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Requests; [22 Oct 2009|03:57pm]
Comment with requests for layouts, put them here.

Ideas for requests:

- If you have a banner you'd like to use, or a color scheme.
- A particular "tidbit" (a hover technique) or something you'd like to be implemented.
- An example of an s2 layout you'd like to see recreated (within the boundaries of what layouts can be done)
- Character/Game layouts with banners.

Requests will be filled when time permits (and on a first come first serve basis); I'm a law student and an RPer, sometimes I get really busy.

Codes may be made available to all, if I like it.

Also, some things just can't be done with S1 yet, but I'm fiddling with S2 layouts to see how to manipulate those as well.
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