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January 21st, 2019 @ 10:45am

Ehhhhh, hello? It's Steff of many characters finding her way back to IJ out of nostalgia & a sudden increase of free time. Over the years I've gotten a bunch of notifs about people re-adding me, and Karin briefly explained something that happened and linked me to an explanation of how to fix it by Julie (which I did not read), so it's possible no one will see this!

But, I didn't re-add anyone, and my F-list is full of lovely delightful people I remember. Which, really, is why I am even posting. I want to re-connect! I want to write! I miss my beautiful online corner of the world. Some of you are my friends on instagram (if you're not and want to be, ~steffpanda!), but for those who aren't, here's a brief synopsis...

After working in Northern Canada I moved back to Ontario for another job, but this was falsely advertised as addictions counselling and was really social work. I hated it. I was super unhappy. I woke up every week day hoping I was sick. So! I threw in the towel and moved to the Caribbean. I became a dive instructor and worked in a bar. I was gloriously happy, but I did not have access to a computer, thus, writing was not very possible. I dabbled in some scenes, but I got busy in RL and wasn't in any games, so I just drifted away. Now I am a resort & dive shop manager in Vanuatu (hello Australia time zone), have access to a computer, and have a LOT more free time.

Which means -- I am writing up this post quickly & solely for the purpose of reaching out. What are games like these days? Where are you playing? Do you need a character that perhaps I can apply for? I would love to check out how things have stayed the same and how they have changed. I remember when I was leaving a lot of people were venturing into a style of writing that didn't have perspective shifts, and was truly more collaborative. This required lots of trust (obviously), but was v intriguing to me.

Or, if you are particularly nostalgic and want to write some scenes with old characters we used to write, I am super game for that too. Hit me up.

If you have other life updates you want to share, PLEASE share them!

ETA: read julie's post and I DID have to do something, which I've done now, so...
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