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Jun. 15th, 2017


Farm mingle

[Those who volunteered their interest some time ago have likely already worked a number of shifts at the community farm – a merge between Charming's old farm and newly-planted crops. By now you should know your tasks and when you're expected to be finished with them – if not, Sebastian will remind you.

Or maybe Yukine will! These last few weeks it's been Yukine who's drawn up the communal schedule for the week, distributed the work tasks to the volunteers, and followed up on their progress – with some background support from Sebastian, that is. Almost cute, isn't it, the two of them suddenly doing projects together.

There are plenty of tasks to choose from! When you let an overambitious workaholic plan your farm, you end up with three dozen different plants. Carrots, potatoes, legumes, various berries, tomatoes… you get the idea.

Maybe your task of the day is harvesting the earliest berries? Re-planting sprouting seeds properly into the ground or into larger pots? Watering the plants? Weeding? Maybe you're strong enough to haul several sacks of soil at once. There is a substantially sized herb garden – perhaps you're more suited to the delicate work of tending to those seeds?

Basically, invent your own task. Or eat the harvest prematurely (don't do this: Sebastian will implode). Or get distracted during your shift. Or come ask to be part of the fun.

Making out with your various significant others doesn't qualify as an acceptable reason for not finishing your work on time, by the way.]

Jun. 1st, 2017


action 🌸 open

[For some people, a good walk or day spent practicing their various skills is enough to feel energized after the time spent stuck inside. For others, their particular set of skills need a bit more flair to truly feel like they're being put to test. Or maybe it's just fun to do it this way. In any case, as counter-productive as it might feel to fight magic with magic, tonight some of the local magicians are taking the chance to practice in their own style.

At first it might not seem that this is the case; the pavillion in the main park, the sakura tree, and most of the surrounding areas are decorated with what looks like simply things for a party of sorts. There're colorful lights and lanterns set up all over, some snacks, plenty of drinks brought over from the bar, even its piano that's been moved nearby for the occasion.

But if you get close and try to join the celebrations, you might feel something's off about it. It isn't just the loud music that seems to be playing out of nowhere (the aforementioned piano aside), it's that the color-changing lights seem to glow with a warmth that's infectious, so staying nearby makes you feel happier, more relaxed the longer you stay there, like the whole place is inviting you to let loose and have fun.

... Or to act like an idiot, there's that too. But that might be the fault of the many drinks available, should you choose to grab some of them, right? Except perhaps even those who aren't anywhere near this party will feel like acting out in some way. Louder, dumber, sillier, bolder... At least they won't be the only ones behaving like this.]

[[What it says, + the small inhibitions loss event replay! Use the log as you'd like.]]

May. 22nd, 2017


action 🌸 open

[Dealing with the on-and-off blizzard for these past days must've been difficult, even with the times when the weather cleared out for a while and navigating the islands became possible... Hopefully you took advantage of those moments, because rather than things getting easier, it's about to get a lot worse.

It isn't only that there's been an avalanche of sorts overnight - how, given the lack of mountains around, is a mystery, but what else would you call the sudden heaps of snow currently piled up all over the housing area, drowning the individual domes so that they're barely even visible anymore?

It isn't just the fact that the power, or magic keeping things working, has been going out for hours on end, leaving the underground areas pitch-black - much more so given that the sun seems to refuse to come out, making the overall atmosphere one of dull grays at best, complete darkness at worse.

Or even that the creatures which could be found outside seem even more restless, making venturing outside for those who manage a way out of the tunnels (or who are unfortunate enough to arrive in the middle of this) even more dangerous.

No, it will surely feel like something's actively working against the people currently in the world, when several of them suddenly fall ill. With the sudden cold and bad conditions, one might be expecting possible colds and such things, but surely getting so ill so quickly isn't normal. Nor is it to be unresponsive to medication, for those who are unlucky enough to end up that way. Hopefully those left standing and able to work will be enough to handle things until it all ends...]


Apr. 29th, 2017


action || open

[Now that people's memories are stable, and it seems like the world isn't at risk of suddenly transforming into something else entirely, or becoming flooded, or anything of the sort, it feels like a good time for someone who's only been around for a while to look around a little more in detail. Especially now that it's been long enough that the warnings about some people staying around long-term are looking more and more believable.

After wandering around by the closed-up shops uselessly for a while, Eliot finds his way to the training arena in the main island. It doesn't take long to figure out what it's for, and if you're passing by, you might see him there... rather failing miserably, doing things such as trying to pick up a wooden sword, swinging it around, and losing his grip enough that said sword goes flying across the arena's tiles.

Oh well. At least he can make it fly back to where it was.]

Apr. 18th, 2017


action || open

[And in a flutter of sakura petals, suddenly everything returns to normal. That wasteland sweeps away, the vegetation and water growing out to cover the proper main island of Miracle Country. And you’re back to normal, too! Everything that just happened… was it a dream or another life? Those memories will linger, regardless.

You’ll find that with the abrupt change, though, that some of the other effects still linger, too: relationships from that ‘world,’ that expectation that there won’t be enough food or water, residual abilities you had then, your own abilities being slow to return. Don’t stray too far into the forest, either – there are worms out there now. And they're a little uneasy with this suddenly new, foreign environment.

But welcome back. The sakura trees are blooming today – and hey, there’s plenty of food and water after a few weeks of dire scenarios. Maybe it’s a little too abundant. A few areas around Miracle Country are a little flooded with the rush to return to normal.]

Apr. 10th, 2017


action || open

[The days pass, and more and more creatures begin to show up on both lands. The border between both sides is now the best hunting area, with easy access to creatures from either side, nevermind the possibility of sneaking around to get some other supplies, to gather info, to steal weapons. Maybe even simply visiting to have a chat, nothing says diplomacy can't be attempted, right? Much as the memories everyone holds say it hasn't worked out so far...

Ah, speaking of memories, they'll be getting a little fuzzy these days. Now and then, you'll feel like you can't recall certain things, some encounters, past events, stories you've heard. Or maybe you remember them, but they're not what you expect. Small flashes of people you can't remember ever meeting here. Locations that aren't anywhere to be seen, neither here nor back home. Like dreams that feel too real, too solid, too important to you, to merely be some construct of your imagination.

Is it the confinement, maybe? A longing for a different life, now that everyone seems trapped here and left to fight a battle not even their own? But then, why is it that some of those memories resemble a trap, as well? Trying to manage in an unknown world, the feeling of helplessness, the bonds you couldn't have made otherwise.

On this clear night, with a full moon visible from either side, these visions will be clearer than ever, more powerful than before. And if the ruins of some destroyed building seem familiar all of a sudden (haven't you seen that exact shade of pink before? Were the ruins the sand covers ever this colorful?), or the vegetation over at the other side looks oddly shaped (like the vines and trees on one area are forming a bridge, all of a sudden), well, it's clear something might be changing. Your own abilities might be shifting, as well. Is your magic not working as it should, doing new things, unable to do the usual spells? Is your aim off, or suddenly incredibly accurate? Does your trusted weapon suddenly feel inadequate? Let's just hope your skills in this world didn't involve things like flying, or aren't needed at a crucial moment, such as when fighting a giant monster, right? You wouldn't want a malfunction at that time, afterall.]


[[Our CLAMP AU event continues!]]

Apr. 1st, 2017


action || open

[It’s another beautiful day in this wasteland, isn’t it?

You know how it is here – you’ve been brought here from your own world, maybe months ago, maybe years ago, but very little has changed: the two sides fighting for the much-needed but depleted supplies, the harsh conditions of this battered desert landscape, the tensions that run high on the worst of days or simmer towards the boiling point on better days.

There’s been a tentative peace between the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth these last few weeks, though... Very tentative. You’ve all had enough on either side to warrant a ceasefire on all the fighting – not needing to interact with anyone on the other side. Nobody really knows when all this fighting started – only that it keeps going and no resolution has worked so far.

This isn’t your original world. You still want to go home – but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen anytime soon. You’ve been brought here to fight on these two sides. Hopefully you can survive this, because this place is certainly not doing you any favors.

Because now the supplies are running lower and the monsters lurking out in the sand, or beneath the water, or in the limited vegetation are getting more aggressive, fueled by their own hunger. Maybe it’s not such a peaceful day, after all.

You’re all in need of supplies. One side has the water and vegetation, what you desperately need to survive another day. But the other side has the clothes, medical supplies, shelter materials, hunting materials. Supplies on both sides are running low – it’s “spring”, after all, and so the plants haven’t yet started to grow back fully, and the underground locations in the old city are running low on the stockpiled medical supplies. You’ll have to find a new cache soon.

But not all hope is lost…

A large sand worm – the first of the season! – has been spotted near the border between the two territories. It’s a good chance to get a leg-up on the other side: the meat can be used for food, its poison for weapons and antidotes, its skin for clothing or shelter, its teeth for tools. Of course, it is dangerous, so it’s important to be cautious. Especially if you run into the other side while hunting! Or maybe you’re sneaking across into enemy territory to steal supplies by force. It’s been known to happen. But you better make sure you don’t get caught or there could be real trouble.]


[ooc: Our (belated) anniversary/CLAMP day event begins - CLAMP AU! Go here for information/plotting.

Happy CLAMP Day!]

Mar. 25th, 2017


text || open

[Beautiful cursive (a k a Text) (also pretend this was written like four days ago):]

Good morning, everyone, and my apologies for the interruption to your day. [He'd introduce himself, but honestly, anyone who doesn't know him by now hardly deserves the reminder. ...And yes, in case you're wondering, the negative aura of the trees affects even demons. How ever did you guess.]

I would address the students at the school, first of all. By now you are all aware of Her Highness Snow White's departure and the school closing. As the only teacher currently left, it is not my intention to allow a trivial matter like having no suitable locale hinder my job. Thus, Literature class will still be held as long as there is student interest, but for now lessons will be held in group room [###] in the library. The hours and times of the week remain unchanged. Have you an idea for a more suitable classroom, do contact me.

Now, I cannot and will not attempt to replace Her Highness and all that she has done for the school and for the people here, but: I am well-versed in a variety of subjects and have experience in teaching them. I could not run an entire school's curriculum by myself (for lack of hours in a day, if nothing else) but if there is interest amongst the students to be taught any particular class, I would be happy to take your wishes into consideration. Naturally, should anyone wish to contribute as a teacher they are more than welcome to do so, and should they need guidance on how to go about it, please contact me as well. Granted, Her Highness was vocal enough about the school's lack of teachers that I expect anyone with a mind to teach would have stepped forward already...

As for the next matter at hand... whilst I am aware it might well be premature to say this: does it not seem as if the shops closing is to be a continuing trend? The food currently available leaves much to be desired, compared to before. [Not that Sebastian really cooks at all these days, but... force of habit to take notice of it and judge.]

As I am certain most of you are aware of by now, struggling against this world's whims is an exercise in futility. We have been given plenty of farmland, which I would say is as good a hint as anything. If I may, I would suggest organised effort be put into it, ideally whilst it is still early spring.

Naturally, it is unbecoming to throw out suggestions expecting someone else to take on the responsibility of seeing them through. I myself am accustomed to farming [oh wow, everyone be surprised that Sebastian knows how to do something] and have the time to spare to lead such an undertaking, but I would like to hear from anyone with an interest in lending a hand. Needless to say, it would be a paid job. [Out of Sebastian's own pocket, if Kiseki won't pitch in. He hardly ever touches his many salaries, after all.]

Lastly: I would not say we have seen enough of the strange trees to yet speak with confidence on the subject of their nature. May I please hear from anyone currently employed to watch out for them? The elusiveness of their nature aside, they are certainly unpleasant, and given the number of physically and magically capable people around I imagine it would not be so monumental a task to deal with them in an efficient manner should we join efforts. Moreover, considering what a small number of people are currently here, organisation might even be a viable prospect. [Not that he still remembers that first and only time he tried to herd cats or anything.]

I apologise for the half-formed nature of many of these suggestions. I would see to them all myself, but that would be quite a waste of time should no one be interested in the outcome. Additionally, as we have no way of knowing when any one person will be torn from this world, it makes far more sense to work on any project as part of a team, so with that in mind I ask that you pardon the length of this message. That will be all. Thank you for your time, and do have a good day.

[...Someone give Sebastian something to do. As you can see, he has way too much free time. Feel free to talk among yourself! Or come see Sebastian because of course everyone would want to hang out with such a fun guy - of course he can be found in The Bakery. Working.]

Mar. 20th, 2017


action || open

[Today is the first day of spring. You might have noticed the lingering snow is gone and there are flowers blooming throughout Kiseki. However, beyond that, it’s actually a rather gloomy day. The Usyagi might occasionally be spotted today, leaving little messages of “out with the old, in with the new.” A common springtime motto, although perhaps it’s taking on a more unsettling tone today…

The shopping district still hasn’t opened up again and there are shops boarded up. But there are new shops joining it today. The flower shop, the potions shop, the sheriff’s office, the Charming’s house, and the school have all been closed and boarded up. This plus the message will soon make it clear – some familiar faces are gone for now.

To make matters worse, with the springtime blooming all around, there are the negative energy trees that might be spotted today. None are fully grown, but if you remember the last time these trees showed up, you might want to be on guard. There might be a few outbursts of monsters today, so best stay on your guard. Beyond that, negative energy trees – once you get too close – might cause some unexpected results.

Anyone venturing into the forests today might notice the dragons are particularly uneasy. What’s the matter with them? Hard to say. Too bad there’s no one around who can talk to them, huh? Just be mindful not to upset them or get underfoot.

So be on guard today – even though it’s a new season, you might want to make sure everyone you care about is safe – or still here. Feeling strange? Better destroy those trees, if you can focus on that.]

[ooc: if your character is interested in taking over one of the closed-up businesses/house, be sure to have your character claim it, otherwise they will be permanently closed and eventually disappear from Kiseki. ]

Mar. 14th, 2017


action || open

[There's a new look to the old district shop, for sure, but today there's actually a new shop of sorts. Close to the district's fountain, clearly visible to anyone passing nearby, there's a white little booth set up, with a chair in front of it for visitors and a large sign on top:

🌸 Sakura's Life Advice Corner!! 🌸

Rather than being found on the usual Café for the day, Sakura is (obviously) attending said booth, looking wildly flustered and somewhat confused. Will you approach her?]

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