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All Up In Your Face!

1/8/08 05:26 pm - [info]rubyfruit_pixie

Attention members of [info]khfanfiction/[info]khff_xxx, [info]kh_yaoi, [info]kh_yuri, [info]nonsk_kairifans, and [info]kairi_in_shadow:

I am thinking of a tagging system. What do you think would work best? Tagging by author/artist, by pairing, by rating, by genre, or any combination of the above?

Modly announcements will be tagged with mod:.

And what of contests and writing prompts? Should they be daily? Weekly? Monthly?

What do you think, guys?

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8/7/07 01:18 pm - [info]rubyfruit_pixie - Testing...

Hi there, all! Welcome to the KH Yuri Community!
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