Sep. 6th, 2007


FF7 art

Title: Waxplay
Author/Artist: Mitsuhachi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Boobies. Artistic ignoring of good sense bdsm.
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Tseng/Elena: wax play - yielding without submitting

Tseng/Elena, waxplay, not safe for work. )

Sep. 5th, 2007


Glass Walls, Final Fantasy VII (Sephiroth/Yazoo)

Title: Glass Walls
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: G
Warnings: Yazoo thinking?
Word count: 1314
Prompt: Claiming/possessing - "Gotcha!"
Note: This story came out far far more serious than I honestly expected it to.

All such things )


Little Reminders, Final Fantasy Seven (Sephiroth/Aeris/Cloud/Zack)

Title: Little Reminders
Author: [info]skeren
Rating: G
Warnings: None come to mind
Word count: 479
Prompt: collars: "the fine art of Zack-wrangling"

The idea had taken some thought you see. )


Fic: "Dead Man," FFXII (Basch/Gabranth, PG)

Title: Dead Man
Author: [info]sheffiesharpe
Fandom: FFXII
Pairing: Basch/Gabranth
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1050
Spoilers: Endgamish.
Summary: Postgame (happier ending version).
Prompt: Sensory deprivation: a little place of forgetting.
A/N: …it seems more like remembering than forgetting. Apologies.

They had played the game as children. It is no longer a game. )

Sep. 6th, 2007


Heroes, Transformers (movieverse), Optimus Prime/Ironhide

Title: Heroes
Author/Artist: [info]kinrazza
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.
Word count: 1,225
Summary: For prompt:- 27. Transformers Movie, Optimus Prime/Ironhide: hurt/comfort - "hero complex"

Heroes )

Sep. 5th, 2007


Harry Potter (Draco/Luna)

Title: Mirror, Mirror, In My Hand

Author: GuiltyRed

Rating: R

Warnings: voyeurism, pwnage, and pimping

Word count: 873

Summary: In which we ponder cause and effect where magical items are concerned; motives are just too complicated.  ~_^

Prompt: September 5 – #20. Harry Potter, Draco/Luna: the Malfoy basement dungeons – "where are the whips and chains?"

A/N: Moral of the story: be wary of accepting sex toys from strange witches, especially if they (the witches) seem more like fangirls than is absolutely seemly.





[Fic] 'Persistent', Final Fantasy VII (Cid/Vincent)

Title: Persistence
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Un-beta'd due to time constraints but spell-checked. A little swearing and a split lip?
Word count: 740
Summary: Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Cid/Vincent: Dark, rough, needy sex with dubious consent - "We were at the end of our worlds"
A/N: Sorry to whomever made the prompt that it's probably a little tamer than you may have wanted, but I suddenly had a huge mass of RL dumped on my desk and nearly had to drop the prompt altogether. But I hope it passes okay for a quick attempt.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Square Enix

text )


FFVII:DoC (Hojo/Nero)

Title: And the Dark Becomes Darker

Author: GuiltyRed

Rating: PG13

Warnings: spoilers for Dirge of Cerberus

Word count: 796

Summary: Humiliation is a sport that needs at least two players.

Prompt: September 5 – #9. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, Hojo/Nero: Humiliation - “And the dark becomes darker.”

A/N: I’m going with the idea that Nero actually heard every damn thing Hojo said while he was pontificating away – and was not at all happy.




"Echoes," Vagrant Story (Hardin/Callo)

Title: Echoes
Author: Laylah
Fandom: Vagrant Story
Pairing: Hardin/Callo
Rating: PG-13 for m/f violence, sexual themes, the Dark
Word count: 514
Prompt: haste, vertical surface - "before the city wakes"

Echoes )


The Art of Compromise, Final Fantasy VII (Zack/Cloud)

Title: The Art of Compromise
Author/Artist: Kemis
Beta-reader: [info]skeren
Rating: PG-13/Teen for bad words
Warnings: None
Word count: 1737
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Zack/Cloud: uniform fetish - "It really just makes me want to rip it off you."
Summary: Cloud is not obsessed with SOLDIER. No, really. He isn’t.
A/N: This is very likely not what the recipient was expecting. Not smut to be seen here, I’m afraid.

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