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Plot Wishes [14 Apr 2018|05:43pm]

Important to note: I am not a fast tagger. Due to work and home life, I cannot boomerang tag anymore. Sometimes, there might be a wait for tags. But I will always reply, and I will absolutely backtag into forever.

I love fluff, and angst, and smut.

I'm pretty easy-going and open to all sorts of plotting, so don't be shy to share your ideas, too! Chances are I'll be into them. I am ridiculously easily enabled, after all.

I am willing to play a male role using [info]first_donoharm.

* An actor with a playboy reputation meets a makeup artist who won't take his shit. Turns out the bickering really does something for him.

* One partner has amnesia. Thus begins the slow process of discovering each other and their relationship again.

* An artist finds their muse in an inexperienced model.

* A government assassin uses an unsuspecting citizen's apartment on an assignment. But a wrench is thrown in the plan when they return home unexpectedly from vacation.

* A B&B owner and the customer who keeps coming back for more.

* Best friends havin' a baby.

* They see each other on the bus every day, and never find the courage to speak, but flirt nonverbally. One day, one of them gathers the courage to say hello for real.

* The ubiquitous post-breakup one night stand that turns into more.

* Oh, my God, they were roommates.

* Gimme all the college scenarios.

* The cop and the criminal.

* The doctor and the patient. Or the doctor and the nurse. Or the nurse and the patient.

* The escort and the customer.

* Hiring a fake significant other for some family gathering turns into more than either was bargaining for.

* A couple who lives in neighboring buildings fall in love from across the way, all without speaking a word to each other.

* First loves who meet again after years apart, both are single parents.

* Friends with benefits never stays that way for long.

* Jilted wedding guests who find a way to have fun together.

* Long distance romance.

* The mobster and the thief.

* Oh, my God, they were neighbors.

* One night stand and then comes a baby.

* Online dating.

* Reunited and it feels so good. Kind of like the single parents line except without kids.

* A chance meeting turns into running away from their responsibilities and worries for a while.

* The also ubiquitous single parent and their cute new neighbor.

* Grew up and fell in love in a small town, one feels like they're trapping the other, runs away. Comes back years later in order to get the divorce finalized only to find that the other has never gotten over them (and truthfully, neither have they). Sparks reignite.

* So You Think You Can Dance ... and ignore the hot like fire chemistry that you have as partners and beyond?

* Oh, my God, they were soulmates.

* The sports star and the reporter.

* Surprise! You're a dad!

* TA and student.

* Professor and student.

* The undercover cop and the stripper.

* What is supposed to be a short term vacation romance turns into more.

* Widow / widower and the coach / teacher.

And then, for another couple of paranormal kind of ideas ...

* The demon and the human.

* The ghost and the human.

* The guardian angel and the human.

* The mermaid / merman and the human.

* The vampire and the human.

* The werewolf and the human.

* The witch and their familiar.

And, for your period plot needs! (God, I love period plots!)

* Arranged marriage.

* Arranged ROYAL marriage.

* The princess and the bodyguard.

read me first [14 Apr 2018|04:14pm]

1) keep it simple, stupid
nobody wants to jump through a million hoops just to get some action around here. don't screen comments, don't make people fill out forms, don't for the love of god do fancy formatted tables that break the layout. if you want a private thread, make it yourself and link to it.
2) no celeb
do not advertise for RPF lines, and do not advertise for specific PBs. suggestions/guidelines are fine, 'someone to play a justin against my selena' is not.
3) use your words
be clear and be honest about what you want (or don't want) to play: characters, genres, fandoms, plotlines, whatever. "a nice guy for her?" is not a useful post, nor is "looking for a few more lines", nor "i just want to write!!!1" people can't read your mind, so give them something to go on.

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