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November 12th, 2015

[info]vulgarian in [info]kiseki_logs

not very pretty ● but we sure know how to run things (MARK 02)

[ less apprehensive about the journal function this time, he narrates with a few scrawled words and allows the video to speak for itself like a running silent film. it's parsed together not unlike an old movie montage anyway, of tony and his trusted bot helper dum-e. now that his free rent has run through in the hotel, he's moving his lab to a commercial space. ]

Amazing what you can do on credit in this place. [ he's used to throwing money at his problems, of course, but it was usually of the tangible variety rather than loaned to him by a mystical bank. he's determined to make this work though, and so he's made a few exceptions to the ideas he'd had upon first arriving.

as the video goes on, clearly spliced together through several days, leo also arrives as a mainstay. at first he helps tony stock various equipment but then at some point he seems to just be sticking around. tony seems okay with this arrangement. ]

Stark Mechanics is officially open for Business (?).

[ whatever come see him, profit etc. he can fix pretty much anything or if you want something specific he'll commission anything that's not a weapon. all prices negotiable.

OR if you just want to come bug him or leo or see what the hell they're up to (hint: it's making iron man suits), then have at. ]