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Minxie [userpic]
FICLET: Slut (Original Fiction)

Title: Slut
Author: [info]florida_minxie
Beta(s): [info]sirius_my_luv and [info]leela_cat
Genre (Pairing): Original Fiction (Tyler/Jacob)
Rating: Adults Only
Word Count: ~720
Highlight for Warnings Enticements: *D/s, mild verbal humiliation*
Disclaimer: Huzzah. These boys are mine. Possessive wench, aren't I?
Excerpt: "No reason to act the bashful virgin, boy. I know just how deep you can swallow my cock, how wanton you look spread out beneath me. I know just what a whore you are for me."
Notes: I can only blame this on the fact that I have had no damn sleep and I, evidently, get pornier the longer I suffer from sleep deprivation. It's a gift, doncha know? *blows raspberries* Same basic 'verse as Consequences So Fine, even if the style is different.

Minxie [userpic]
FICLET: Consequences So Fine (Original Fiction)

Title: Consequences So Fine
Author: [info]florida_minxie
Fandom (Pairing): Original Fiction (Tyler/Jacob)
Rating: NC17
Word Count: ~900
Highlight for Warnings Enticements: *D/s, discipline, *
Disclaimer: These dudes are mine. *dances*
Summary: There are consequences for every action.
Notes: Written for InsaneJournal's 2nd Annual Bring Back the Porn challenge.

Consequences So Fine

Ny [userpic]

Sept 08
click to go to [info]bbtp_challenge

Fics, Art, Icons, long as it's PORN we want it. September 1st, 2008. :D

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Ny [userpic]
BBTP Pimpage

Sept 08
click to go to [info]bbtp_challenge

you know what to do. and if it's kinky and queer...feel free to cross-post it here. *pets sad underused asylum* :D

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Sidhe [userpic]

[info]not_yet_defined said I could cross-post this here. She rocks. :)

Title: Silk
Rating: It's PWP - what do you think?
Pairing: Mel/Linds
A/N: Thanks to [info]bookgirl24 and [info]vl_redreign for the beta'ing. All commas approved for appearance by [info]vl_redreign.

Silk )

theentwife [userpic]
Potterverse Fic -- A Boy and His Wolf

First post here.

This piece was written for HP Thematic Fanfiction Challenge's Round 10 - D/s and BDSM fest. It is also a prezzie for [info]rakina, since she loves Remus/Harry and she was kind enough to send me something recently.

Title: A Boy and His Wolf
Author: Persephone Yavanna the Entwife
Pairing/Characters: Harry, Remus and Hagrid
Wordcount: 2818
Rating: G for gen (in other words, completely work-safe!)
Warnings: None, although some domination/submission is part of the story
Disclaimer: JK Rowling and assorted others have rights to create derivative works within the Potterverse, but I am not one of those licensees, unfortunately. Rather not be sued for playing with the characters, though . . . not making a profit here, just exploring the characters and situations created by the esteemed Ms. Rowling.
Summary: Written for the prompt The 'pet' allowed to Hogwarts students is a 'modified' human slave, trained to serve his or her owner personally, at first as an assistant which can include personal servant, tutor or nursing roles, then later as the wizard or witch's first lover. Harry receives the pet his parents had bought for him when Hagrid brings him to Gringotts for the first time
Author Notes: This is technically pre-slash, although no real slashing occurs since this is taking place before Harry enters Hogwarts.

A Boy and His Wolf

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whotfisalex [userpic]
For Aulic

God, I am just aching to be taken over tonight.

You don't know how my body quivers with every square inch of skin hyperaware to everything physical, every part of me wanting something else but yet united in a chorus of longing for you. The roots of my hair tingle, wanting to be moved by both the soft caress of your fingers and sharp yanks, long pulls. My lips feel swollen and so sensitive that they can almost feel the texture of your skin under them as they caress you and when I run my tongue over the upper one, I'm immediately carried away in a desire to let it glide over every inch of you in the same way. Yet at the same time, my mouth aches to be violated, bruised, raped by the invasion of your tongue.

My hands, my arms, want to feel you and be pinned flat against a surface too, muscles straining, your fingertips leaving marks in my flesh while you press against my heaving chest and stomach; the thought of it makes me catch my breath so that my nipples rub against the thin material of my t-shirt and contract, wishing it were the pads of your fingertips. My navel seems to transform itself into an empty cavern reaching my center, crying to be swept by your tongue. My legs ache to be forced apart, burning with pain as they're dragged open just before you searingly push into me.

I want love and desire that's out of control, want bruises, force, the taste of blood in my mouth, a sharp backhand across my face. I want rabid animal madness and heat that overtakes me because you can't hold your love, your passion, back from me, so that you have to have me even if it would mean raping me. I want that degrading helplessness, the delicious spark of fear when you pin me down, your power over me dominating me, and you call me a slut boy, your whore, for wanting this, loving this so much. And in your dominance, you violate not only my body but my soul, at the same time I wrench away your control over yourself, your reserve, because you have to have me, have this, two animals together. This is the power I have over you. I want you to take me, feel me; I want to always pulse in the most savage inner rhythms of your blood.

And God, do I want it now...

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whotfisalex [userpic]

Want Me...

Glances caressing skin over distance the pulse of the soul irresistible some immaterial force expands reaches out twines breathtaking, an ethereal pull inescapable bonds of heat draw the warm beast Yes come, come to me move closer, alluring enticing a tacit consensus a shiver of heat raises goose bumps, sliding slithering under my skin intoxicating inhale exhale the essence of you, closer still touch me now, palpable tangible warm voluptuous world diminished to a nucleus of exigent flame that consumes but won't destroy, mesmerizing, captivating Touch me fingertips lingering on skin sagittal penetrating the median pith igniting and searing, come...

...Touch Me...

Darkness, enclosure alone with you, grasping acquisitive rough caresses on smooth skin exploring kisses speaking in tongues of fire cloven then melding undulating, closer still feel me, Unhurried sure hands strip me bare know me touch me, tempting teasing Overwhelming you with a fierce gentleness like the crash and receding licking caress of a breaking wave on a sun warmed shore, sliding pulling seizing possessing, slippery glissade over hot sweat slicked flesh, sucking down spiraling into a sinuously twisting vortex of tight drenching heat, breathless panting huffs underscored by pounding blood, come yes come to me closer come with me...

...Take Me...

Breathe whisper to me sultry lascivious words in my ear penetrating intoxicating my soul, touch me invading violating searing pain No don't oh yes, no don't stop, closer deeper, hands gripping damp sheets twisting twining, intense conflagration blazing skyward in a holocaust of rapturous sin I am your altar and the offering defiled by yourself, ravenous voracious drawing blood with nails on skin, Closer yes come with me touch me kiss me, entwined and tangled pulsing pushing ecstatic rapacious intensity on the verge of screaming explosion Take me there restrained keep me there teetering throbbing pleading shuddering, tantalizing tormenting, Yes...

...Fuck Me.

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Ny [userpic]
Before She Was Owned - Part 1: Staking a Claim

My dear [info]kinky_and_queer memebers...don't die of shock, fic is being posted here. Um...anytime anyone else would like to post some, that would be swell.

Bad news...this is not the end of Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl.
Bad news...this is a WIP. :X

Good news...This is a Prequel to Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl.
Good news...Recollections will be finished and posted on Saturday.

Title: Before She was Owned (part 1)
Genre: Original Lesbian BDSM
Rating: NC-17 (this chapter isn't very'll get better, i promise.
Words: 1664
A/N: Quick and dirty beta by [info]sidhe and i DO mean quick and dirty, so ALL mistakes are mine. I'm a bit nervous i want to vomit, it's been awhile. Feedback would be OUTSTANDING, unless you are going to be mean, then never mind :P

Staking a Claim

Sidhe [userpic]

Title:  Untitled
Genre: QaF: US
Pairing: Melanie/Lindsay
Warning: Um, porn?
Summary: PWP, there is no plot to summarize.
A/N: [info]not_yet_defined told me to post this here. I sort of forgot, but I thought I'd do this in the hopes to keep her from posting Ghost Hunter slash-porn. *gags* Beta'd by [info]bookgirl24 and [info]pendulumchanges. All mistakes are mine.

Untitled )

Ny [userpic]

ides promo

[info]ides_of_march wants you to join us for a multi-fandom posting frenzy of fic and art.
As the guidelines say... all ratings, all pairings, all fandoms are welcomed and, more importantly, wanted!

March 15th... the day fandom takes over Insane Journal!

whotfisalex [userpic]
Fine Lines

Title: Fine Lines
Genre: Original fiction
Pairing: M/M
Warning: Knife play, blood play (actually more romantic than gory)
A/N: Unbeta'd, so all mistakes are mine. For Lael, never a mistake. xx

Show me how much you love me )

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duskpeterson [userpic]
True Tales - December 2007 issue: Military Men & Leathermen

Links on the Military Men page have been added to stories by Ranger, Parhelion, and Marquesate that are set around the conflicts in World War One, World War Two, and the modern British army.

Links on the Leathermen page have been added to bondage art that is an exercise in minimalism, an article about a bottom-man's efforts to overcome a phobia, and a video about power play that starts in a leather bar [warning: the video is non-SSC].

Next year's theme will be Prisoners and Prison Officers. (Yes, the 2008 theme has changed. There have been some good stories coming out in this category recently.) Please e-mail me if you have any suggestions for links to gay erotic and non-erotic narrative nonfiction, fiction, narrative poetry, drama, book excerpts, blog entries, art, photography, videos, and audio. The links can be to your own works or anyone else's. Suggestions for links to military and leather works continue to be welcome.

Link submission guidelines

Ny [userpic]
One Time Pimpage - Orgasm Control at bj_action

Theme #6: Orgasm Control PWPs are now posted for your reading pleasure at [info]bj_action

You can find them all here, on the Master List.

The authors did a fabulous job this round. The PWPs are hot and full of teh love, so please be sure to show your appreciation of their hard work with lots of commenty love of your own.

And I think this time, they mostly even qualify in the slightly kinky department, so I don't even have to feel any guilt for pimping here.

Now, what are you waiting for? There's porn. Go read it. :D


duskpeterson [userpic]
FIC: First Lesson (original fiction)

Title: First Lesson.
Author: Dusk Peterson (author's Website and author's blog).
Series: Loren's Lashes. You can read it without reading the other stories in the series, for the simple reason that there ain't any yet.
Category: Original fiction. Male/male attraction.
Rating: 18A for violence and sexual references.
Summary: A security guard in a small town walks into the wrong bar.
Note: This is an older piece of mine, but I thought posting it would be a way to introduce myself to IJ members who don't already know me.
Warnings: Leather, bondage, and non-consensuality for the sake of singing the praises of consensuality. (Just read it. All will become clear.)

He couldn't remember later why he began talking about bondage.

Ny [userpic]
Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl - Part3: Kissing Leather

Title: Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl - Part 3: Kissing Leather
Genre: Original fic, F/F, PWP
Warnings: NC-17, BDSM, WIP
A/N: This wound up being a bitch for me to get out, [info]bbtp_challenge gave me just enough prompting to finally do so. So I won't make promises about when part 4 will be finished, only that it will be finished, and it will be the end of this wip. And [info]xie_xie_xie i'm very sorry, but yes I have written more cliffhanger!porn. Self-beta'd, mistakes are all mine. Cross-posted on my journal.

Part 1,Part 2

Kissing Leather )

whotfisalex [userpic]
Lacrymosa (Sequel)

Title: Lacrymosa, a Sequel
Genre: Queer as Folk fanfiction
Pairing: Brian/Justin/Original male character
Warning: BDSM
Summary: At the close of the first part, Justin attempted to provoke Brian into punishing him by "forgetting" to lock up the loft. Because he still thinks punishment means fun.
A/N: Originally posted in my LiveJournal and re-posted here because it's September 1. And yeah, I stole the title from Evanescence - I'm a thucking feef!

Read more... )

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whotfisalex [userpic]
Lacrymosa (QaF)

Title: Lacrymosa
Genre: Queer as Folk fanfiction
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Warning: BDSM
A/N: Originally posted at my LiveJournal some time ago and re-posted here because it's September 1. :)

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Ny [userpic]
4 B/J Drabbles

It's september 1st somewhere....

Genre: Fanfiction, QAF
Pairing: Brian/Justin
A/N:These are not new. They were all originally cross-posted at [info]qaf_drabbles for assorted challenges, and in my personal journal on LJ and IJ.
Warning: There is a varying degree of porn and kink in them and questionable humor.

A collection of 4 B/J drabbles )

Ny [userpic]
Bringing Back the Porn

A final reminder, tomorrow (or possibly today, depending where you are) is theBring Back the Porn Challenge.

I encourage you to cross-post a link to any new fics written for this special occasion at the official home of the Bring Back the Porn Challenge - [info]bbtp_challenge.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I look forward to seeing some more kinky and queer fic, new and old, added to the archive tomorrow. Enjoy the smut!

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