August 2017




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Apr. 21st, 2015


action || open to all

[It’s been a long week, what with the monsters and the new powers to adjust to, and now there is an eclipse occurring – the sun and the moon meeting in the sky and blocking each other out so that you can only see stars in the sky, and the ring of the eclipse.

And to celebrate the end of a long week, you and everyone you know are cordially invited to attend an eclipse ball! You’ll just suddenly appear at the ballroom, as if by magic! You’ll be dressed for the occasion, of course, and given a mask for the masquerade ball – either with a sun or moon theme to them to fit the style of the last week.

There might still be a few monsters lingering in the garden, but for the most part you’re just urged to enjoy music and food and dancing. That same urge you once felt towards your opposite type, either attraction or repulsion, will still remain – and it might manifest itself in the need to dance or the need to get away for some fresh air. The ballroom will be darker, with little lights & lanterns floating throughout, just like stars, to guide your way.

And as the night continues, you’ll feel your powers slowly starting to seep away – rejoining the sun and the moon in the sky and leaving you as you were before. As the night passes and the morning comes, the eclipse will pass and the sun will rise just as before – and you will all be returned to normal.]

Apr. 14th, 2015


action || open to all

[Something strange is happening in Miracle Country. For the next week… strange creatures and monsters will begin to appear all over the islands. They seem to have originally started in the forest, but the barriers have dropped, and the creatures are exploring wherever they can find. These creatures come in a variety of different forms and will attack indiscriminately. But they seem to be divided into two types: lunar powers and solar powers.

How convenient, then, that you seem to have gone through a transformation, too. Suddenly, you possess powers based on the sun or the moon. You’ve been granted with brand new powers, either defensive-based or offensive-based. You might have any power you can imagine up, or something based off what suits your personality best. To mark the transformation, you’ll find yourself wearing an outfit that reflects your new powers, or you’ll be marked with an earring or a necklace or some sort to indicate whether you’re sun or moon.

But be warned, you’re stronger against the opposite of your own power: if you have solar powers, you’re better off fighting a lunar monster, and vice versa. It’s possible to fight your own type, but it’s difficult. Don’t worry, though. Sometimes the monsters fight out in the open, where you can get away easily and search for help, or take them down with minimal effort. The stronger creatures, though, the stronger monsters who seem to appear more and more often as the week progresses, they’ll only appear to you if you make a wrong step into a kekkai, a magical barrier set up to keep you and the monster in. Sound scary? Don’t be too worried – the kekkai going up is something like a resounding cry to the other powers that might be nearby. If you stumble into a sun kekkai, your friends with their own moon powers will feel it calling to them, and come to assist you.

As time goes on, it’ll be clear that the two sides are responding to each other. You’re drawn to the opposite type. There’s a mutual calling, a pulling and a drawing between one another. A lunar power will always feel drawn to a solar power. A solar power will always feel drawn to a lunar power. Working together makes you stronger. But it will also drain you faster – even if it’s someone you know and care about, being too close to them for too long might make you start to feel uncomfortable, drained and ill, or even unsettled.

It’s best to stay strong. And you will start to feel depleted. The best way to do that is to walk under your own power source: solar powers will always feel stronger during the day and lunar powers will always feel stronger during the night. Being under direct sunlight and moonlight will recharge you, so it’s best not to stay inside. Especially because not even the hotels are safe. It’s rare, but kekkais have been known to catch you and others even in the hotel. The creatures will become more bold as the week progresses, seeming to seek you out. Are you feeling tired? They’ll know and they’ll exploit your weakness.

Better to stay on guard, stay strong, and stay together no matter where you are.]