August 2017




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May. 8th, 2014


⚡ 008

[Utsusemimaru has come out of his suspended animation, but he doesn't seem to be fully out of it at first glance.

He's been trying to get to work for the better part of this morning, but he keeps sitting down on the side of the road, or draping himself over benches, or curling up in warm patches of grass for a nap. He started recording a video on his journal, but gave up before he said anything and can't be bothered to turn it off.

One would think he's being positively slothful.]

Mar. 27th, 2014


002 ƸӜƷ Video

[The screen flickers to life. She hasn't been here long, but for anyone who knows her, Yuuki appears on screen. Her back straight, a slightly dissatisfied curve tilts her lips down. What's clear is that she seems... maybe not angry- but frustrated is a good word for it. What's more is that she is dressed a little finer today. She's always dressed nicely, but it's just a bit more regal than normal.]

. . . It's been bothering me for a little while now [ Today only ]. I like to think that I am generally a tolerant person, but even I have limits. I do what I can to treat everyone with equal respect, no matter where they come from. But because of that I would prefer to be treated with the same amount of respect too.

[Haughty, one hand on her hips, the other lifts to rest against her chest.]

That's why I would like to correct a mistake! I am the pureblood princess Yuuki of the royal house of Kuran. My brother would not tolerate being so disrespected and neither will I. Now- because some of you might not have been aware, I forgive you. [She's understanding and kind, after all. She can forgive them despite the lack of proper respect.] But from now on I would like you to address me properly. 'Yuuki-sama' at the very least is appropriate enough.

[A short pause...]

And because I am understanding of other cultures, I will accept other equivalent forms of address. I thank you for your understanding and hope that this can clear things up for within the future.

[ooc: Someone is evented with one of the seven deadly sins. ANY GUESS WHAT IT IS. Also tags will be more consistent once off of work.]