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Date:2008-05-04 19:56

Good evening everyone! I'm here to tell you about the next world that the circus will be travelling to.

This time, we're heading to the His Dark Materials universe. More specifically, Lyra's world.

Once again, this world is a bit like our own with slight differences. Usually these differences are in the naming of things, such as countries and food. Of course, the main draw of this world is the dæmons.

"What are dæmons?" you ask. Firstly, it is pronounced as you would "demon" but these are not creatures that are evil. Dæmons are essentially a physical representation of who you are. Those who haven't reached puberty yet will have a dæmon who can take any shape but those who have will have a dæmon which has settled into one form. They can take the shape of any animal and are, at the very core, the soul of their human. Dæmon and their human can't be separated. If either goes too far from the other, it causes a tearing feeling at their heart which will cause them to come back to one another each time. Other people never touch another's dæmon. It's a taboo that's simply not broken and for very good reason. It's like someone reaching in and grabbing your heart with their bare hands. Other dæmons can touch other dæmons without consequence.

Dæmons can react much differently than their humans do. Fidgeting if they're keeping a lie or acting cowardly when their human is acting brave. Essentially, they are who you are deep down and will betray your emotions. If a dæmon is injured, so too is their human and vice versa. A dæmon cannot be awake while their human is asleep and, once again, that works both ways. Dæmons can also talk, if you couldn't guess and are generally always the opposite sex of their human. It is rare to have a human with a same sex dæmon and there are several rumours as to what it means if they do have one. (As quoted from here: "As the name suggests, Dæmons whose gender matches that of their human. This is extremely rare. General consensus follows that a same-sex pairing of dæmon and human is, rather than the heterosexual female/male pair, a homosexual soul.")

In some ways they are liabilities but if you're looking for someone who knows you, look no further than your dæmon.

Everyone who enters Lyra's world ends up with their own dæmon. As such, you'll have to figure out what dæmon is right for your character. You can use the official dæmon chooser at the official movie page or simply think of one. Please remember that there has been no evidence in canon that a dæmon has settled into the shape of a mythological creature. While they can clearly take the form of one, they have never remained as one permanently. This would make this a "field curse" for the characters. It will be in effect for as long as the circus remains in this world.

For more information on the actual world around them other than dæmons, you can visit the Srafopedia on Lyra's world. Feel free to look around and incorporate things into your RPing!

The circus will begin travelling tonight at midnight and will arrive at Lyra's world on Tuesday. As usual, all characters must return to the circus and to their assigned rooms. They can also feel sick or what-have-you, as detailed in the FAQ.

If you have any questions, leave them here!

Hope you have fun with the latest event! :3

/ Your Mods

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Date:2008-04-17 13:52
Subject:First World Traveling ~
Mood: creative


Just dropping by to give you all a quick rundown of the next world the circus will be visiting.

It will be in the Spiderwick Chronicles dimension.

How would this work, and how would it affect the characters?

This world looks very much like our own, the only difference being that the characters will be able to see all the kinds of Faeries that exist in that world (for a more detailed list of what awaits you, go here). This will be their first normal 'curse', so it will only last for a week. Also, it's not mandatory, so some characters could see the Faeries while others don't (that's up to you).

But that's not all. You see, Faeries greatly dislike to be seen by people who don't have the right to (Only people who are the seventh son of a seventh son, or red heads, have this natural ability), so they will most likely want to get their 'revenge'.

How? Well, it all depends on the Faeries' nature; for example, Pixies would only play small pranks, Boggarts' pranks would be more agressive, while Trolls will actually be really violent, etc.

Faeries that wouldn't get too violent toward the characters will be allowed in the circus (Pixies, Brownies, Boggarts, Sprites, etc) while more lethal ones would not (Trolls, Manticores, Goblins, Ogres, etc).

They will travel this Saturday, April 19th, taking the whole day to do so. Characters can feel sick, etc, if you'd want too (see FAQ).

Again, any issues dealing with death should be brought up to a mod first.

If you have any doubts please comment here.

Hope you'll enjoy and have fun with the upcoming event~

/Your Mods

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Date:2008-04-12 00:02
Mood: jubilant


Mary!Mod here just to make the great announcement that the RP is officially opened~~! Yay! *Cuts a red ribbon with some big scissors, throws confetti and dances.*

You now you're free to start posting in your character's journals, plot, harass other characters and everything! Go go go!

But before anything, I must list some modly stuff here. :3

First. I've been thinking about it and I decided to add something else to the issue of what happens when the characters first arrive. They have no idea what's going on but on the first page of their journals it's written 'Welcome Performer/Caretaker/Backstage Personal' depending on what your character will be. The journal will also have a pen clipped to it and a post-it note saying 'Use me~'. They will have to ask around and let the chaos begin~ (I hope that's enough to start? I-I mean they will notice a suddenly having a book stuffed on their pockets... rite? D:)

Second. Please keep in mind that ANY type of life threatening situations will be immediately stopped by the Owner before it reaches a critical point (sure, you can have your characters manhandled a little before he shows up, but no killing plz XD;). With the clear exception of Kenny, of course; I mean, that guy trips with a stick and dies, so uh, yeah. XD;

Third. Take a look around the Friends Add List and make sure you have everyone friended!

Fourth. Uh, have fun! XDb

About the World they're currently in.

It's called the 'Nexus' and it is the Owner's native world. It's a place that looks very much like our own world and the only difference is that it has two suns (red and blue) and three moons. The inhabitants there are normal looking people but have quite interesting techiniques. They're pretty advanced in technology, but their houses might seem common and humble. While they might be physically 'weak', they have developed certain mind techniques to protect themselves.

Due to both the blue and red light, the glow town of the town itself looks opaque, as if it had a permanent dawn hanging over it.

The circus is going to stay there from April 12th to April 18th. On April 19th they will travel to the next world, meaning all characters will stay in the circus that will have the form of a train somehow. We will make a mod post on April 17th to inform you about which the next world will be and the curse along with it.

And I think that's all there is to mention for now.

If you have any doubts please comment in here~


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Date:2008-04-10 11:06
Subject:Applications open!
Mood: content


Your Kaleidoscope!Mods here just letting you know that today, April 10 th, officially:

Applications are finally open~

So go and start spamming our inboxes! We'd try to check out all the applications in the next two days and accept as many as possible so you all can start playing on rhe RP at first hour this Satuday~! :D

Other than that, we'd love suggestions for the worlds you might want the Circus to visit, also ideas for the curses you'd want to see around! We Mods have some ideas but this RP is for you, players! So we'd love to make something to make you happy and enjoy your stay on this RP. (:

And on a final note, we'd also love if you could help us advertising this new RP ♥, if you can and if you want to, that's it; it's nor like we're obligging you or anything. XD Here is the pimping code if you're interested. :3

Sincerely, your friendly Mods~

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