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Apr. 14th, 2016


action || open

[There's been time to rest and heal, after the recent events. Nothing to be concerned with, no magical flora to die for this time. The calm after the world stabilized itself continues through these days, and by all means, it looks like things are normal now. Nothing is attacking, the city looks the usual, the Usyagi still have one single expression...

And yet, something isn't quite right. As you go through your usual day, it'll be difficult not to notice... Maybe that friend of yours who always seems weighed down by their issues back home seems far too cheerful today. Or maybe your significant other is looking at you funny when you jokingly comment you're as good as married? Perhaps your usual sarcastic jokes about tragic events in your life are being met with exceedingly horrified, shocked looks. How about that person you can't stand who now doesn't even seem to recognize you or know why you shouldn't get along?

Perhaps it's not them, but you who is acting odd and doesn't realize it yet. Does something feel off? Is someone talking to you like you should know them better? Or differently? Do you even remember where you are?

What's happening, then? During the next couple of days, memories will be altered, removing significant moments in people's life from their minds. Had they achieved something? Saved someone else? Fought someone? Watched someone die, or died themselves? Had they made a big choice? Had they arrived somewhere important? Fallen in love? Were they witness to some very relevant event in their worlds? Had they formed a deeply important friendship while in this world? If it's crucial to their development, it's at risk of disappearing for a while. And with it, memories that match the loss. So perhaps you only forgot about one person, or one big event happening, or maybe you're so removed from things that you can't even recall arriving to Miracle Country in the first place.

Of course, what you forget isn't forgotten by others. So you can be told of these things you can't remember, should they wish to spoil you. Otherwise, it's simply a matter of waiting for those memories to come back - and they will, even if some might take a little longer than others.]

[[No spoilers event! Mingle as you'd like!]]