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May. 11th, 2015


Video | Action | Open

[Waking up without memories was a scary thing. He was aware from the moment his eyes opened his morning that something was wrong, very wrong. The boy could feel blanks on his memory, things that he felt that were very important for him. But if they were that important, why were they gone from his mind…? And, as if things weren’t scary enough, Yukine also found out that he was fading away. He knew from the moment he woke up and noticed that he could see, just slightly, through his hands. This world had done something to him again, he had trouble remembering everything. His name, his past… It all felt fuzzy inside his head and trying hard to remember only made his already see through skin go even more transparent for a moment.

There was one thing that he knew for sure. There was something telling him that what he had lost could be found. He just had to set out to find them, somehow. Hopefully he would manage to do it without crossing paths with anybody else. It was going to be hard, since he had no idea how memories even looked like. Where they a material thing, did they have a special form, were they big, small…? Yukine sighed, hoping that he would manage to find them before fading away.

What he didn’t know was that the diary was doing its own thing once again and recording him as he woke up and he set out to explore the island to find his memories.]

((ooc: Yukine has been affected by the memory feather event! His memories look like this and when touched they'll see the memory. I've made a post over here with the memories that can be found. It would be really helpful if it was stated somewhere in the thread which memory you want your character to find, for organization and to keep the same ones from being picked!))

Mar. 6th, 2015


008 ⚜ Action/Video

[So, if anyone was worried about Porthos after his disappearance a few days ago - well worry not, because he's back! Although... not looking the happiest. Perhaps understandably.

For anyone who knows Porthos, there's one thing that will be most obvious, once the journal starts to record or you see him in person: he isn't wearing his uniform. His pauldron is gone, although he touches at his arm once, where it should be, his expression clouding up as he... slowly makes note of where he is, how long he was gone for, and everything else.

He breathes out, shakily, and drops his hand from his arm, as if burned - as if ashamed to miss it.

Anyone else who knows Porthos also knows how he typically deals with anger and stress and sadness: usually by punching or shooting things. Instead, it's clear that he's tearing up, his breath shaky and overwhelmed, and he ducks his head, bracing one hand against a nearby tree as he leans against it heavily, his hands clearly shaking as he tries to hold one steady at his side, the other pressed against the tree.]


Why now?
[Why did he have to come here now?]

[And there's that familiar response from Porthos: a moment later he's slamming his fist against the tree, curling into himself and gasping out a breath as he attempts to hold in his tears]

Damn it.

[And a moment later... it seems to all just disappear. He straightens up, clearly miserable, but getting ahold of himself and turning towards the hotels... figuring he should head back. He isn't seeking anyone out, like he might have if he were feeling up for it. Instead, he looks almost nervous to go there - knowing that he will likely run into someone he knows.]

[ooc: Porthos is from the end of ep 8, but I'm replaying memory feather event and thus his memories are just from mid-episode. Feel free to meet with him at this point, or timeskip to when he's recovered his memories. Or, help him find those memories, once he figures it out. Or just give him a hug. He kind of needs that.]

May. 1st, 2013


Memory hunt log!

Who: Everyone!
What: Memory hunt event!
Where: All over Kiseki and the extended areas!
When: Starting now, without a definite ending point!
Rating: NC-83
Warnings: I assume violence and shippy shenanigans will happen at some point


The memory hunt event has begun! Play out anything you'd like concerning this event here \o/