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Sep. 8th, 2016


action: open to all

[ It's a sunny day in Miracle Country, and there are likely those who want to take advantage of such nice weather. At the least, any cleaning that needed to be taken care of before has been taken care of, so what better time to sharpen one's abilities than now?

Perhaps your character might be doing some shopping or sightseeing. Either way, they may walk passed the training center.

For those who do, they'll find someone rather diligently practicing their lance-wielding abilities - thrusting it back and forth, twirling it and whatnot. You're free to either join her or merely observe her. Either way, she's concentrating rather hard, so it may be harder to get her attention than the norm. ]

Aug. 29th, 2016


010 ⚜ Action | open to all

[It’s that time of year again! Anyone around the last few years will remember that it's a certain someone’s birthday - and time for the birthday tradition. As is typical of a Porthos Birthday Party, there’s food and drinks everywhere. Also lots of fruit. In the past, the party’s mostly been stuck at the park or beach and near the hotels… but not so this year. In fact, it seems that Kiseki wants to get into the party spirit along with Porthos since there are new areas to explore.

As if by magic – funny how that works – there’s suddenly a Town Hall - a new place for everyone to gather and meet for important discussions, or when those pesky events strike. There’s also a new arena for training, expansive and well-suited for all the warriors out there. It's about time you guys got your own place to train, right?

Not that you’d necessarily be able to tell today that these are fancy and sparkling new. There’s food everywhere, after all. And, well, the mess that comes with it. Is that a table full of cakes on the ceiling? Maybe. Anything is possible today when Miracle Country gets in the spirit of celebration. Try not to slip on that puddle of... beer? Well, let's hope that's beer.

You’ve probably been invited to this party, though. Or maybe you’re party-crashing. Or maybe you were trying to find a quiet corner to spend the afternoon and people won't shut up. Miracle Country might even help with that. Not likely to visit the beach today? Well here you are! Maybe you feel compelled to check out those new areas, or try to find where the party’s slowly migrating to. Maybe your foot's gotten stuck in a bridge and some nice party-goers are going to help you out. Everywhere you go, it sounds like there’s music and talking happening, so it might be hard to pinpoint everything down. Also, did we mention the food and drink?

Trying to ignore the party? Good luck, cause it’s lasting all day and well into the night. And just getting progressively louder and louder....

..... Did you just hear gunshots?

[ooc: this is an open log and feel free to jump in however you’d like. If you’d like to interact with Porthos specifically, his top comment is here; otherwise, use this as a mingle as you see fit!]

Aug. 19th, 2016


Action | Open | The Beach

[Mickey had come up with what he thought was a brilliant idea - writing letters to those he missed. At first had thought it would be as simple as writing things down. But it wasn't long before he realized he missed more people than he first realized, and he had a lot more to say than he knew.

He's sitting on the beach with a large stack of papers. There are a few rolled up balls of paper from failed attempts, but there's also a few successful letters in another pile - to Minnie, to Donald, to Goofy, Chip & Dale, Jiminy Cricket, Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow, Scrooge McDuck, Huey Dewey and Louie... it goes on, even to people he's met in other worlds, Sora, Kairi, Aqua, to the villains he's defeated, Pete, Maleficent, and so on and so forth.

There's writing supplies scattered about, and at this exact moment, he's finished another letter. He's built a smile fire, and when he decides a letter is 100% finished, he throws it in there. He tosses the latest one in there.

He picks up the one to Minnie, and sighs a little, writing a bit more.

I don't think this one will ever be finished.

Aug. 4th, 2016


011 ♔ Action | open

[Anyone who knows Arthur knows that he tends to get a little... upset at this time of year. Withdrawn, sad, the usual. Well, that's because it's his birthday - a date he'd rather forget about, in the end. Which is why he's rather determined to treat it like it's Just Another Day. Maybe if he ignores it, nobody will bring it up.

Which is why he's working at the flower shop like usual. You're free to visit him there, if you'd like. He'll either be working at the front or fussing over Guinevere's gillyflower (which are, thanks to Sakura's help, growing back just fine).

However, it seems that someone wants Arthur - and everyone else - to celebrate a little. In fact, it might be something your character recognizes when they find it raining flowers.

Depending on the color that falls into your hair, you'll influenced by the color. It's subtle and the effects are light, but undoubtedly there. The effect is very light, so it shouldn’t make your characters behave too much out of the ordinary – just influences general mood. It will last only for a short time before the flower will fall from their hair to the ground, perfectly harmless.

Red will make your character feel flirty & romantic.
Pink will make your character feel timid & shy.
Purple will make your character feel cranky & irritable.
Yellow will make your character feel silly & playful.
Blue will make your character feel gloomy & sad.
White will make your character feel relaxed & dreamy.

Are these some sort of flower-special from the Flower Shop? Is Merlin screwing around with magic again? Or is it just one of those random occurrences on someone's birthday? Hard to say. But the flowers will appear all day around the main island, especially close to the flower shop.]

[General mingle for Arthur's birthday. Arthur's thread is here but otherwise feel free to use this post as you'd like.]

Jun. 21st, 2016


action || open

[Things have been pretty calm recently, with time to relax at new places and everything... Which means that when you get ready to sleep tonight, and find yourselves completely unable to, it might feel strange to many who don't currently feel stressed out or worried about anything in particular. As the minutes turn into hours, it's clear any attempts to relax and get some sleep are pointless - no warm beverages or sheep counting will do the trick.

So perhaps you'll opt for embracing the sleeplessness and staying up in your rooms, alone or with whomever shares it. Perhaps you feel like heading down to the common rooms under the hotels and watch a movie, or hang out with others who might've had the same idea. Perhaps you feel like going outside for a walk - it's a good night to do that, with a bright full moon to light your way.

In any case, the following day will be declared a holiday, to account for those who might be exhausted after staying up all night. Never say Miracle Country isn't fair.]

May. 31st, 2016


at the garden island || action

[After the recent stress, and feeling rather sad himself because of everything that's happened (nevermind his closest parental figure leaving for a while) Steven wanted to cheer everyone up. And what better way to do that than music? So, with some help, he's set up the usual ballroom to work as a concert stage, and handed out (handmade!) invitations to everyone.

During the evening of the concert, he'll be singing several songs he's made up himself: one about Camelot and knights, one about mini-brooms which help you clean, one about Candy Week, even one about the Usyagi (which he'll refer to as 'beeple' for half the song). They're all mostly happy and cheerful songs, because that's how Steven rolls. He'll play his ukulele, too, and even dress up at points.

He'll make sure there's some candy available to everyone who attends (he is the Candy Ambassador, afterall), and maybe even ask people to join him in singing or dancing! He can be very convincing.]

[[Steven concert day! Steven can be found here, so feel free to mingle among yourselves or abuse the log for anything else going on elsewhere in the islands.]]

Apr. 30th, 2016


at the candy shop || action || open

[The Candy Shop (as it is best known) has grown by one employee today. Anyone passing by or on their way to visiting the café next door may see Lancelot welcoming Connie to the shop, both aproned and her ready in the designated employee uniform. The tour doesn’t take long and the two will be soon seen working together or taking up separate jobs that morning.]

[Connie is tasked with the broom and in the front, Lancelot handles register as usual – or well, at least as he is usually used to doing so. It’s really more of a bag of money than a register. While sorting out and making sure it’s all there, he walks to the back and hears some... training drills?]

Connie? Is everything all right in here?

Ah, yes! [she hurriedly stops the drills she's running... with the broom itself. She swears she's actually working, welp.] It's just... it was already clean, so...

[... He can't help a smile and comment.] Good form. That's fine, I'm only getting to the back here. [Meanwhile the money kind of jingles in the bag.]

Alright, then -- [here she stops abruptly, seeing the bag for the first time. Uh.] ... Sir Lancelot? Is that the store's bank?

Ah. That's right.

But... [......................................... b- but.] That's not -- Shouldn't you use the register?

Well- [Aha, see about this.] I'm afraid I was not able to learn how to use it.

... [suddenly she has the most srs!!1 face] That won't do at all! [and she marches behind the counter and studies the register for half a minute before she hits the proper buttons to get it to open with a little ding. ta da!]

[He looks impressed and surprised at once. Then- rather sheepishly, he asks:] ... Perhaps it might be best if we trade, my lady.

Ah... [she hesitates for a moment, looking at the broom, but then holds it out to him and gently takes the bag of money from him. cause honestly.] That might be a good idea for now...

[Chuckles a little, accepting the broom with a small bow to her.] Agreed.

[And so, Lancelot is left to the sweeping, diligent as ever. Connie handles the (actual) register without trouble. They’re working things out.

What better way to welcome another pair of hands on board? That’s right, it’s time for a candy sale! There will even be a sign hanging up outside as a display to alert others, simple but cute and the window as ever shows several different candies and chocolates for extra appeal. Come on by.]

Apr. 24th, 2016


forests || action || open

[So. What do you do when you're tricked into believing you should hide your powers again, and pretend the idea of having magic is laughable? You say 'fuck it' and make a bit of a statement as to how much of a sorcerer you really are.

And this is precisely what Merlin is doing. He's taken over one of the huts deeper into the forest, set out a couple of tables outside of it, and carried about every book of magic he owns over there, along with notebooks and other things. Under the curious gaze of some of the dragons that lurk in the forests, the point is to gather there and talk about magic with others. Or practice it, given it's safer to dick around with it further from where they all usually live. Or argue endlessly about magic versus bending. He's not picky.

Merlin'll have let people know of it, so you'll know in advance if you're interested in coming over to this magical meeting of sorts. There's no need to have magic skills of your own to attend, either - maybe you're just curious about the subject, or you want to watch what they'll all get up to.]

[Or maybe you still have vivid memories of Merlin setting fire to the forests out of anger before, and you want to make sure he won't be getting new ideas. Either way.]

[[Magic club/society/pick a name for it meeting! Merlin is here, otherwise mingle as you'd like.]]

Mar. 19th, 2016


a zesty expedition | action | open!!

[ With the sense that there are plenty of mysteries about the forests in Miracle Country to investigate, the three make their way through them first, initially actually passing the areas full of welcoming paths and flowers, seeing the ponds and all the different (for now still normal) animals. It’s a pretty sight, that much can’t be denied and they walk casually along. ]

[ Alisha can be seen walking behind Mikleo and Sorey both, hands tucked behind her back as she looks around with a soft smile. ]

It’s been a rather long time since we’ve explored like this, hasn’t it?

[That gains a quick smile from Sorey as he nods in agreement, a bounce in his step. ] It has… I’m really glad we decided to do this! Think of all the things we might find!

[ It really has been a while. Mikleo, ever the practical one, looks around beside Alisha and Sorey and firstly thinks of the things they've heard about this place until now. ] It's not what one might expect of a forest that holds dangerous creatures in it if you wander too far. We should stay alert.

[ The deeper they go, past the barrier and the pretty pathways that are already becoming more rough nature and earth, the look of the surroundings does start to match better. They might even start to encounter the different monsters within. Will there really dragons here? Beyond the caves that follows one of the deeper paths, the skeletal remains of one single massive, unmistakable dragon certainly shows some proof. ]

[ Every bridge that connects to the other islands is so unique and specific to the locations beyond that they can't help but stop and look at them before going forward. They see the bridge to the garden and zoo islands that is made up for roots, wondering what tree these came from or how old it is. There's the museum islands bridge lined up with bookshelves, fossils and stones that they just can't pass up. Even the light up metal bridge leading to the amusement park gets their attention. Anyone passing by or simply trying to get past the bridge to the other side may very well be obstructed by the geeking out happening here. ]

[ It’s Alisha who stops by one of the fossils, eyes going wide at one of the especially larger ones. ] T-This one-- is rather large, isn’t it?

[ Sorey crouches down next to her, a contemplating look crossing over his features as he stares at the fossil. What secrets it must hold! ] Do you think… the bridge would miss that one? [ Provided they can actually remove it from the structure without damaging it. ]

[ To get to the garden island first they pass the zoo and this is where the animals getstrange. You might see the three of them at a display of sparkling gemstone-looking birds. Or llamas made of literal cotton candy. Mikleo wants nothing to do with the exhibition of colorful felt fabric wolves, even if it looks perfectly safe (and despite Sorey’s numerous assurances that the wolves look really cute and harmless!!). Nope. ]

[ The walk around the gardens is much more calm in comparison. Even more than the start of the forests, the beautiful nature here is hard not to be awed by. And even more impressive is the hedge maze in the middle. Do others really challenge through a large maze like that? It does have the look of a main attraction. ]

[ The final stop will be the winged island, a careful journey along the bridge of large stepping stones, and through the desert area that leads to the winged ruins. The reservoir might very well be the most impressive sight of all on this exploration.

Mikleo can't help but feel how the water holds a special sort of purity to it, different from any of the rivers or ponds around Miracle Country. The memories of the people they care for are strong here, for reasons they can't begin to understand just yet. ]

This is...

[ When faced with the best find they’ve had all day, the ruins that just call to be explored… even so, Sorey manages to stop for a moment, close his eyes and breathe in the air. ] Somehow… the whole atmosphere in these ruins is really calm!

[ Alisha smiles fondly at the river beneath them, stopping to take in how clear and pure the water actually looks. ]

This resembles Ladylake after we purified it, doesn’t it? The water looks much more clear here than it does in other areas.

[ Anyone that happens to come across them now may very well share in the nostalgia between the three of them here, as they stand together at the reservoir. At least... the calm feeling in the air is undeniable. A fitting end to their day of exploring. ]

[[ooc: Alisha, Sorey and Mikleo are on an expedition! Join them around, pick your flavor with any location prompt and feel free to specify which character(s) your tag is for. All three will be available.]]

Mar. 3rd, 2016


all day || action || open

[Pink and fluff everywhere, that's the sight that might greet you today, as you find yourself in one of the many kiddy pool-like pits around Kiseki. Well, not just pink, but we like to shove pink at your faces. Yes, it could be full of marshmallows. But perhaps the little pool you're in has plastic balls in it, like the ballpit at the playground. Maybe it's full of mud. Or flowers. Or cupcakes. Or cottonballs. Or jell-o. Some actually have water in them!

But worry not! (You weren't worried? Even better) You're not alone in them. You'll end up with someone else, it's the whole point of them. You and your companion might notice, all the little pools have a sign saying:

"Find common ground."

What does that mean? Precisely that! You won't be able to leave the pool until you find something in common with the person you're sharing it with. Then, the contents will disappear, and once it's all gone, you'll be able to leave. Maybe you'll need to find more than one thing in common, if you're very similar people. These pools can be picky. And tricky, given that even if you've managed to get free, you might find yourself in yet another of those, with someone else...

In case you're growing bored in them, the content of the pool will change randomly every now and then - so maybe you're perfectly comfortable in a sea of nice cushions, only to then find yourself sitting in fresh paint. At least, Miracle Country will make sure to clean you up once you're out of it, or when the content of the pools changes... sometimes, that is. Enjoy!]

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