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easy as pie; 5 simple generator overrides [01 Jun 2011|01:18pm]
Layout Style: S1 - Generator
Best View: 600 px
Browser(s) Compatibility: Firefox, Chrome and Safari;
Custom Colors: None.
Credit: No need, these are simple overrides I've been using in my own, pieced together from what I've seen elsewhere on the server. There's not much difference but the colors and pattern placement.

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rules and code under here )
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[01 Jun 2011|01:33pm]
First off, apologies for not updating in forever, the last year of school has been crazy.
Second, apologies for some of the poor layouts earlier and I will be fixing and updating those so they fit better with more browsers.

I will also be working on s2 layouts and relearning some of those. Mostly my layouts have been simple and easily customizable. I still answer questions and help out, feel free to bug me and I usually respond via comments.

My request post is here if you've got an idea or something you want answered.
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