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Nov. 10th, 2015


all day || action || open to all

[Normally, the Usyagi are off doing their own thing, unless someone requires their assistance - new arrivals, customers at the various shops in the city, people who wish to request something from them. So it might be surprising at first to see them much more present than usual. Unsettling to many, considering their apparent link to the magic of this world, and various events...

What are they up to? Well, should you approach them, or should you ignore them for long enough that they decide to seek you out instead, they'll hand you a little card, and leave. In this card, there's a simple question:

"Truth or Dare?"

Should your characters answer this question, out loud or mentally (maybe they think anyone would pick 'dare'!), the card will then change to a specific truth or dare set out of them, with a note that they must fulfill the requirement (talk about a deep secret, say what they really think of someone they know, help out somebody, insult the first person they meet, get up to the middle of the park and sing a song at the top of their voice, make a new friend, try to steal a cake from one of the shops, and so on) within the next few days. If they picked truth, then it'll be up to them to find someone to tell these things about. If they picked dare, then the same applies, as long as the dare involves other people.

And what if they ignore the note? Or pick one, but choose not to follow through? Well, they'll be pranked by Miracle Country. They'll find themselves with an embarrassing outfit, or realize their shop was invaded by stray cats that won't stop making a mess, or find that their rooms have been turned upside down. Nothing fatal, but it might be easier at times to simply play along... Of course, if you absolutely hate your truth/dare, you could always complain enough that maybe you'll get a different one - usually switching to dares, as people sometimes are more comfortable doing ridiculous things than being honest about some topics.

Oh, and of course, nothing says someone can't get more than one card. So have fun with that!]

[[Truth or Dare post, as you can see! It isn't mandatory, so feel free to use this for mingle purposes outside of these shenanigans.]]

Oct. 31st, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[The tremors from the earthquake may be over but things are shakier than ever in the days that pass since the ball. Exposed vampires and their motives have been brought into question. Humans have been turned and fed from in the bloody mess of it all, and even the balance of the kingdom is at stake now. Hunters gather to decide how to handle the situation, while vampires with the most to lose from the leaked secrets must be frantic to keep anyone looking to flee Samara from escaping. No one can simply leave, not now.

But the fact is that neither side can hold out for long either. What will those caught in between do? There's plenty of injured (and vampires crazed by all that blood, even more likely to lose it and attack) and visitors that had nothing to do with the conflict and now dragged into it beyond anything they could have imagined. The rumors are running wild among those recovering and there's the feeling that they all have only moments before hunters and vampires are facing off against one another. Samara may well be on its way to becoming the location of sparking a full out war.]

[Beyond any skirmishes that break out, they won't get to decide -- A powerful wind of black flower petals sweeps through the world in a blur and with that everyone returns! To themselves and their own memories and the familiar landscape of Miracle Country. Typical cutesy Halloween decorations hang everywhere in sight, most so at the park where they'll all return to, greeted by food and drinks and candy alike, and costumes of all kinds courtesy of the same magic. Hope you enjoyed the drama... and Happy Halloween.]

Oct. 15th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[Fog rolls into the town of Samara – another cool autumn day, the sky murky and the tress shedding their leaves. The nights are longer now, the moon hanging low in the sky – and that can only mean one thing: stirrings. With the darkness creeps the dangers. You’ve likely heard those whispers all your life – those murmurs of caution, of danger, of otherness. Be mindful not to step out into the shadows for too long and risk losing yourself entirely.

The little town of Samara might appear quiet at first, unassuming, gentle even – a far outpost and a far cry from the Leridae kingdom’s capital. But it isn’t too far-flung from there, although hidden away in its own little haven, the trees growing closer and closer to its city lines with every passing year. No, this town is not as unassuming as it might seem. You might have grown up here – you’d know as much. Or perhaps you were drawn here for the same reason so many others have been drawn here:

Here in Samara, the rumors are simply that – just rumors. After all, who would ever think that vampires would prey upon such an unassuming, quiet town. But those who whisper the rumors might just shake their heads, looking out towards the forest, towards those darkened alleyways between the old, rickety town. Vampires are one thing. Hunters are another. And Samara has long since been the established epicenter of hunter activity – their meeting ground, so to speak, their headquarters. The hunters, of course, are branches of factions, individualistic in some ways and community-based in others. There is no set leader but there are clans within those hunters, those who strive for certain aspects of the hunter code – and others who operate well outside the set parameters of that.

This place has always been quiet, despite the heavy hunter presence. Few vampires risk staying too close within this town simply because of the danger to them. For years now, decades and decades, the hunters and the vampires have been at odds. Recently, these fights and tensions have only grown more devastating, with loses on both sides – tearing friends and families apart. The hunters hold pride in their abilities and the vampires, secretive and hidden, search for a means to survive in a world that rejects them. Or, perhaps, there are those few who seek the living for the sport of it. Just as there are hunters who seek to kill for the sport. Each side has had its demons and its loses.

And in this, the sleepy little town of Samara is mired with one rumor that just keeps being whispered again and again: that Queen Anne of Leridae is coming – or is already here, as the rumors indicate. Rumors speculate to her purpose – many assume that it’s her wish to form a formal alliance with the hunter factions. Others aren’t so sure. A few more believe that the rumors are just that: rumors. What purpose would a queen have to visiting this quiet little town where absolutely nothing ever happens ever at all? What purpose could such a queen have to coming to a town known for its hunter populace and devastating vampire attacks? Will peace come at last?

Despite this, the large meeting hall at the center of town is undergoing some sprucing up, some redecorating. There’s a grand ball planned, set to be open to the public and the higher-ranking hunter guilds within the next few days. That seems indication enough that something important is underway – or, at the very least, a royal visitor is imminent.

In the end, though, this quiet little town is certainly just meant to be quiet… But with the promise of Queen Anne’s arrival, there’s a new flurry of preparations: decorations everywhere, preparing housing for guests, trying to clean up the streets – and trying, so desperately, not to be bitten when the moon is high. And with the rumors of Queen Anne’s arrival come all the other new arrivals, seeking different desires: to join the hunters? To escape hunters in other regions? To find lost friends? To try to meet royalty? To find something to eat? To be turned? Or, perhaps you are more innocent in all this – just a bystander dragged into these strange happenings, torn between this conflict that seems to have no end.

Perhaps, then, there can be hope – and perhaps, someday, peace. Welcome to Samara.]

[[Our vampire AU event begins! Find more information here.]]

Sep. 25th, 2015


all weekend || action || open

[Fall has started, and to those unfamiliar with the seasonal changes in the world, the abrupt change might seem odd. The temperature's dropped, the days are getting shorter, and quickly and surely, the leaves in most trees will dry out, starting to fall and cover the paths and ground all around Miracle Country.

Moreover, this time around they seem a very insistent red color, rather than the usual mix of browns you'd expect from such a view. The reason for it should be obvious by Sunday, when a blood moon joins in to add to the tints of red everywhere, as once it's passed, the landscape will slowly change into the more usual one for the time of the year.

Until then, enjoy the view.]

Sep. 20th, 2015


all weekend || action || open

[Things have returned to normal, likely to many people's relief given the past events. These days seem pretty out of the ordinary for Miracle Country, as well, given that things are peaceful and no one is being magically shoved around.

But here and there, on tree branches, window sills, maybe getting close enough to stand on your hand if you'll let them, birds will appear. Birds with mechanical bodies, in various colors, looking and behaving real enough and yet evidently not. They aren't dangerous, they'll just want to sing.

When they sing, their songs will evoke emotions, a lot more easily than any common song could, even a really good one. Feelings of happiness, of belonging, of love. Of longing, and sorrow, and grief. If you're lonely, they might keep you company and try to cheer you up. Perhaps you'll simply be curious about them and end up caught up listening to them. They do want their songs to be heard, afterall.]

[[Little mingle! Abuse it as you'd like.]]

Sep. 11th, 2015


everywhere || action || open

[It's late at night, probably time for everyone to call it a day and head off to bed. Nothing too unusual. In fact, even those who usually stay up late might feel the need to get a good night of sleep today, so it'll make for a quiet night everywhere...

Only after a couple of hours, they might realize there was some movement, possibly even wake up from it if they're light sleepers. Surprise! You're not alone, if you went to sleep on your own. Or you're not with the person you were sharing with, if you were already accompanied. Hell, it might not even look like it's your bed you're sleeping in - beds all over the hotels will have changed, to fancier ones at times, other times to smaller, more cramped ones, maybe even just sleeping bags. You could even find yourselves in one of the many locations outside, on a hammock, or a more elaborated set-up, even inside a bubble of sorts.

Whichever the switch is, you'll have to learn to embrace it for a while (or embrace your new bed partner, we don't judge here), because it'll be impossible to get away for at least some time after the change. Not only that, but the switching around isn't limited to the one night. Lasting for the weekend, the general sleepy feeling will come back again (sometimes during the day, as well) and provoke random naps from people... who might end up in a bed with other victims yet again.

At least Miracle Country worries about hurt sensibilities, so of course if your character might lean towards lighter clothing while sleeping (or none at all - again, we don't judge), the magic of the world shall provide them with cute, warm pyjamas to wear once the switch has happened. Even if it happens during the day, they wouldn't want anyone to be uncomfortable. Of course, should they find themselves ending up wearing something less appropriate, that's just their bad luck.]

[[Replay of the bed sharing event! Mingle as you'd like. The plotting post for it can be found here.]]

Sep. 4th, 2015


forests & other places || action

[If today you're walking by the entrance path to the forests, you'll see that there's some Usyagi creeping around, their eerie little giggles easily distinguishable in the quietness of the place. What are they up to? One of the nearest huts has been refurbished, and is now surrounded by a fence, one which extends further and marks a larger area around the hut. Why a fence? Well, to keep something inside of course!

... Except what needs to be kept there is currently not in that area. Nasir and Agron have approached the Usyagi earlier (well, more like Nasir did and Agron loomed in the background. Either way...) and inquired them about anything similar to farming grounds. After some confusing chatter with them, this is what they were given, their own little spot to raise some animals, in exchange for caring for them and selling whatever they produce. Only they couldn't be bothered to place the animals they were given (some chickens, and a couple of goats) in that specific place, so now they're running loose until they're recaptured and guided over there.

So if you run into a chicken today, or find a goat chewing on your window's curtains, or wonder why there's a rooster chillin' out under the sakura tree, well, that's why. Perhaps you'd like to lend them a hand, if you find out about the situation.]

[[Nagron shenanigans, as promised! They can be found here and here, otherwise feel free to use this as a mingle post! Having shenanigans with their new pets among yourselves is just fine, too.]]

Sep. 1st, 2015


the hotels || video/action || open

[In the past days, surely you've had a chance to see Aramis had been a lot happier than the lousy mood he'd sunk into since the 4th wall visitors arrived. Even if you didn't yet know him, it would've been easy to realize he was cheerful and happy to meet their guests at the party he helped set up.

Since then, he's been suspiciously quiet, mostly remaining in what was Anne's and his son's room, because he's found out they're both missing. Of course, people come and go from this world very often, so he set out to wait for them... But it's been a few days with no sign of them returning, and with any moment that passes by, his hope for their quick return is disappearing.]

[Today his journal turns on to show a brief video of him sitting in that same room, some food left out for him abandoned nearby. He's curled up, one hand fidgeting with the cross he always wears, looking moody and uncharacteristically subdued.]

[[Baby angst post! It needed a catchy name. Aramis will be HERE if you want to thread with him, as Anne will also later return in this same post. ETA: She's here.]]

Aug. 29th, 2015


009 ⚜ Action | open to all

[So it’s that time again. Anyone who was around last year might remember that it’s a certain someone’s birthday today! And like last year, a Porthos Party basically just means lots of drinking, lots of carrying on, shenanigans, card games, shouting, more drinking, more carrying on, more drinking…

The entire beach has been commandeered for this. Aramis has even set up some things to make it obvious it's a party going on. There might even be a few stray balloons floating around (or a few broken balloons since inevitably they're going to be shot at).

You’ve probably been invited. Or maybe you’re party-crashing. Honestly, Porthos isn’t about to complain. And no presents necessary (although if you wanted to bring something more to drink, he won’t complain, either).

Trying to ignore the party? Good luck, cause it’s lasting all day and well into the night. And just getting progressively louder and louder. Are those gunshots?

But not totally dissimilar to last year, it seems this world wants to get into the celebrations, too! So during the party, you might suddenly find yourself in a whole new outfit that you weren’t expecting! Maybe that new costume will start to influence your behavior, too…]

[ooc: this is an open log and feel free to jump in however you’d like. If you’d like to interact with Porthos specifically, his top comment is here. Otherwise, mingle as you see fit! Also note that the event replay is not mandatory.]

Aug. 24th, 2015


4th wall event final log || action || open to all

[It's the final day for our various visitors's stay in Kiseki! After a busy ten days, it's time to make the most out of these final hours, and say goodbye, as by the end of the day the Mokona-shaped pins will finally fully change to white, sprout large wings, and transport them all back to their worlds!

Of course, Miracle Country wants to help this last day be special, and so today people'll find the whole place is decorated to fit the occasion. The sun will set surprisingly early, and all sorts of lanterns will light the way to the forests, where the paths into it will look prettier than ever. There will be extra lanterns left near the river to light up and carry with you, or even send away into the river itself, if you'd like. While getting deep into these woods is usually a dangerous ordeal, today it'll remain peaceful, the barriers keeping creatures far behind so that its paths are more approacheable than ever. Those forest huts that aren't being used at the time will be lit up, as well, its doors open and the tables inside full of picnic foods and other supplies so people can hang out in or near them if they'd like. You could even light a fire near the huts, and invite people over!

Even deeper in, the mysterious caves found there will also look friendlier for the day, little glowing orbs like fireflies illuminating its passages and its rooms feeling warm and cozy . Both here and in the huts, you might even find pillows and blankets, plenty of comfortable things to spend a while in there or even take them outside and enjoy the sight of the trees, still blooming pink, the same lanterns hanging from them. Not just that, but today you could find colorful, empty strips of paper hanging from them as well. Do you have a wish for the loved ones you're leaving behind, or maybe those who have to leave? Write it down, hang it from the tree, and let that hope be heard.

Enjoy these final moments, and look forward to the world's doors reopening in the future!]

[[Final 4th wall mingle log! Thank you for playing with us!
- THE EVENT'S INFO and place to ask any questions to the mods.
- There is a list of characters introduced if you are having troubele navigating through all the top levels and threadjacks.
- Remember that game rules, as well as the info in our FAQ all still apply.
- Event threads will be counted as game-canon, unless something turns out to cause trouble for the players. In that sense, we ask that people 'visiting' are mindful of people's permissions & stats, and keep in mind to communicate with our players if anything should come up! Likewise, while the event is a 4th wall breaking one, don't break it as far as making the characters aware that they're in a made-up world and being played by people on the internet. See our game rules & FAQ for further info on the setting.
- Characters already in-game must add their tags to the logs as usual, anyone visiting of course doesn't need to.
- If you need invite codes, contact one of our players/our mods/reply in the plotting post linked above, and we'll provide you with one.
- Make sure to add at least the following to your journal, should it lack any kind of OOC stats/information:

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