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Winter Formal-! [14 Dec 2010|01:02am]
Winter formal was a LOT more work than Tsuna thought it would be. He had to make all these decisions, and usually when he bothered to ask Gokudera what he thought, he ended up not really caring or saying something like 'Whatever you want Tsuna!'

It made more sense for all the brothers to go together, and honestly Tsuna was a little grateful. He didn't know how to do this 'dance' thing, and it would be nice to have his far more experienced brother with him. Sora could help him find a suit. Sora could help him pick out a tie. Sora could help him have to pick out the flower thing you pin to your pocket, and one for Gokudera, too. (Sora picked up one for Riku while he was there.) They all picked a restaurant that they all liked, and decided they'd decide later if they wanted separate tables or not.

Sora even had to help him tie his tie that night. "You look pretty cool, little bro," he told him, stepping back after he was done. "Tuck your shirt in and put a belt on." He still needed work. Sora could tell he was almost dying of nervousness, that if he ate anything it would be a miracle because his stomach was probably twisting all painfully.

The big brother himself was used to the dance thing, but this was different. From the very beginning it was different, the clothes picking flower buying ride deciding. This was WAY more than just another dance, it was practically an adventure. One that he got to have with Riku, which made it all the more awesome, and exciting. Riku would be over to get them in a few minutes, and Sora was in his room trying to find his nice shoes in his closet while Tsuna sort of panicked around looking for socks and a belt.
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The braviest, craziest, dumbest thing ever [24 Oct 2010|08:57pm]
Sora was tactful. He came in his house and all three of his family was sitting in the living room, Tsuna right between his parents all cozy. So he told them then.

Tsuna didn't say anything, Dad said something to the effect of 'You're BOTH gay?' and Mom said something like 'What about grandchildren?' and Dad said something like 'But I taught you to fish and play soccer!' and Mom said 'I'm so glad it's Riku' and Dad said 'At least it's Riku. And now you need the talk I gave Tsuna.'

Then Sora got Tsuna and ran away to his room. THEN he started the EPIC PEP-TALK OF THE CENTURY! He thought it went pretty well and while Tsuna wasn't exactly pumped up or even confident afterward, he stopped looking like he was going to throw up.

Monday at school, Tsuna walked right up to Gokudera in third period and sat next to him. He made sure to wear something that looked extra good on him, and made his hair look decent and he even wore a piece of jewelry (a bracelet, to be specific) since he knew Gokudera liked stuff like that.

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Siblings are a mess [26 Sep 2010|08:26pm]
Tsuna of course was fine to go to school Monday, and though he had texted Gokudera a few times Sunday, he hadn't seen him again.

It was awkward, and he didn't like it. He was cornered by his locker between classes by some guys, but thankfully Kyoko's big brother walked by just then.

Tsuna ate lunch with Ryouhei (awkwardly, he was a year older!) that day and Ryouhei raved about the boxing club the whole time. (Did EVERYTHING have to be 'extreme'?) Tsuna didn't want to join any club. All he knew is that he wanted to protect his best friend and his brother. Ryouhei agreed to 'train' him a little on his own, since he was too scared to go to a club.

It was...kind of scary in a different kind of way than Gokudera was. The first thing he did was make him run. All week he didn't do anything but have Tsuna run, and he wanted to die. By Friday he still wanted to die, not really noticing he could now run a lap and a half without stopping. He didn't really let anyone know what he was up to.

All of that was good, but it didn't help that he hadn't seen much of Gokudera all week, since he stayed after school, went home, ate dinner, took a bath, and passed out. Sure they sent texts back and forth but they didn't hang out. Tsuna was at the point where he admitted to himself that he missed him, but that was about all he knew. The rest of his feelings...he was still confused.

He texted Gokudera when he woke up Saturday, having been promised he didn't have to run today. 'Hey. Are you busy today?'
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Siblings can be FUN, dammit! [20 Sep 2010|11:57pm]
It was a couple hours before dinner before Riku finally got the chance to call Sora. He waited, trying not to feel giddy about talking to Sora when he knew Gokudera was having such a shitty day. But how would there be storm clouds when he felt so light?

If he'd thought Gokudera would talk to him today, he was saddly mistaken. Gokudera had actually walked out of the room when Riku tired to bring it up once. Whatever the kid was going through, he didn't share it. He was clammed up tight. Riku expected that there would be more angry outbursts from him soon. How had Tsuna managed to calm him down so much?

Pick up, Sora. Pick up.
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Siblings can be fun: You thought it was safe [10 Sep 2010|02:26pm]
Tsuna found that the whole kissing thing really got easier the more practice you got. After the super awkward, super shy, super short experimenting that he and Gokudera had done Monday after the arcade, Tuesday seemed a lot easier to just...go with it. Tsuna wasn't sure if it was the little confidence boost he'd gotten from kissing Gokudera goodbye, but the actual kissing part seemed more natural. His eyes closed without him telling them to. His lips moved without brain power, and he found out how to more easily breathe after that. The two tried it out until one or both of them felt kinda dizzy and then opted for real homework instead. Wednesday progressed much the same as Tuesday, except before they knew it they'd been 'studying' for near an hour. Still, Gokudera hadn't tried putting his tongue in Tsuna's mouth again, since the thought of it made Tsuna's stomach whirl around.

Sora was highly suspicious of their studying habits. How come they tried to cut Wednesday after school putt putt short to go home and study? Or why they wanted to sit in the WAY back of the theater Thursday and every time Sora turned around he thought he saw them being suspiciously close, or how they ditched the mall after wards to go back to Gokudera's house.

What was worse than anything though, was how Tsuna wasn't home past his curfew Thursday night. Sora wasn't sure if he should rage about Gokudera making his little brother into a delinquent, or if he should actually be seriously worried about something. He usually left his...boyfriend's house around 8 if he ate dinner over there (which he had, both eaten dinner there and left afterwards). Yet it was 11 and he was still not home.

Well, Tsuna wasn't answering his phone, Sora didn't have Gokudera's number, so he just called Riku instead.
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Siblings can be fun: Don't make this awkward [01 Sep 2010|04:21pm]
Gokudera eyed his brother and Sora suspiciously. They were all at the arcade near the mall, hanging out, playing games, eating food that makes moms cringe. He could NOT figure them out. Last weekend, Sora had been all moody and stuff, and it seemed like something, SOMETHING was finally going to happen. Either they were going to get into a full and outfight, or an angry and frustrated make out session. Something! There was so much pent up energy between them last week, it was crazy. Gokudera had pushed and pushed and pushed Sora, but now! Nothing. It was like all the tension had vanished. Gokudera didn't get it.

Damn, worrying about Sora and Riku, where did they run off to anyway, was hurting his game. Playing a two-person shooter game by yourself... one gun in each hand, was hard when you weren't paying attention. "Tsuna, where did your brother go?" Gokudera asked. Gah. "Here, use this," he said passing one of the guns off to Tsuna. "Shoot anything that moves."
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Siblings at the Zoo! [20 Jul 2010|07:29pm]

When Saturday morning rolled around, Tsuna rolled out of bed. Eventually. Sora had to prod him awake, telling him that it was his first date and didn't he want to look good or something?

So he showered. Poked at his hair. He was sure Gokudera could care less what he looked like. This was all pretend, anyway. He WAS trying to convince Sora though, so he should at least pretend to care what he looked like. After a while, he realized he wasn't going to look any different no matter how long he stared at himself in the mirror, so he went and dressed and decided to eat breakfast.

"Sora, how do you go on a date?" Tsuna asked at the table.

Sora laughed at him almost immediately. "You're funny!" When Tsuna frowned at him he realized that his little brother might actually be serious, and gave it a thought.

"Well, you like Gokudera, don't you? Just do what you feel like doing. If you want to be closer to him, then do it. If you want to give him a compliment, then do it. If you want to be casual, then be casual. You'll be able to tell if he approves or if he wants you to stop." Sora nodded.

Tsuna poked his cereal. "Really?"

Sora shrugged. "Well that's how it is with girls anyway! I have no idea how to date a guy. Haha!"

Tsuna sighed, slouched in his chair, and ate his breakfast while he waited for Gokudera and Riku to arrive. It shouldn't be hard or anything, they had talked all about it. It wasn't even just the date either (his first one). It was the worry that this wouldn't work at all, and that nothing would change between Sora and Riku and it would all be for nothing.

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Siblings can still be fun, Part 4 [09 Jul 2010|07:31pm]
Riku woke up early in the morning still wrapped around Sora. He could feel him breathing before he even opened his eyes, feel Sora's hair against his cheek. During camping, Sora always slept closer than normal sleeping over kind of close. It was kind of nice.

He checked to make sure that his fingers weren't cold, and then snuck his hand up under Sora's shirt, ghosting over Sora's skin. "Sora," Riku whispered, "It's time to wake up." He tickled his best friend EVER so slightly. "Wake up."
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Siblings Can be Fun part 3 [30 May 2010|10:11am]

Riku kept the radio on low for the two sleepy guys in the back, but kept it on for himself and Sora. When his alarm had gone off this morning, he'd been really tempted to turn it off and roll back over. But the attempt to do that had him snuggling against Sora, burying his face into his best friend's neck. And even if they'd agreed that the way they acted with each other was fine, because it was them, and they were happy... it didn't mean he'd forgotten his little brother's accusations. So he got up, made Sora get up, and the two of them packed the car with everything they needed before they went and retrieved their little brothers.

It was a little weird to see Tsuna in Gokudera's bed, mostly because Riku would have thought that Gokudera would have kicked him out. But they'd turned the little brothers out and then put the mostly-dress, half-asleep boys in the back seats... where they promptly fell asleep. They had been on separate sides of the car to begin with, but now they were laying on each other, using the other as a pillow. Weird kids.

Ugh, there was talking on the radio. Annoying. "Sora, will you change the channel?"
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Siblings are awesome pt2 [18 May 2010|10:15pm]
Tsuna paced his room a little bit. So he had to tell his brother that he was dating Riku. He wasn't really sure how to go about it. Personally, he had no tact. He was kind of an awkward kid and really, he was unsure about the whole thing. He was afraid that this revelation to Sora would somehow hurt his relationship with Riku, not make it better. That sat in the back of his mind as he timidly pushed open the door to his brother's room.

Sora looked up from where he was lying on his bed. "Hey, Tsu. What's up?"

Tsuna came all the way inside, at least comfortable with that. "Ummm..." He sat down on the bed.

Sora sensed his little brother's now discomfort, and pulled his earbuds all the way out to give him his attention. "Something wrong?" Was Tsuna getting bullied at school? Bad grades? He had a weird itch? He discovered he liked porn? What?

"You know how Riku is your best friend?" Tsuna asked, attempting to make this conversation in terms that Sora would understand.

"Yeah..." Sora replied, sitting up.

"Well, do you like him?" Wait. Maybe that was a dumb question.

Sora raised an eyebrow. "Of course I like him. We're best friends." Pause. "Wait, do YOU like him?!" Was that why he asked if Riku had a girlfriend, and what he thought about having a boyfriend?! "Tsuna, you have a crush on Riku?!" Oh my God!

Tsuna turned red and waved his hands. "No!" He squeaked. "YOU have a crush on Riku, not me!" Geeze!

Sora made a face like he didn't understand. "No I don't, we're best friends." Duh. "And I'm not gay." Duh.

"Sora don't you think, I mean, you guys are kinda, you're pretty much," this was so hard to talk about!

"Pretty much what?" Sora asked. What was this conversation about.

"You're dating! Best friends don't hold hands and cuddle each other and hug and and like touch all over and he puts his arm around you and stuff and you're always doing that. You're dating!" Yes, he said that all in one breath.

Sora stared at his comforter hard. They....had been talking about holding hands earlier today. How they always did it. Sora had felt weird at that moment. Like a wave, other moments came into his head to make a comparison. Hugs. Riku's arms around him. Being close to Riku.

"Ew!" Sora replied. "I do that?" Well, he had to stop! He didn't want Riku thinking...weird things!

"It's not ew," Tsuna reminded him. "It's okay if you like him. You guys are so close-"

"Ew, Tsuna," Sora replied. Riku was his BEST FRIEND.

Tsuna felt like he had failed. A lot. I'm sorry Gokudera!

Sora felt...embarrassed. And like he REALLY needed to watch what he was doing around Riku. How had he not noticed...? What if Riku thought they were dating? Sora couldn't bring it up. He spent most of the rest of the night worrying over it.
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Siblings can be fun [02 May 2010|06:06pm]
Gokudera kept his head propped up by an elbow are he slowly at his breakfast of cereal. Captain Crunch, without the crunchberries because he didn't like how they turned the milk pink. His older brother was already finished eating and left his bowl by the side of the sink. Gokudera was lucky; his older brother drove him to school. Not every freshman could say that. Riku was also a senior, which meant next year Gokudera would have to learn to drive really, really fast, or be sent back to the land of taking the bus with the unwashed masses.

"Hurry up," Riku ordered him, shoving his lunch money in the deep pockets of his pants. "Or I'm leaving you behind." Gokudera knew he wouldn't. Probably.

"Why the hurry?" he complained, abandoning his breakfast for their mom to find of the table later. Ha ha. "We're not even late yet."

"We're picking up Sora and his little brother today," Riku yelled from down the hall now, where he was brushing his teeth. "I think Tsuna is in your grade, or something."

If he was, Gokudera didn't know him. Tsuna was a weird name anyway.

In the end, it took Riku hauling him outside and tossing him into the back seat (which he protested. Why should Riku's friend get to sit in the front over his BROTHER) to be on their way to pick up the other two.
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Waking up hungry and horny [10 Aug 2009|03:53pm]

Bakura woke up in the more, feeling decidedly grumpy.  It took him a few minutes to think and remember why, and when he did, he scowled.  Oh yeah.  The stupid bet.

Ryou was half laying on him, and so he, none too gently, pushed him off, so he could sit up.  They were going to have to go back to the Pharaoh's house today, and Bakura wasn't looking forward to it.  He was going to need as much time as possible to mentally prepare himself for it.
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We're not hobos... we just have no money and no where to stay [26 Apr 2009|09:37pm]

Ryou didn't fight Bakura for the keys and just picked up the cookies and sat them on his lap. Personally, Ryou was feeling very tired now and just kind of curled up on his seat and dozed while he let Bakura drive where ever, making sleepy, half-coherient comments to his yami mentally.
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Into the future; Moving into an Apartment is fun [27 Mar 2009|01:26am]

It is amazing, really, how fast time can go. Riku graduated High School, and then found himself back at the old auditorium the very next year to watch Sora walk and shake hands with Principle Dumbledore as he recieved his dipoloma. Riku had spent the year taking classes at the community college, so that he wasn't taking a complete year off of school (couldn't start College as a freshmen, on the same standing as Sora. He had to be a little bit ahead)

They spent that summer soaking up as much sun as possible; going to the beach, helping Namine collect shells, chasing each other up and down the surf, eating Kairi's homemade pineapple whip with a straight face, and then praising her on the strawberry popsicles she made next, burying Axel in the sand when he fell asleep... and writing stuff on Roxas's back with sunscreen when he did too, practicing their summoning and fighting, kissing slowly in the soft light of the setting sun. It seemed like summer would never end.

Then, one weekend afternoon after Riku had stumbled down from his room, his moms announced that they needed to go shopping to get Riku some things for his apartment, or he was going to start school eating out of pop-top cans with his hands.

Riku never knew it took so many THINGS to set up a new household. Luckily though, he wasn't alone. Sora, and Sora's mom came along on these trips too. Something about everything needing to match, and this way they didn't buy two of everything.

Riku and Sora didn't really care about the print on their plates, or the designs on their silverware, or the color of the pots and pans, and many a shopping trip ended up as a slip out to the car to A: take it somewhere more interesting and get food and get back before anyone noticed, or B: make out in a place far more comfortable and sanitary than the bathroom, which would have been the only other place available for option B.

It wasn't until picking out larger furnitire that either of them really got involved. (TV, yes, PS2, yes) But picking out their bed was by far the most important thing. They decided a long time ago not to even pretend like they were going to have two beds and pretend that they were keeping their hands, mouths, and other various parts to themselves. Their moms knew them better anyway.

But it was hard picking out a bed! It wasn't something to be taken lightly. It had to be big enough to fit two grown adult boys comfortably, but not so big that they couldn't get it through the door, or that it took up all the room in their bedroom. The mattress had to be soft, but not too soft, firm, but not hard, and just... had to feel right.

The right one actually came by accident. After a very long day of shopping and sitting on beds, and getting weird looks from the salesman who couldn't seem to figure out why two young men were testing out the beds like a (God forbid) couple might, they just kind of collapsed on the nearest one while their moms began to discuss if their towels should have their names written on them so that they wouldn't mix them up. The next thing Riku was properly aware of was being woken up by his Dad, and scowling at her for doing so as he pulled Sora, who had somehow ended up in his arms, closer to him. Not that noisey parents could keep Sora asleep for long. That was the mattress they took. It didn't matter that they'd sat on it earlier and rejected it, it had passed the sleeping test, and that was the most important of all.

Still too soon, most of Riku's immediate belongings were packed up into brown cardboard boxes with his name written along the sides and stacked in the hallway for his departure.

On the day he left, Riku even managed to find it in his heart to pet Oliver awhile. He might not like the dog very much, but it was part of being home, and in his heart he'd miss the stupid beast.

It was then a little caravan of cars heading out towards Island University, Riku's car, and his mom's car, and his dad's car, and Sora's mom's car all packed to the brim with all of their stuff. Thank goodness they called dibs on moving first. Roxas and Axel wouldn't be making the trip with their tones of shit until the next day.

The apartment complex Riku's dad hand found for the boys was nice and close to campus so they could walk if they wanted to, with a well kept look. The apartments a few blocks over looked like dumps, and Riku was not ashamed to be picky if he got to live somewhere nicer and that wasn't going to fall apart the second they shut the door.

Glad that they DID bring Roxas and Axel along to help move all their stuff, it didn't take very long for the small living area to be crowded with boxes saying Riku, Sora, Kitchen, Bathroom, and other helpful lables.

Wisely, before trying to unpack anything, they went out to a (very) late lunch and then that was it. All the moms (dadmoms included) ended up in tears when saying goodbye to their boys, telling them to study hard, try to eat a few vegitables, and all those other things moms are supposed to say when they're really just saying 'I love you' over and over again.

Roxas and Axel said they'd see them tomorrow, and they'd BETTER help carry boxes for them too, do NOT think you're getting out of it... and then everyone was gone.

Riku looked slowly around the room, trying to believe it was real. Then he snagged his boyfriend and pulled him back against him, crossing his arms around Sora's waist and resting his chin on top of his head.

They had a LOT of unpacking to do. But right now, life was good.
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Guess who just one a one way pass to the Shadow Realm? [27 Jan 2009|10:47pm]

Bakura woke  up with the feeling of being watched.  His eyes snapped open, and he glanced around, seeing Grandpa standing in the doorway.  He made an old man laugh, before turning and leave.  Creepy.

He tried to move and stretch a little, and let out a small groan, at the stiffness in his side.
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At the Park [21 Jan 2009|11:17pm]

School was, Roxas decided, not all it he thought it was going to be. Sure, he got to see his friends (Axel, Namine, and others) and some of the classes were interesting (he'd had to retake the test in shop and already passed it and was now making a birdhouse, unlike Sora who was retaking the test yet again). Lunch was kind of fun. But he couldn't do gym, and real classes were boring.

He'd had four days of class now, and he was tired of going. Did he really have to do more than a year of this?

"Sora!" Roxas came through their closet, and stopped. Riku glared at him and didn't take his hand out from under Sora's shirt. Yeah, homework guys, sure.

"I'm going out," Roxas said, "Not THAT long, so don't even try." Ugh.

He grabbed his skateboard and left out the door. He apparently had a bike, but he was more comfortable with his skateboard in his weird, inbetween stage. He was going to the park, but on his way there, called up Axel.
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Going on an outing. Not a date [10 Dec 2008|10:23pm]

Roxas was NOT watching the window. Axel said he'd arrive at 11, and so he would. He'd not be early, and he wouldn't be late. So Roxas had no reason to haunt the livingroom restlessly.

No, he was in the livingroom because this episode of Oprah his mom was watching was particularly interesting. And leaning against her, her arm gently over his shoulders, was a very comforting thing.

He'd had the oddest dream last night. She was there, and a man whose face he couldn't quite make out. And Sora too. But he and his brother were younger. They'd gone to the park, in his dream, and shared their red plastic bucket filled with dinosaurs and a yellow shovel with two other kids at the park until it was time to go home. It was a nice dream.

Where the heck was Axel?
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Flashback Goodness: Mid-highschool [28 Nov 2008|10:54pm]

Sora was SO impatient. SO SO impatient. It was his LAST class on the LAST day of school. It was mid June, he was going to turn fifteen in just three days, and it was HOT out. Sora pulled on his tie and glanced at the clock. Just another half a minute...

"Alright, kids. Everyone have a safe summ-" the teacher was saying but the kids were out of their seats before he could even finish his sentence as soon as the bell rang. Sora grabbed his backpack and swept his yearbook off his desk, hightailing it out of the room.

He ran the opposite direction of where everyone was going to go pile onto the buses as they honked loudly and annoyingly, driving away with the kids. Instead he went out the side of the school, where there was a grassy hillside that he often took a nap on at lunch. It's also where he met Riku everyday after school, cause it's the way they walked home. Sora got there first today and threw himself down on the grass, spreading out his arms and lying there in the sun. He pulled off his tie and siiiiighed. No more school for the summer!
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Sick and tired and Riku deprived [24 Nov 2008|02:40pm]

Sora stayed pretty much on his Aunt's couch the whole couple of hours it was taking Riku to get there. He'd have to apologize to him. Do something nice for him. He just didn't feel very good right now. He certainly, CERTAINLY didn't want to go home. Could he live at Riku's house? (The better choice would be to kick Roxas out, actually).

One thing he had decided. He wanted Namine to try and fix Roxas. He wanted his brother back. He was feeling selfish, to the point that next time he spoke to her, he would tell her 'Work on our memories first'. Axel had already given up on Roxas and abandoned him. Obviously, he wasn't trying very hard in the first place. Therefor, he could wait.

Sora napped on and off while he waited for his boyfriend to come get him, looking forward to snuggling up with him soon.
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Stop my breathing, and slit my throat. I must be emo. [24 Nov 2008|12:15pm]

Axel had hardly left his room at all during the past week.  His parents, and Demyx had managed to occasionally drag him out to sit in the living room, but as soon as he got an opportunity to, he would escape back to his bedroom.   He was laying on his side on his bed, staring at the wall, trying to decide whether he should go to school on monday.  He was already going to have a ton of makeup work that he'd have to do.  He still felt zero motivation to, though.  He wrapped his arms around himself and closed his eyes.  He missed Roxas so much.  The way he had been before the accident.  Maybe what they had, had been a lie, but it had made him happy.  He would give anything to go back to that lie now, only now that he knew the truth, it would be impossible to pretend.

"I want to see Roxas again."  He whispered.  He couldn't though.  He wasn't strong enough yet to see him, and not break down.  He wondered if he ever would be, but he shook that thought off.  He had to.  He wouldn't be able to live if he never got to see Roxas again.  He rolled over, his arms still around himself, and buried his face in his pillow.  He just had to will himself to keep living.  He could get up, force a smile, and go back to his daily life.  Heartache wasn't real.  It was just something in your head.  Therefore, by willpower, you should be able to move past it.  It was hard though when you didn't care enough anymore about everyday life to have that willpower.

He felt so empty now, and alone, and he just wanted Roxas back.  He wondered if Roxas missed him at all.  He hadn't stuck around very long to see how he responded.  Had Roxas completely forgotten about him?  Did he even care that he was gone?

There was a timid knock on Axel's door, and he rolled over onto his back, looking over at it.

"Yeah?"  He asked weakly.  The door creaked open, and Demyx stuck his head in, looking very concerned.  Axel remembered how Roxas had said he thought he was dating Demyx, and he cracked a small smile in amusement.  A huge grin spread across Demyx' face then, when he saw the expression, thinking that Axel might finally be cheering up.

"Your phone just beeped.  I think you have a text message."  He said, coming into the room, and handing the phone to Axel.

Axel took the phone, and looked at the screen.  From Sora?  He opened the text message and frowned.

Something terrible?  He thought that if it was something too bad, Sora probably would have called him, not just sent a text message.  He wasn't too worried then, knowing that Roxas was probably fine, and not in any kind of danger.  He wasn't willing to jump out of bed, and go running over there yet.  He sent a text message back to Sora that said: <i>'Terrible?  What happened?'</i>
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