August 2017




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Mar. 14th, 2016


All day || Action || Open

[Lately it’s been a couple of days to get closer to each other, to get to know others, make friends. Whether it’s by sitting in a pool of soup together or cooking chocolate for Valentine’s Day, Kiseki loves to have its residents bonding with each other. And with White Day starting… well, it’s not like there had to be a reason to make something happen, but it’s always nicer when that’s the case, isn’t it?

So today, everyone will wake up with white strings around their fingers. They are long, long enough that following them might take some time. Each string represents a bond, a friendship, and to people that have a lot of friends they might soon notice that having so many strings is… quite bothersome, to say the least. They might get tangled or stuck on something and of course it’s not possible to just cut them and be done with it: they are a physical representation of a bond, after all. But luckily, the Usyagi have a solution to your problem! Soon they’ll appear everywhere with little signs, telling people that the strings will go away if they find the person it connects to and proves their friendship. So gifts, a hug, nice words, hanging out, anything is fair game.]

[Replay of the white string of fate event in honor of white day. Haha, get it? Either way, have a mingle!]

Jul. 20th, 2014


[It is Friends' Day today, and Miracle Country is joining in.

Those who do, indeed, have friends here or elsewhere will notice a white string leading to them, or broken if this friend happens to not be in this world.

That aside, the theater will be showing friendship-themed movies, and many other films may be found available in the underground common room for anyone to watch. Shops and locations like the zoo or amusement park will be offering discounts if you bring someone along. And by the evening, the familiar picnic-like set up will be found at the park near the lake, with blankets and food prepared for everyone to share together.]