Jul. 25th, 2015


4th wall plotting post!

Hello everyone! As previously announced, on August 15th we'll be having another 4th wall event!

Kiseki's doors will open to bring in visitors from other worlds for a short period of time! Meaning, during the extension of the event, you'll be able to temporarily bring in characters without needing to app. Characters which might not even qualify for a full application under normal circumstances (those with too little canon information, for example) could come visit, as well. All other game rules would still apply.

We'll have specific logs set up for people to interact and mingle, and the event is intended to last a week for now will last ten days. As with our Test Drive Meme, threads used during the 4th wall will qualify to be submitted as samples in apps.

In the meantime, you can use this post to plot around, ask for castmates, talk to potential interested parties, or simply link this around to let your friends know of the event!

If you have any questions for us mods in terms of the events' dynamics/timing/anything, go ahead and ask us, too.

For those who wish to join us during that time:

- Keep in mind that usual game rules still apply, save for those regarding applications.
- If you require invite codes, as IJ still asks for them, leave a comment here (anonymously or not) and we'll provide you with them. You can also comment here.
- If your journal is new or simply empty for whatever reason, please add at least the following either on an entry or their profile:

- Characters who were introduced during 4th wall who get applied within that app cycle (up until October 15th) can keep any memories from the 4th wall events, if so desired.
- If you have any questions about the game itself or anything else, please let us know.

- Further notes:
The first log states that characters may arrive with creatures from their worlds. Since the forest is restrictive in terms of what gets loose around the islands, it's fine if you want to bring in something deadly (as long as it can't physically blow up the entire place a la Saiyan). The forests currently house a few dragons, for example.

The idea with this is to let players showcase their characters' worlds, and to allow more variety in things to do, as you could make someone's intro a silly thing where they're surrounded by cute critters, let them bring over a beloved pet, or get involved in a fight or chase away from a monster (which also allows for h/c, as well as putting the varied magical and physical skills available from our players & visitors to good use). For those who may opt for a dramatic entrance, the Usyagi will help warn people who might not be around the area so they'll go check what's up.

If there're any doubts or anything regarding this option, let us know, as with anything else!

Jun. 30th, 2015


Concrit meme - Take 84!

Time for our monthly How's My Driving meme!

- Comment to this post with a list of your characters. You may add any commentary you'd like, such as things you'd wish to get feedback on.

- Reply anonymously to the other players, giving concrit on how they're playing/their characterization/their interactions/etc.

- 100% negative comments will get screened/frozen/deleted, and can be grounds for banning if they're bad enough. Game rules apply here as well, so don't use it as an excuse to insult others. How can you tell the difference between giving crit and bashing? The second has no purpose. Giving crit means you want things to improve - by clearing out a misunderstanding of a character's actions, by helping a player manage activity better, by pointing out where characterization might be off, etc. If there are issues with a character that go beyond what giving crit would do (either characterization issues or something else), talk it out personally with the player, or with us mods instead.

- Simply giving positive feedback is just fine! Of course, we encourage these to be as elaborate as possible, as it's always better to get an idea of why a character/player is doing things right.

This is non-mandatory! If you aren't comfortable with the HMD, or don't feel like posting every time, or whatever the reason is, you don't have to post to it. However, don't be that person who gives crit to others and then doesn't open up for crit themselves.

On that same line of thought - we're a small game! If nobody comments, then the meme doesn't work. If you receive comments, try to leave at least one of your own to somebody else. It's always better if we have many replies, and various POVs.