including a relay).

There are even tables filled with all kinds of food and cakes, for those who might not want to swim. There's also posters around the walls with safety rules for the pool.]

Nov. 15th, 2014


[There is a video recording of the town before it swivels around and Sherlock's face appears. He doesn't look entirely vexed or surprised, but his mouth is maybe a little tight.]

I suppose it was only a matter of time before I found myself once more abducted into this world. By my count it's been eight months, however I'll wager it's been less than that according to the time flow here.

To the point, then. I am Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective and mentor of young minds, specifically on the subject of biological sciences. If we are already acquainted and you are still trapped here, I wish our reunion was under much different circumstances. If you are newly arrived in this place and are yet unfamiliar with it's antics, my sympathies. You'll learn soon enough why.

I'll waste no more of anyone's time. This is a simple announcement to all students that my class will be resuming starting tomorrow. Disregard previous assignments, and come prepared with your books as we shall be starting our next lesson on the Chelydra serpentina. Better known as the common snapping turtle . For non-achidemic purposes, should you have need of me I shall be at this- [turns the journal around so it records the library before focusing around back to his face] -location for the next hour or two. I am open to conversing so long as the topic isn't dull, and your company stimulating as opposed to irritating.

[Stares at the journal, then nods before the recording ends.]


♪ ~ Arrival [Text/Open]

Hi, my name is Raimu Bito. You can call me Rhyme.( ´ ▽ ` )ノ If you're reading this, then I guess I did this right. I won't really know until someone replies though, so if you're not busy, can you please write back? I'd really appreciate it!

[Rhyme lightly taps the end of her pen against her chin as she considers what else to write. It doesn't seem right to end it just like that. She wonders if there's any point in asking if anyone has seen her brother, but there's really ho harm in trying, right? And nothing ventured nothing gained so...]

Also, have any of you seen a guy named Beat around here? I don't know if he was brought here too, but he's my brother. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and is probably carrying his skateboard. If you've seen him, can you tell him that I'm here too? I don't think he'll pay any attention to his journal.

[Rhyme laughs as she writes that last part.]

Thank you very much!(^_^)

Nov. 12th, 2014


002 ☯ Written

Filtered to Asami; unhackable )

[She's concentrated enough to make this next part completely anonymous: there's no pictures, no way to identify her through the writing. It's all filtered away.]

What do you do if you're seeing things that aren't actually there? If you can't sleep, if you keep getting nightmares, if you keep remembering all the stupid things from the past? [The island she's camping out on isn't helping that, but she doesn't know that.]

Is there a magical solution?

[Bending isn't doing any good, nothing at home was doing any good, going to the Tree of Time did nothing. She knows she has to figure it out on her own, but, maybe there's a solution that she can find here...?]

How do you know you're not just going crazy?

[All replies, except to Asami, will be filtered like the entry - there won't be a way to identify it as Korra unless she identifies herself personally (castmates past her canonpoint can feel free to guess it's her, if they have the ability to do so)]

Nov. 10th, 2014


video & action

[ Three years. Jinora hasn't seen Miracle Country in three years. She'd completely forgotten until she appeared in the Welcome Center again. The names and faces started surfacing. Her stomach twists unpleasantly. It's been three years for her, but how long has it been for them? Are they even still here or does she have to start over? Jinora takes a deep, calming breath. Things back home weren't great, but they could wait now that she's sure that time does in fact stop for her. ]

[ So she faces the matter at hand and addresses the network yet again, this time three years older and an Airbending master. But, like before, she's sitting in front of the cherry blossom tree in Sakura Park. ]

Hello [a slight smile] again. I'm sorry if I worried anyone. It's been three years for me, but I think it's only been a few days here. Time in Miracle Country isn't very straightforward.

If you've never met me, my name is Jinora. If you have, I'd really like to hear from you.

[ She turns off the video and leans against the tree, waiting for replies or maybe even visitors. ]

Nov. 4th, 2014


100 ❀ Video/Action

[Anyone passing by the candy shop today or glancing at their journal will see Himawari outside the candy shop's front door, holding a little tray of little baskets, all full of little candy-coated chocolates, and sparkling at anyone who may be passing by]

Free samples! Today only - try our new recipes and flavors!

[Over the past seven years, this day has usually been one for melancholy or thoughtfulness, considering it marks another year in Kiseki, but this year, Himawari is determined to face it with more cheerfulness and happiness than previous years. Dare she even think maybe with a kind of hopefulness? Regardless, her good mood doesn't seem faked for once.]

Free samples for everyone today to mark the candy shop's anniversary! [It's not the exact day for the shop, of course, but she's long since forgotten the day she got the job here - or the day she inherited the shop from Kakei and Saiga. So today works as well as any]

The candy shop has been around for almost seven years now, so I just wanted to do my part to thank everyone for your continued support and business over the years - to both old and new customers. Thank you very much! Shizuka-kun, Lancelot-san, and I are all incredibly thankful!

And if you like the candies, please consider returning and buying all our different lines of candy!

[Of course, anyone who actually does take the candy samples from her will find themselves, a short time later, undergoing some strange side-effects, ones that no one might necessarily expect, least of all Himawari. Suddenly, her good mood (and lack of good luck) seems to be spreading to others around - and everyone's suddenly just a little bit lovestruck.]

[The effects of the candy will last for as long as half of an hour, or shorter. Your character will eat the candy and then fall in "love" with whoever they happen to see first upon eating that candy. For more information about the original event, go here. The candies being offered will be listed in the cut below.]

ooc: candy colors & their type of love )

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