August 2017




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May. 22nd, 2017


action 🌸 open

[Dealing with the on-and-off blizzard for these past days must've been difficult, even with the times when the weather cleared out for a while and navigating the islands became possible... Hopefully you took advantage of those moments, because rather than things getting easier, it's about to get a lot worse.

It isn't only that there's been an avalanche of sorts overnight - how, given the lack of mountains around, is a mystery, but what else would you call the sudden heaps of snow currently piled up all over the housing area, drowning the individual domes so that they're barely even visible anymore?

It isn't just the fact that the power, or magic keeping things working, has been going out for hours on end, leaving the underground areas pitch-black - much more so given that the sun seems to refuse to come out, making the overall atmosphere one of dull grays at best, complete darkness at worse.

Or even that the creatures which could be found outside seem even more restless, making venturing outside for those who manage a way out of the tunnels (or who are unfortunate enough to arrive in the middle of this) even more dangerous.

No, it will surely feel like something's actively working against the people currently in the world, when several of them suddenly fall ill. With the sudden cold and bad conditions, one might be expecting possible colds and such things, but surely getting so ill so quickly isn't normal. Nor is it to be unresponsive to medication, for those who are unlucky enough to end up that way. Hopefully those left standing and able to work will be enough to handle things until it all ends...]


Jul. 27th, 2015


action | event replay | open to all

[When you're an immortal alien gem race who has never even been introduced to the concept of illness it's no surprise that when Lapis starts feeling sick she has no idea what it means. As far as she can tell her gem is fine, unscratched and perfect... but it doesn't explain why she feels even more exhausted than she did holding Malachite together-

... Alright maybe that's on a completely different level, but it sure is close.

Maybe being near water will help and that's where she's headed, but it's a shaky journey to the beach for the water witch. What's worse is she can hardly remember the way there, the pounding in her head and the dizziness that sends her swaying from side to side makes it hard to recall which turn to take or what landmark looks familiar. She's absolutely sure the fix for whatever... this is must be the ocean. She'll feel better when she can touch the water... definitely.

Until then there is a very obviously unwell Lapis stumbling dangerously in one direction or another throughout town. If she's even close to the beach she has no idea.]

Almost... almost there...

Dec. 21st, 2013


#082 [ accidental video, closed (ish) action ]

[It might not be exactly unusual for Kamui to sleep in these days (a bad habit perhaps to have picked up, not that he cares all that much), or for him to just spend the day bumming at home... but it's certainly an odd sight when the recording turns on late into the day and he's still practically buried under the covers. It makes even less sense when it's clear that he's alone for now (Fuuma has a job and all, somehow the more responsible of the two of them), seemingly dead to the world.]

[When he stirs, it's clear this is not a turn for the better in his case. He groans.]


I am... absolutely... not in the mood for this.

[Those watching can certainly hear his weak grumbles, just as his hand reaches out from the bed and -- bumps his journal onto the floor. Fuck. That gives way for a pretty clear view to Kamui's bleary and red face, his bangs messed up and sticking to his forehead from the attempts his body makes to try and sweat out this sudden fever. He stares at nothing for a while, groans again, before opting to ignore writing in the journal for help, not realizing it's doing the job for him already. Another grumble follows.] Can't concentrate like this, anyway.

[Through some great display of effort (or more like stubbornness?) he finally drags himself to sit up on the bed, pausing again at the dizzying feeling this brings. Even marred by sickness, his entire demeanor seethes with annoyance.]

Stop it. There's no sense to this... kind of stupidity still, is there?

... Ugh.

[Damn it, Kiseki. And of course, as Kamui finally stands up and stumbles his way over to the bathroom, the cherry on top of his incredibly unfun start to this day reveals itself--]

[--When he's stopped halfway there and can't take another step. Not because the magical sickness is too much, no. One of those troublesome little plants from the past few days wanted to say hello too! And leave him stuck there in the room to collapse again as the video cuts out just before he can let out an unpleasant curse for everyone to hear.]