September 21st, 2007

[info]writerzilch in [info]kinkfest

[fic] "The Flowers in Your Dreams", FFVII (Cloud/Aeris)

Title: The Flowers in Your Dreams
Author: [info]writerzilch
Rating: R for non-graphic sex
Warnings: Spoilers for FF7 (if it can even be called a spoiler, heh), character death
Summary: Somewhere, distantly, Cloud knew he was dreaming.
A/N: I'm pleased with how this came out. I hope to gods it's not too ridiculously woobie. XD;

The Flowers in Your Dreams )

[info]dragovianknight in [info]kinkfest

Stolen Moments, Dragon Quest IV (Cristo/Alena)

Title: Stolen Moments
Author/Artist: [info]dragovianknight
Rating: Errr...what's a hand job rate these days?
Warnings: Aforementioned hand job
Word count: 519
Summary: Cristo was worried. Alena makes it up to him.
Prompt: Dragon Quest IV, Cristo/Alena: up against the wall - "If you don't straighten your hat, everyone's going to know."
Cristo had a frown for every occasion. )

[info]jlsigman in [info]kinkfest

Aragorn/Legolas: in the forest – “He finally understood Elven passion.”

Author: [info]jlsigman
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: M/M sex
Word count: 246
Prompt: September 20th, #18. Lord of the Rings, Aragorn/Legolas: in the forest – “He finally understood Elven passion.”
A/N: Sorry this is late...

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[info]guiltyred in [info]kinkfest

FFVII:AC (Kadaj/Sephiroth)

Title: Rain
Author: GuiltyRed

Warnings: spoilers for Advent Children
Word count: 200
Summary: Kadaj finds himself in the rain.
Prompt: September 21 – #6. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Kadaj/Sephiroth: Conquering a mindfuck and coming out on top - “Stand my ground, I won’t give in. If I don’t make it, someone else will stand my ground.”

Rain )

[info]writerzilch in [info]kinkfest

[fic] "Cherry Red", FFVII (Reno/Rufus)

Title: Cherry Red
Author: [info]writerzilch
Rating: R for bondage-y smut
Warnings: Non-worksafe for mild BDSM
Summary: It was a rare thing to have Rufus ShinRa naked and tied to the bed.

Cherry Red )

[info]allira_dream in [info]kinkfest

Isn't it Ironic? [Death Note/House M.D. House/L.]

Title: Isn't it Ironic?
Author: [info]allira_dream
Rating: PG.
Warnings: House being House, L being L?
Word count: 426.
Summary: It's supposed to be vacations. It's a no-healing time. He won't even get paid!
Prompt: House M.D./Death Note crossover, Gregory House/L: mindfuck - anomaly
Notes: Not exactly as the prompt, but I was dealing with two uber bastards here. Sorry!

Isn't it Ironic? )

[info]cadence in [info]kinkfest

"Moving Too Fast," Bleach (Yoruichi/Soi Fong)

Title: Moving Too Fast
Author: Cadence
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 719
Summary: Their fights go differently than they used to.
Prompt: Bleach, Yoruichi/Soi Fong: physical combat as foreplay - moving too fast

Moving Too Fast )

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