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3rd October 2010

facecat9:47pm: Some more ATS LA

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Unless something truly spectacular comes along this is the last ATS LA post I will be making.

2nd October 2010

facecat10:24pm: All That Skate LA
Dress Rehearsal

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1st October 2010

facecat9:20pm: Photoshoot, Flowers, ATSLA
just finished an amazing photo shoot with @traverrains. Posting a look! @JohnnyGWeir

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30th September 2010

facecat9:21pm: Feelin' Good

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Johnny's Feelin' Good Ex Program 2008
Courtesy of [info]reet spam @ [info]weirsjohnny
More here Enjoy.

29th September 2010

facecat10:15pm: NY Mag revisited

with Cass Bird, photographer for NY Mag pics, from her tumbler via @seraphina01

27th September 2010

facecat11:14am: More HRC pics and vids

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26th September 2010

facecat9:50pm: Human Rights Campaign Awards Seattle Sept. 25

by @WeirLesnSeattle
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25th September 2010

facecat9:28pm: Dress up

Me and @JohnnyGWeir in #barneys ... Loubs and jeggings ... Paradise! @tmodlin

24th September 2010

facecat3:14pm: Russian Children’s Welfare Society benefit gala at Bonhams
Johnny was in attendance last evening.

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facecat9:32am: More pics from High Heel-a-Thon

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The men's winner was the man in the red tank & shaved head on the far left in the 2nd pic. This dude was srs bsns. Congratulations to him for the win and everyone for participating in this worthy cause.

22nd September 2010

facecat7:53pm: Another NYFW pic
I had not seen this one before. Love it.

facecat10:47am: Regis & Kelly NYC Heel-a-thon

My Louboutins are ready for a gentle trot! Thanks @bluefly_com and Mr.Louboutin for making them! @JohnnyGWeir
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Video here.

21st September 2010

facecat8:27pm: Absolutely beautiful

Unknown source atm. Thanx to [info]violett_crumble for the find.

20th September 2010

facecat9:48pm: Party!

@JohnnyGWeir & @NicoFierce, #cbbday @ the #Brownstone!
by @cmbenz
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Happy Birthday Chris!
facecat8:25pm: NY Post Best Dressed

Yes New York Post! My first "Best Dressed" and my first appearance next to @Karl_Lagerfeld. Love u!
Twitpicced from @JohnnyGWeir

19th September 2010

facecat8:58pm: Twit pics from @ParisChilders

Tall bitch
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18th September 2010

facecat9:28pm: Like Ballet off ice also

Black Book BTS

17th September 2010

facecat4:18pm: Artistry on Ice 2010-Heart Broken
facecat1:15pm: Antonio Najarro rehearsing finale Fantasy On Ice Show with Dima Bilan
facecat11:22am: GE GLBT summit Niskayuna, NY 9/16/10

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GE GLBTA Alliance
(He still looks exhausted, lovely, but exhausted.)

16th September 2010

facecat8:44pm: More Isaac Mizrahi show from

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facecat2:14pm: Getting ready
Eric coifs Johnny for last Tuesday's fashion show run.

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Love the new 'do.
facecat1:53pm: At the Isaac Mizrahi fashion show

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15th September 2010

facecat8:45pm: Rear View

Black Book BTS
facecat10:08am: Fashion Day Out
Johnny made the rounds of fashion shows yesterday during NY Fashion Week.

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Other sources: [info]ontd_skating, [info]weirsjohnny, Wire Image, Getty Images
Thanx to [info]sawkillriver and [info]abelfan
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