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[16 Mar 2017|03:24am]

[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Blossoms­čî║ ]

I've been away from rp'ing for awhile, but I think I remember the here goes. I'm looking for a few sl's. I still need to find old writing examples, but they can be provided upon request. Or you can just take my word for it that I'm the bee's knees and you're thrilled I'm back and positively long with an burning passion to write with me.

Storyline One. (Anddd the only one I've got more or less worked out at the mo actually, but I'm also always open to suggestions.
My boy is dark. He likes things the darker the better. He's dominant, doesn't switch and has complete control. He fucks, spanks, binds, swears, smokes, drinks, indulges himself on every level. A true hedonist. He's smart as hell, talented, creative, well-read, sarcastic, cocky, demanding, possessive, territorial and absolutely plays dirty.

However, if you're HIS, he'll readily kill to keep you HIS.

Location as of March, 2017: NYC. (Flexible depending on SL)

Your breath upon my flesh is burning
Making me want you more
Come extinguish the flame.

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[26 Feb 2017|10:56pm]

Check the journal.
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[17 Feb 2017|12:27am]

I'm seeking partners to build long term stories, see the journal for lines!
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[30 Jan 2016|06:31pm]

check the journal!
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[09 Aug 2015|06:57pm]

Would anybody by any chance be interested in something historical? I'd especially love something that took place during WWI or WWII! I also have other lines in the journal. :)
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[23 Jul 2015|03:44pm]

Faux-celeb, please!
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[19 Jul 2015|01:35pm]

have a few lines up now, check the journal here.
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[18 Jul 2015|03:02pm]

We are now accepting a few more players for a gpsl around superhumans forced to work for the US government at [info]opsec. Please plot with us to join.

There is also a werewolf gpsl forming at [info]lykoi. Please plot here to join.
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[12 Jul 2015|08:35am]

Looking for some lines! Check the journal.
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