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Apr. 2nd, 2014


Action || Open to everyone

[Happy (belated) CLAMP day, everyone! We're following our tradition and having an event for the date.

This year, it's a memory sharing event. Characters will find that they're holding a feather (or perhaps more than one), and they'll know that this feather contains a memory. It could be anything, big or small, happy or sad, that much is up to you. Now, they hold these representations of their own memories for a reason! They're meant to hand them over to someone else. In doing so, the person they give the feather to will experience this memory in a vision. There's a catch, however; the person receiving this memory has to be someone who didn't experience it or witness it too.

Now, if they decide they'd rather not give it to anyone, they'll realize the memory contained in that feather is slowly fading away from their own memories. They'll forget names, faces, events from the memory, until they eventually forget it entirely. Sometimes the memory fading will be a lot faster, and they'll know they have to act quick and don't have the luxury to be sitting around considering who to trust with it. They'll know that, unless shared with someone, the memory will be forgotten entirely. Or, well, "entirely", as Kiseki would have mercy and return it to them, after several weeks (how much is up to you).

The memory exchange will happen when someone else touches the feather - and it means that, yes, you can force someone to see your memory, or you can forcefully view them yourself. And while feathers with memories only work once and then disappear, they could reappear with the same memory in them later.

Of course, the event isn't mandatory, your characters being affected by it at all is entirely your choice.]

Mar. 31st, 2014


⚡ 005

[After work - and having changed out of his bunny suit - Utsusemimaru heads over to the Sakura Park. It's time for him to do some Serious Thinking about his love life, and that includes turning to his friends for advice (and avoiding Daigo at the same time). He wanders all over the park throughout the afternoon, at times talking to himself and gesticulating to the park animals, or buying a comforting ice cream cone only to give up halfway. For a while he tries to figure things out alone, but with the situation getting more confusing the more he thinks on it, he's soon ready to pounce on anyone friendly who crosses his path and beg them to help him sort through his concerns.

Any love gurus out there?]

Mar. 27th, 2014


002 ƸӜƷ Video

[The screen flickers to life. She hasn't been here long, but for anyone who knows her, Yuuki appears on screen. Her back straight, a slightly dissatisfied curve tilts her lips down. What's clear is that she seems... maybe not angry- but frustrated is a good word for it. What's more is that she is dressed a little finer today. She's always dressed nicely, but it's just a bit more regal than normal.]

. . . It's been bothering me for a little while now [ Today only ]. I like to think that I am generally a tolerant person, but even I have limits. I do what I can to treat everyone with equal respect, no matter where they come from. But because of that I would prefer to be treated with the same amount of respect too.

[Haughty, one hand on her hips, the other lifts to rest against her chest.]

That's why I would like to correct a mistake! I am the pureblood princess Yuuki of the royal house of Kuran. My brother would not tolerate being so disrespected and neither will I. Now- because some of you might not have been aware, I forgive you. [She's understanding and kind, after all. She can forgive them despite the lack of proper respect.] But from now on I would like you to address me properly. 'Yuuki-sama' at the very least is appropriate enough.

[A short pause...]

And because I am understanding of other cultures, I will accept other equivalent forms of address. I thank you for your understanding and hope that this can clear things up for within the future.

[ooc: Someone is evented with one of the seven deadly sins. ANY GUESS WHAT IT IS. Also tags will be more consistent once off of work.]

Mar. 26th, 2014


004 ♔ Action/Video

[Anyone glancing at their journal or perhaps walking around the park will see a young man wandering around, looking quite frustrated but also incredibly distressed, expression grim as he walks, his sword drawn. ... His father will be so angry with him if he's actually managed to be kidnapped. He should have been more on guard, clearly...]

[His expression will darken considerably when he catches sight of you, however, and he'll march his way right up to you, brandishing his sword and frowning forever]

I don't know what you're playing at, bringing me here, but you will return me to Camelot and to my father's side or suffer the consequences.

[ooc: Arthur has been deaged, and all replies will come from a separate account, etc etc.]

Mar. 25th, 2014


002 ⚜ Video

[Porthos is at the window to Aramis' room, while he's out, and giving an innocent looking plant an incredibly intimidating look, just flat-out glaring at it as he waters it with a tiny little watering can.]

[He stares at it for a while, and then waters it some more. Anyone who knows anything about plants can tell that this one is definitely being over-watered in general over the last few days]


Bloom, you little bastard.

Mar. 19th, 2014


[The video starts to shown a blonde in a purple leather jacket peering inside a journal. She closes the book and sighs looking around her surroundings. Usually it was a city, cold concrete, somewhere harsh not the building that is the Welcome Center that she has found herself in.]

You'd think they would have given some sort of warning. Not that I'm complaining. But--

[She bites her lip attempting to think back. She wasn't supposed to be here that much was sure. She digs her mobile out of her pocket and glances at it. No signal. And more frustration.]

So anyone getting this at all? Control?

Mar. 3rd, 2014


Action || Open to everyone

[It's been getting cloudier and cloudier during the morning, and by the time noon rolls by, a big storm will begin, lasting well until tomorrow.

All of Miracle Country will be hit by it, so it might be better to seek out shelter in the hotels or other buildings, and perhaps retreat to the underground tunnels if you still want to hang out with someone during the evening. Or maybe you're Miko you don't mind the rain and the cold and prefer to run outside anyway. Whichever the choice, at last the cafeteria in the hotel will have plenty of hot chocolate ready for anyone caught up under the pouring rain.]

Feb. 21st, 2014


4th Wall Event - Final log || Open to EVERYONE

The 4th wall event is ending!

As everyone should already know, the visiting period is coming to an end. Even Kiseki itself seems to be aware of it, the cheerful decorations and even the blooming sakura trees returning back to normal, leaving a shower of sakura petals on the ground. Because it's a time for good-byes and an opportunity that doesn't arrive often, Kiseki will help make this separation a little easier!

All around the different islands, and even within the hotel rooms, characters might find baskets and boxes with various things. Cameras, photo albums, colored papers and various other things fit for scrapbooks, varied stationery for letters, and so on. There're even a few booths for purikura.

Even if your characters aren't the type to care for mementos, by the time the evening rolls by everyone will be sent one of Miracle Country's usual mental messages, urging them to go to the beach. There will be a beautiful sunset that will persist way into the night, but around midnight the sun will finally set and with it, the Mokona pins will activate and visitors will disappear back to their worlds.

Enjoy the time until then and thanks to everyone who joined us!

- Event rules
- List of characters who've posted to the log
- Game FAQ

Also to players in game: you should add your character tag to the entry tags as usual; characters who aren't in game will not be able to and don't have to worry about it.]

(Credit for picture here)

Feb. 14th, 2014


4th Wall Event || Open to EVERYONE


It’s shaping up to be another ordinary day in Kiseki, until suddenly, your character is in the main park and despite the winter weather as of late, the trees in the park have all become cherry trees, all in bloom and raining sakura petals everywhere – it even seems as if it’s falling from the sky, too, mixed in with maybe some feathers too, if you look close enough.

Everything is set up like a big celebration is underway! There are balloons & signs hanging everywhere shaped like flowers, feathers, teddy bears, butterflies, chess pieces, dove motifs (like on her hat), bunnies, and things of that nature. There are also decorative fans with the same types of motifs throughout park. Throughout the entire island, there’ll be red strings connecting everywhere overhead, as well as stars and raindrops hanging from the blossoming trees. Once it starts to get dark each night, there will be lanterns to light your way.

You might think, well, it’s a festival, again. But that’s not what we’re celebrating.

You have to wait – there are all these new people here, too! These new visitors all arrive with a little Mokona pin that starts out black but will start turning white as the week progresses. For your new friends will only be here for this week only, and once the Mokona turns white, it’ll sprout wings, open a portal, and send your new friends back to their original worlds.

Until then, though, your new friends might be feeling a little confused! But Kiseki is taking care of you, too, visitors: from your Mokona pin’s jewel forehead, a projecting window will open with a hologram of a Welcome Center woman who will explain to you just what’s going on – this is a whole new world, and you were brought here to provide company to those who have been here for so long and are starting to miss you or want to meet you. You can’t escape, not for a week at least, but please don’t be scared. Time has been temporarily stopped back home in order to allow you to enjoy yourselves fully. So don’t worry, go and find those who are waiting for you.

[Please note that this event lasts February 15th until February 21st, and Kiseki's world will open up for visitors of all worlds.

Please be sure to state somewhere in your journal your character’s name, canon, canon point, and whether spoilers are okay! (Check the link below for more info.)

A side-note to muns/those bringing in characters to fourth wall – while the fourth wall is indeed been broken, please don’t break it to the point where the characters would become aware that they aren’t real and that this is an internet-based rpg where each character is played by a mun.

- Event rules
- List of characters who've posted to the log
- Game FAQ

That’s it! Go wild and have fun! If you need more invite codes, please comment on the event announcement post and the mods or players will give you one!

Also to players in game: you should add your character tag to the entry tags as usual; characters who aren't in game will not be able to and don't have to worry about it.]

(Credit for picture here)

Jan. 20th, 2014


002 ☠ video/action

[Well look who's back. And looking around. And not looking... overly pleased, although perhaps less grumpy than the first time he arrived.]


Bloody hell.


Right then. I am entirely too sober for this. [TO THE BAR HE GOES. Cause fuck this.]

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